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KONG Naturals Incline Cat Scratcher by KONG

  • $28.99
  • Save $13SALE (45%)
SKU: J45026
UPC: 035585450261
  • $109.99
  • Save $55SALE (50%)
SKU: J45026M
UPC: 688713093276
MPN: 45026M

KONG Naturals Incline Cat Scratcher Description

The KONG Naturals Incline Cardboard Cat Scratcher is made from natural and renewable resources in order to provide an ergonomic surface that offers maximum scratching comfort for your feline friend.

  • Recyclable and environmentally friendly
  • Enticing cubby hole and Toy included
  • Satisfies natural scratching instincts

As a bonus, the incline scratchers have a parallel opening with a tempting toys suspended between. The Incline Cardboard Scratcher includes potent North American grown catnip and a unique no-mess scratcher pad.

Dimentions: 19.25"L x 8.25"W x 10.25"H

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KONG Naturals Incline Cat Scratcher Customer Reviews

Miller, Sunnyside NY on 2018/02/13
First time customer

Competitive priced. Free shipping.My cats love these scratchers!

Vince, Tinley Park IL on 2017/09/02
Works effectively

My cat loves to use the cat scratcher on daily, regular basis.

Missi, Colorado Springs CO on 2017/08/20
Kitties like it

My last one lasted for eight months. Kitties used it multiple times per day. They haven't used this one as much. Needs to be broken in I guess.

Terri, South Williamsport PA on 2016/07/28
My cats LOVE the Kong Inclined Cat Scratcher

My daughter bought one of these for my 2 cats because her cats loved it. They used it so hard that within 6 months they had it shredded and it started to fall apart. I ordered 3 this time so I have spare ones. They absolutely love scratching on this and playing with the ball inside. They no longer claw the furniture or woodwork but head straight to the Kong.

Pat, Atlanta GA on 2016/05/17
Both cats love it!

Both cats (sisters) took to this immediately and 2 years later still use them. They wake up and go to it for a good scratch. The toy inside is a bonus they look forward to dismantling within minutes of getting a fresh KONG box. This is by far the best brand of these scratchers.

Diana, Staten Island NY on 2013/06/20
Excellent product!

I purchased two of the incline cardboard scratchers by Kong and my cat absolutely loves it. I put them in areas where he was scratching my furniture and he has now stopped scratching the furniture. He loves the toy inside the box. I have recommended this product to my daughter in law, she has multiple cats and will recommended it to everyone else.

Kim, Lakeland FL on 2012/08/27
My cats love these!

You can't beat them or the price!

Gerald, Wauchula FL on 2012/01/29
Great buy

We got this because we needed to spend 4 more dollars to get free shipping. We were surprised to see how well made it was and that it cost less then refills for other scratchers.

Iris, Ridgefield Park NJ on 2011/07/13
Why didnt I buy this sooner?

My cat LOVES this scratcher. we couldn't get her to scratch a flat one but she took an instant liking to this and even scratches it facing downwards. If I put catnip on it she'll go crazy rubbing all over it. She ripped off the toy by playing with it too much, but we just reattached it and put some other toys in there. She's a sole cat with 3 dog roommates so it's great stimulation and playtime for her. It seems like you can just buy a new refill when it's scratched up and keep the cardboard base/stand. This price is amazing compared to what some pet stores charge, especially if you get free shipping.

Kat, Kane PA on 2011/06/18
Great Incline for Scratching ~

So glad I purr-chased this. My 11-month-young Emma has plenty of vertical scratchers throughout our home. I got to thinking she might sometime like to scratch at just a slight incline. She took to this as soon as I opened it! She continues using it daily -- in addition to her other ones. Love it when she USES what I buy for her. :-)

Aleta, Metairie LA on 2011/06/02
Good scratcher

We put some catnip on the scratcher and the cat can't get enough!

Bob, Robbinston ME on 2010/03/26
No Problems

Product was every bit as good as expected.

Laura, Cambridge MA on 2009/10/27
cats love it

great scatching post that my cats love