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KONG Squeezz Ball Squeaker Dog Toy Assorted Colors by KONG

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KONG Squeezz Ball Squeaker Dog Toy Assorted Colors Description

KONGs Squeezz Ball Dog Toy features a completely safe, durable, non-toxic rubber. With a protected recessed squeaker inside of the ball that your dog can't get to, the fun won't stop in the first day like it might with other toys.

  • Ideal for games of fetch
  • Protected recessed squeaker
  • Fun, erratic bounce keeps your dog guessing

The Squeez Balls unique design and raised surfaces make this ball bounce unpredictably, providing a fun chase and fetch experience for your dog.

Medium: 2.5" diameter
Large: 3" diameter
X-Large: 3.5" diameter

Note: Balls ship in assorted colors. Please let us choose one for you!

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KONG Squeezz Ball Squeaker Dog Toy Assorted Colors Customer Reviews

Ashley, Reston VA on 2015/06/22
My Jack Russells love these

The two family Jack Russells love the Kong Squeezz balls. Each knows which of the colors are theirs.

Bill, Herndon VA on 2015/06/15
Excellent chew and fetch toy

I highly recommend the Kong Squeezz Ball. My Jack Russel loves chasing it when we play fetch, eagerly bringing it back to me to throw again. The flattened top and bottom make it bounce unpredictably, but that only increases my dog's enjoyment in chasing it. Unless the ball is stationary, she has a tough time gripping it in her mouth. It becomes very slippery with saliva after the first few throws, making the ball good for throwing and retrieving but not good for catching in mid-air. When inside, my dog loves laying on the floor and chewing on the ball. The material is very tough and despite her best efforts, she has not punctured it yet. This is by far her favorite toy.

Joybird, Westminster MD on 2014/05/29
My Dog loves these

My 32 lb. 4 1/2 year old, pug/blue heeler mix plays with the medium sized ball. The squeaker does not last long; a few hours. But she still loves to chase, catch and fetch them. She will keep trying to make it squeak when she fetches. The middle piece, which holds the squeaker, will eventually come out. My dog is pretty tough on these and will play nonstop, so they probably will last longer for most dogs. We play outside with the ball, so it is left outside. Since this is the only ball my dog will play with, I will reorder. :-D The price is close to the best I have found. My rating is based on how much my dog loves these ;)

Annie, El Paso TX on 2014/03/19
Great product

Perfect size for my big dog. I bought the 3-pack and got three different colors :-) The squeaker is in the middle and protected so I don't see it failing any time soon. The ball bounces nicely and my dog loves to make it squeak.

Brenda, Bettendorf IA on 2013/08/07
My puppy loved it

I bought the small kong ball for my GSD puppy. She loved it and when the adult dogs tried to get it from her, she would run away. Great toy.

Nancy Chesebro Schatz, Medford NE on 2013/03/20
Hours n hours of fun

Still has squeak, my Akita usually has the squeaker broken or out within minutes

Debra, Angel Fire NM on 2013/02/28
Great toy - bad squeaker

My dogs love this ball design. We got two different sizes of the ball. They are some of the best toys ever! The squeaker in the larger ball did stop squeaking in less than in hour. The squeaker in the smaller ball is still going strong and almost drives us crazy because they have so much fun with it. Even without the squeaker, they still love to run and chase after the ball, though. It's the first thing they grab in the mornings.

Sue, Avon Lake OH on 2013/02/20
Their favorite toy

My Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs love this toy and it holds up to their powerful play. They love the squeak and I love that they can't GET to the squeaky. Also great that it's rubber so theirs nothing to peel (like a tennis ball). The large is perfect for them to mouth - not too big or small. Bought 5 of them at once. Wanna have them on hand for gifts and one for each of my dogs.

Berni, Cape Girardeau MO on 2013/02/16
My dogs love this!

I have two dogs that will play with balls. I had already bought one of these for my Cocker Spaniel/Lab mix and he loved it. Our Yorkie/Chihuahua mix liked it too so now he has his own! They steal each other's balls all the time.

Lab Lover, Closter NJ on 2012/12/20
The good and the bad

This ball is wonderfully squeaky and the erratic bounce added an extra dimension to the fun of retrieving it. My 75 pound dog loved it so much that within a few minutes he had dislodged the squeaker and the two glued on sides of the ball were split open. The second one lasted a bit longer, but had the same end. Fun while it lasted though.

Kate, Marion IA on 2012/09/06

Very happy to find a durable squeaky toy! We always buy Kong products because they are the only ones that hold up to my strong chewers. This adds a little extra interest over the plain Kong balls that my dogs enjoy. My boxer which usually ignores the other balls is having a good ole' time with this new squeaky one!

Holly, Sellersville PA on 2012/03/17
These rock

My mastiff/pitbull has not destroyed them yet or my golden retriever/chow. Anything that lasts more than 5 minutes in my house is amazing! I now own 6 of them...:)