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KONG Goodie Bone Dog Toy for Power Chewers Black by KONG

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KONG Goodie Bone Dog Toy for Power Chewers Black Description

The KONG Extreme Goodie Bone holds treats and keeps dogs busy and content. It works great to initiate play sessions and is specifically made for the toughest chewers. What dog can resist a treat-filled Goodie Bone

  • Insert treats at the tips of the bone
  • Toughest durable formula for powerful chewers
  • Satisfy your dogs need to play

Medium: 7" long, for dogs 15-35 lbs
Large: 8.5" long, for dogs 30-65 lbs

Important: No dog toy is indestructible. Supervise your dogs use of this toy until you are confident it can be used safely without supervision.

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KONG Goodie Bone Dog Toy for Power Chewers Black Customer Reviews

Julie, Saint Peters MO on 2016/04/10

So far, our power chewer has not penetrated this chew toy. Being able to insert treats is a plus. So, success!

Candice, Sandy Ridge PA on 2015/12/14
Kong bones are great!

I ordered 6 of these bones to stuff and give to my dogs. They work great. So far no one has done any damage to them. I slime part of the outside with peanut butter as well as stuffing with dog biscuits to help them enjoy and like. When I return, the bones are clean and the dogs are happy!

Steve, Lebanon MO on 2015/08/05
Strong Only Lasts a Month

I buy six or more at a time for my medium size (60lb) Lab. For some reason he only chews on one end and will continue to chew it until he has it cracked and broken. Usually within a month. He doesn't chew very often but when it gets upset or stressed he really goes at it. For him, this toy lasts about a month before they need to be replaced.

Angie, Brownsburg IN on 2014/12/18
Airedale Terrier approved

Holding up for an 8 mo old Airedale Terrier that is a big time chewer.

Danielle, Oxford MI on 2013/06/26
Great for Puppies

This bone is great for chewers. My puppy loves it and it's VERY durable. Well worth the money.

Cathi, Little Valley NY on 2013/06/05
Extremely Durable for my Power Chewer

My power chewer beagle hasn't made a dent in this since we got it a few months ago. He loves to lick peanut butter and kibble out of it and it keeps him busy while we're away from home. Not one tooth mark or any damage at all! I'm impressed!

Jen, Bensenville IL on 2013/01/25
Very durable for strong chewers

I have always loved this product for my large breed dogs, who are both strong chewers. It lasts much longer than any other brand of treat-dispensing type toys. It will start to crack over time, but it takes a long time before it is necessary to throw it out. I'd say the last one lasted at least a year if not more. I usually like to replace these Kongs yearly due to small cracks that start to develop. But I am very happy with the quality.

Elva, Fredericksburg VA on 2011/05/03
wasnt happy

I wasn't expecting this to be as big as it was. I have a 10lb toy poodle and it was a bit to big for him. It is impossible for him to get treat out unless it sticks out of the bone. The biggest problem was the Smell. It smelled like rubber a car tire is made of. I'm sure if you have a big dog that does some severe chewing it would work great because they would use it as a chew toy with or without treat inside of it.

Wendi, Tacoma WA on 2011/03/18
His Favorite Toy!

I have a 14mo. old pit bull and he LIVES TO CHEW. I got the Kong Goodie bone and you never see him without it. He always chooses it over his other toys. Although he has chewed and end off it is well worth it, it took about two months of very aggressive chewing. Going to order a new one now.

Jeri, Alton IL on 2011/02/01
loves it

I haven't even tried to put any treats in and he's chewing on it like mad right now!

Cecilia, Louisville KY on 2009/12/29

I have a 5 yr old Chihuahua that I would buy toys for and it would be chewed up in 3 mins. I also have 2 Boxers that love toys but my chihuahua would always chew up the toys. So I couldn't even get toys for my youngest dog because it was such a waste of money. I bought this toy and it was the best $12 dollars I have ever spent in my life. My 2 year old boxer will not leave it alone. Ive had it for a month now and my chihuahua has not chewed through it. It does keep him busy. They LOVE this toy and SO DO I

Katie, Philipsburg PA on 2009/10/06
Not as good as I expected

The bones are much flimsier than I thought they would be. My dogs still haven't torn them apart, but they don't seem to play with them as much as I thought they would either. I don't do the peanut butter thing b/c they are outside dogs and peanut butter+dirt/mulch is just gross. They get their treats in other ways.

Catherine, Highlands NC on 2009/09/09
Good toy

Another great indestructible toy by Kong. He carries this around like it's a prize. For two weeks he's done all he could to destroy it and to no avail. We can't exactly squeeze treats into the ends like it advertised because he is 90lbs and his treats are much bigger than the holes but - peanut butter in there keeps him quite occupied.

Lynda, Kokomo IN on 2009/02/15
Great for Strong Chewers!

We have a golden who can destroy almost anything! He has had this for over a year and still hasn't managed to chew any pieces off of it.

Claire, Gray. TN on 2009/01/15
goodie bone

I never found a chew toy like this goodie bone. I have a Boston Bull Terrie,he chews on all toys i give him. They are gone in less then10 mins.NOT the goodie bone. It last for months. I am so happy I heard about this toy. I only buy these kind. Thanks again, there are wonderful.