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KONG Water Wubba Toy by by KONG

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Product Description

KONG Water Wubba features neoprene covered balls with tails for shaking or tugging. Your dog will love to shake, tug, catch and fetch the easy to throw floating Water Wubba. Water Wubbas are made of neoprene (wet-suit material) designed to dry fast. No squeaker!

  • Neoprene covered balls
  • Tails for shaking or tugging
  • Made of durable neoprene for fast drying

Ships in assorted colors - let us pick a color for you!

Very Important - No dog toy is indestructible. Supervise your dog’s use of KONGS until you are confident they can be used safely without supervision.

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Theresa, Winter Haven FL on 08-13-2018
Best toy for the pool!!!!

I bought the orange one for my black lab puppy (age 6 months) to help her learn to swim. Now I can't keep her out of the pool!! She will swim after that toy untill I make her stop. BEST outside toy she has!

Claire, Vonore TN on 08-13-2018
Love that Water Wubba

My Labs have always love Cool Kongs for retrieving in the water, but the Wubba is even better because it floats a little higher and is more visable at the water line. I have one Lab who is a dedicated chewer and find that the Wubba floats even when the balls are deflated! Kongs are one of the few toys left that are made in America. Go Kong!

Kelly, Palmyra NY on 08-13-2018
Very durable

We have a rottweiler/German shepherd mix, and she uses her Water Wubba in the house. She has three, but she only likes the large green one. We bought different sizes and colors, but she always hides them and continues to play with the green one. They will typically last her 3-4 months.

Betty, Penn Yan NY on 08-13-2018
Our Boys' Favorite!

Living on a lake with two Labrador Retrievers, we've tried all kinds of water toys and the Wubba H20 is the best. The boys can spot them from a long distance in the water, ensuring a good workout. The neoprene could be a little sturdier because the inevitable tug of war leads to tears but I keep stitching them up until there isn't any fabric left to hold together and they still float! I highly recommend the Wubba H20.

Vicki, Puyallup WA on 08-13-2018
Favorite Toy

This is my Shih Tzu's favorite toy and she has many, many toys to pick from. It's very durable as well and is showing absolutely no wear and tear after hundreds of hours of being chewed on.

Suzanne, Three Rivers CA on 08-13-2018
Our Labs love this toy!

We are buying another Wubba Toy because our two Labs are crazy about retrieving it in the pool. They launch off the pool deck to see who can retrieve it first. We're not sure if they like the Wubba or the pool best! Thanks for another 5 star product! I just wish it was indestructible.

Jody, Toledo OH on 08-13-2018

My lab has a blue Wubba Kong toy and loves it. It's very durable - he has had it for a couple of years now. I thought I would get the Water Wubba since he loves jumping into the water to retrieve his toys.

Rene, Buhl MN on 08-13-2018
My dog loves this WUBBA!

My little girl is a pit bull and has mostly fun on her mind. Her favorite activity is swimming and she must have her WUBBA! She would be lost without it! We swim everyday at a nearby pit and this toy is strong! This water retriever is rugged enough to withstand a pit bulls strength. Her last one did get a rip in it on the seam, but she used it for 3 years! I easily sewed it and then gave her a pretty pink one. It is my little girls favorite love! Oh besides her momma!

Annie, El Paso TX on 08-13-2018
Pool Toy

Had several regular Wubbas before and both the dog and I love it to play tug. This Wubba is great for the pool or lake and time will tell if that material will hold up as well as the regular Wubbas. So far so good...

Katty, Waco TX on 08-13-2018
Our dogs love this toy

We usually visit the lake with at least 2 large dogs. They love the Wubba. Easy to throw and the color is easily seen by the dogs.

Rachel, Mesa AZ on 08-13-2018

The whole family loves this toy its absolutely hilarious to watch our little dog whip it around and she kinda whips it around and bonks herself and our other dog with it! Totally recommend this toy!

Coni, Falcon CO on 08-13-2018
Love these!

We run a canine hydrotherapy pool and many dogs like the Wubba Water toy. They last forever!