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KONG Teddy Bear Low Stuffing Squeaker Dog Toy by KONG

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KONG Teddy Bear Low Stuffing Squeaker Dog Toy Description

The KONG Teddy Bear dog toy is a low-stuffing toy made of quality plush material with a replaceable squeaker for extra fun! This soft, durable bear is the perfect chew or cuddle companion for your furry friend.

  • Super soft, low-stuffing plush dog toy
  • Removable and replaceable squeaker
  • Free replacement squeaker included

X-Small: 3.5" long
Medium: 8" long

Very Important: No dog toy is indestructible. Supervise your dogs use of KONGS until you are confident they can be used safely without supervision.

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KONG Teddy Bear Low Stuffing Squeaker Dog Toy Customer Reviews

Pam, Fairmont WV on 2015/11/07
Kong Teddy Bears and Kong Frog toys!

Teddy bears very cute-nice size for my little Yorkies! Frog toys were cute, too! Good size for little pups! Thanks much!Pam

Allie, Louisville KY on 2014/05/21
My Yorkies Favorite Toy is the Kong Teddey Bear

I buy them in bulk with the Frog and Duckie.

Allie, Louisville KY on 2014/02/26
Great Value!

I purchased 50 Kong Teddy Bear dog Toys for my Yorkie because he just loves them. I saved about $36.97 by ordering them this way instead of buying 7 a week.

Victoria, Langhorne PA on 2013/08/04
Favorite toy

My Maltese loves this toy. She will not play with any others and carries her little bear all over the house. We've had it about a month and it's holding up really well.

Margaret, Great Bend KS on 2012/12/04
Pugs love it

My Pugs love these, especially my male. They like to squeak the head and play tug of war with me over them. I ordered both the Teddy Bear and the Frog and they get equal play time. It seems lately that the Pugs are destroying them quicker and that's an issue as it gets expensive. My little boy likes to lie down with them and lick them. He manages to lick the fur off and it shows up green or brown when it all comes out. They like these so much they aren't interested in other toys.

Lori, Cayuga NY on 2011/12/12
Not what i expected

8" teddy bear. When i scrolled over the bear to get a better idea of what it looked like, a different bear shows up. It was this "different" bear that i wanted. It has more stuffing in the arms, legs, and body and is more plush. The ones i received have no stuffing.

Emily , Micco FL on 2011/02/13
best toy for small dog

Didn't even get package open before dogs were taking turns trying to get to toy. All 3 dogs love the size and the sauerkraut. I like ease of replacing or removing squeakers. Small size good for toy poodle and Maltese.

Tom, Coopersburg PA on 2010/12/07
perfect for little dogs

I get these for friends miniature dogs. They're cute and inexpensive.

Sandy, Conway SC on 2010/12/01
Brutus loves his Teddy!

Brutus my Shorkinese Grand-dog loves his teddy, he has carries it around so much it gets well loved and slobbered on! He loves to kill the squeeker on squeeky toys but this one has done well, and the extra squeeker is great for when he finally kills the first one! I am getting him another for Christmas but the bigger one this time, he is about the size of a cocker spaniel and the other is just a little too small. Great toy!

Eileen, Westhampton NY on 2010/10/28
Rottie loves it so does maltese

My dogs all want to play with this bear! They love it. I am getting them each one so no stealing!

Sarah, Frisco TX on 2010/10/26
Lacis Favorite and Only Baby!

My Pomeranian Laci absolutely loves this Teddy Bear! This is the only toy she will play with and it is her baby, she takes it everywhere she goes! I have tried to introduce her to other toys and she won't have anything to do with them, only her Teddy Bear Baby! I keep replacing hers with the same exact toy! Thank you for her baby!

Shiena, Colorado Springs CO on 2010/09/20
The Best toy ever!

I got this for my lab because she LOVEs soft toys, but she kills them if they have stuffing inside, also squeakers. This toy does not have much stuffing which is perfect, and the opening for the squeaker is the best. My lab loves this! She takes it with her everywhere. she even sleeps with it. too cute

Shiena, Colorado Springs CO on 2010/09/14
It survived!

I bought this for my lab mix. She has a habit of destroying squeak toys within 72 hours. She absolutely loved this! she has had it for seven months and still she loves it, she parades around the house with it, she sleeps with it, it's her favorite thing in the world! and i love that i can replace the squeaker so easily

Amelia, Boone NC on 2010/07/02
Border Collie LOVED it!

My border collie, just loved this toy, his favorite thing to do is "kill" it! the removable squeaker is nice too, when I have company he used to just sit there and SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK. but now I can take it out and there is no disturbances!

Priya, Beverly Hills MI on 2010/05/12
My Aussies love it!

Very good product, we have two Australian shepherds that usually tear things apart in two minutes. This teddy bear has lasted a lot longer.