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KONG Plush Frog Dog Toy by KONG

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KONG Plush Frog Dog Toy Description

Made from high-quality plush material, the KONG Plush Frog contains no stuffing, eliminating the potential cleanup of messy filling. The KONG frog dog toy features durable materials, a built-in squeaker inside, and a replaceable squeaker should anything happen to the original.

  • Contains a squeaker and an additional replacement squeaker
  • Plush toy with no stuffing
  • Made from high quality, non-toxic material
  • X-Small Frog Toy is 4 " Long
  • Small Frog Toy is 5 " Long
  • Medium Frog Toy is 48" Long

Easy to replace squeakers ensure your frog keeps "croaking" right along, while the quality, non-toxic materials guarantee fun play-time for your dog!

Note: No dog toy is indestructible. Supervise your dogs use of this product until you are confident they can be used safely without supervision.

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KONG Plush Frog Dog Toy Customer Reviews

Patricia, Ormond Beach FL on 2018/05/26
Kong plush dog toy

Kong is known for putting out toys that your dog can't destroy fast so I bought this one with that in mind, my Rottie carries it around, she loves it, my chi loves it also but he likes to find the weak spot and try to tear it up, so far he hasn't, we shall see how long it lasts with him.

Allie, Louisville KY on 2014/11/27
Kong Plush Frog Dog Toy

My Yorkie absolutely loves these toys which is why I started buying them in bulk!

Vickie, Turtle Lake ND on 2014/07/14
Great Little Frog

I didn't know how interested my 2 month old yorkie/doxie would be in the tiny frog, but one squeak and they are best buddies. She plays with it constantly. I highly recommend this toy.

Allie, Louisville KY on 2014/05/21
My Yorkie Loves Kong Plush Frog Dog toys

He can't get enough of them so I buy them in bulk along with Duckies and Bears. I also share them with his friend.

Sheryl, Sandy OR on 2013/06/10
My Toy Poodle Loves These Toys!

My toy poodle loves to carry his frog toy with him everywhere. He loves how the squeaker sounds. This item is worth every penny. Thank You :)

Karen, San Diego CA on 2011/09/05
My Doxies Love These Toys!

My doxies carry these little toys with them and keep the squeakers going! Great for little dogs

Karen, San Diego CA on 2011/03/25
DrNoys Extra Small Toys

My dogs love these toys!

Aaron, Sandy UT on 2010/08/27
The best toy ever

I have a pet parrot that will not play with any of it's toys. I bought this frog for him and it has become his most favorite toy ever. Each frog lasts about four months before it needs to be discarded. Great quality and fun for pets.

Jessica, Clayton NY on 2007/07/22
Dog LOVED it- but not as durable as I had hoped.

My dog went nuts over this frog...she carried it everywhere...I guess you could call it her lovey. My only complaint about this frog is that it's not as durable as I would have dog chewed holes in it and lost the squeaker. She also chewed the limbs off (5 lb MinPin). I guess the manufacturer forsees this happening, they include an extra squeaker, but there's no use for it when the thing is in shreds...