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KONG Squiggles Plush Stretch Toy Assorted Colors by KONG

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KONG Squiggles Plush Stretch Toy Assorted Colors Description

KONG Squiggles Plush Stretch Toy are assorted animal characters that are large Stretchy, floppy, squeaky fun for dogs and their owners. The Squiggles Plush Stretch Toy features a long stretchy body with squeakers at both ends, minimal stuffing for minimal mess.

  • Large, stretchy, floppy, squeaky
  • Fun for dogs and their owners
  • Minimal stuffing for minimal mess

Small: 8"-13" Long
Large: 13"-22" Long

Note: Squiggies ship in assorted styles - allow us select a style for you!

Important: No dog toy is indestructible. Supervise chewing and remove toy if pieces break off.

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KONG Squiggles Plush Stretch Toy Assorted Colors Customer Reviews

Anice, Phoenix AZ on 2017/09/18
Kong Squiggles

My dogs love these toys. Just wished we were able to order the medium size (out of stock). The small work fine but the large are a little too big for my small dogs. Great toy for active dogs that love to play fetch and tug.

Dana, Cary NC on 2011/01/04
My lab pup loves this toy

With squeakers on both ends and enough body to pick up and toss, this is my lab pup's favorite toy. It must be made well, as it looks brand new and he's destroyed other squeaker toys. I'd recommend this one.

Madison, Arvada CO on 2010/08/13
My westie puppys favorite toy!

I had gone to my client's office on one of my regular trips for a meeting, and decided to take my little westie puppy. In my client's office was a little section set aside with a dog bed and toys available for when she would bring her dog in on occasion. Well, my little explorer found the toy stash, and helped herself to the Kong Squiggles andmdash; the monkey faced character to be exact. She ran the toy around the office trying to find anyone who would play with her. Whenever we would visit again, my dog runs to her favorite corner in my client's office to snag her favorite toy andmdash; the squiggle. I once found it on a day I did not bring her along back in the warehouse, laughing to myself knowing she drags it all around this huge building. I figured it was time to buy my baby her own stash of squiggles! I bought the smaller version and 1 large, and she enjoys them immensely. They are not only fun for her, but very cute designs. She plays tug-of-war with a neighbors dog, and whenever she sees another dog outside while looking out a large bay window, she runs to grab a squiggle and then barks out to get a "future playmates" attention while trying to bark through the toy. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Becky, Phoenix AZ on 2010/06/17
Great toy!

My terrior/griffon mix dog loves this toy! He loves to make it stretch and I love that he hasn't managed to chew it up yet! Another great Kong toy!

Lisa, Honey Brook PA on 2010/06/14
Dogs favorite toy!

My dog absolutely LOVES this toy! It's her favorite! Colors are vivid and it's very well made.

Deann, Tacoma WA on 2010/06/10
Deweys Favorite Toy

I have a seven month old Golden doodle puppy who chews up and destroys every toy we buy him. He loves plush toys the most so when I saw this one, plush AND Kong, I bought it for him. It soon became his favorite toy, we would hear him squeaking on it in the wee hours of the morning. He had it for about three months until this morning when I found him pulling the stuffing out of one of the ends... You should have seen his sad face when I had to take it away from him. I wish it would have lasted longer, but three months is a long time for a chew toy to last. I hope I can find a replacement for it.

Jeannie, Houston TX on 2010/06/02
My 55 lb boxer pup loves these...

My darling Molly received one of these for a Christmas gift and it is the only toy she's not been able to destroy. She carries it everywhere and despite her best efforts.... both squeakers still work! It is hands down her favorite and I'm ordering several more today. She has been able to pull one small seam apart, but it must have reinforcement because she can't seem to rip it more.

Lisa, Honey Brook PA on 2010/05/10
My pups favorite toy!

As a new dog owner you tend to get a variety of toys for your new baby. I was no different. I purchased one of these Kong Squiggles for my new baby and it's now her most favorite toy. The colors are intense. The squeakers are fun. The material is soft and cuddly. They are pretty durable (but not totally indestructive) without a whole lot of stuffing to be lost. Ours has visited the "hospital" a few times already. You'll want to buy a few of these as I'm sure it'll be a favorite of your pup as well.