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KONG Tugga Wubba Dog Toy by KONG

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KONG Tugga Wubba Dog Toy Description

KONG Tugga Wubba is a very addictive toy for both you and your pet! Tug and toss this toy to provide your pet with fun, interactive play. With two tails for some extra tug fun, this is the perfect play toy for you and your pet!

  • Reinforced fabric and stitching
  • Tugga Wubba toss & tug toy
  • Designed and Tested in the USA

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KONG Tugga Wubba Dog Toy Customer Reviews

Linda, Eagle River AK on 2014/09/03
Perfect little tug

Got these as a tug toy for some rescue pups we are fostering. They had been in a really stimulation deprived environment but loved the tassel ends and took to them really quickly. Tough enough to last a long time I think. They like them well enough I think I'll send them with the pups and get another one for my dog.

Jim, Whippany NJ on 2012/12/20
Lasted a couple of weeks

After playing w/it for a couple of weeks, my Shepard mix finally has it in pieces on the floor. Pull things went first, now unraveling the rope. Rubber Kongs seem to be the way to go for frequent chewers.

Lisa, Las Vegas NV on 2012/06/13
Great toy for rippers

My dog rips all her toys apart. She's good at finding the seams and nibbling until she can get a grip on the fabric to rip it. This toy has lasted far longer than any other I've tried. By the way, she really loves this toy and plays with it exclusively, so it's taken a lot of use and abuse. I'm going to buy another as backup, just in case!

Linda , Northridge CA on 2012/01/12
A Tough Toy

One of my dogs can gut and tear apart a normal toy in 5 minutes. He has managed to shred part of the cover, but hasn't been able to destroy it and he loves it. Much better than having a bunch of stuffed animals that aren't stuffed anymore.

Deborah, Selah WA on 2011/06/22
Dukes favorite toy

I purchased the first one from a local pet store retailer but couldn't find it again on their shelves. Duke loved this toy so much that I decided to seek out another vendor. I purchased two of them because the toy last a long time. I have a video of Duke playing with this toy and when ever I play it, he goes and picks it out of his toy box and plays along with the video stream.