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KONG Wubba Dog Toy - Assorted Colors by by KONG

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Product Description

KONG's Wubba is a highly durable toy for any dog. It has a squeaky ball at the top of the toy that when squeezed will make a sound. It is perfect for games of fetch or even just to hold onto and let the dog reach up and play.

  • Highly durable toy for any dog
  • Squeaky ball at the top of the toy
  • Perfect for games of fetch

Small: 9" long
Large: 13" long
X-Large: 16" long

Note: Ships in assorted colors - let us pick a color for you!

Very Important: No dog toy is indestructible. Supervise your dog’s use of KONGS until you are confident they can be used safely without supervision.

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Shannon, North Port FL on 05-10-2016
Durable not so much

These are my full blooded APBT favorite toy, however she really puts the durability to the test at which they do not fare so well. She easily makes short work of them if I don't immediately take them away from her after shes fetched. There is a water version too that is even softer and easier to tear apart. I've been through probably twenty of these and a small fortune to Kong for replacing them. I give an A+ for design as they are a hit, but durability needs some work.

Angie, Somerville MA on 09-18-2015
Puppies Favorite Toy

I buy these for my puppies and so far they have average lifespan of somewhere between one month and three months long. I am fine with this because they play with them so much-they get into squeaker wars with each other. At times they play tug of war with it and I throw it for them a lot in fetch. For a $5 toy, I am pretty happy with its quality. I also keep a couple on retainer because they like them so much.

Vicki, Annandale VA on 04-15-2015
So well-made

Bought this for my dog park - scores of dogs play with it and it stands up to their torture. This is the second one I've bought - the first lasted over a year!

Kami, Portland OR on 09-18-2013
The dog toy for dogs who don't even like toys!

This is a remarkable dog toy - I have two friends with dogs, one a Jack Russell, and one a Border Collie Mix. Neither dog was into toys. We had one of these Kong Wubba's when the dogs were here visiting and both went crazy for it! Subsequently, I bought 2 more, one for each of them. Next visit, they got their new Kong Wubbas and were playing for hours. Both owners were amazed! They are awesome fun toys, warning, they do squeak (if noise bugs you). I highly recommend!

Bg, Winter Haven FL on 11-28-2011
If you use it as suggested....

Come on, People! I've bought this item for years and it's great. It's not meant to be a pacifier or babysitter for your dog; it's meant to be used as a very durable toy that dogs can't resist while supervised. We play toss, tug, fetch, sling, and we even swing the 54 lb. dog around in circles while airborne using this toy. It's great. Leave your dog alone with it and of course it's going to be torn up but not nearly as fast as other toys. Keep your pets busy while left alone with a KONG stuffed with a large chunk of meat and some peanut butter, not a toy with fabric (albeit very tough fabric!)! Note: the large piece of meat will be picked out in little pieces over hours if you do it right! KUDOS and thanks to the makers of KONG products!

Mary, Havana IL on 08-12-2011

We have a 3 year old chocolate Lab and she LOVES her Wubba Toy. Lots of enjoyment. She goes to get it all the time. It is her favorite toy.

Melissa, Brighton MI on 01-28-2011
Can't Go Wrong With Wubbas

We already had one Wubba Toy and both our dogs wanted it for their own. Easy answer - buy another. They are now happy GSDs!

Mary, White Bear Lake MN on 12-11-2010
Wimpy Wubba

Bought a small Wubba for our Terrier mix puppy he did fine with it, but that was until our 4 yr. old Jack Russell got a hold of it; this toy stated it was made for a small adult dog. She may be the right size, but obviously it can stand up to her mighty jaws of destruction, 2 days later it was toast.

Annie, El Paso TX on 10-14-2010
Another great Kong toy

Usually bought the large but the extra large is perfect for my dog. Holds up great as a tug toy. I like the different colors to choose from. Holds up fairly well to chewing but is not intended to be used as a chew toy as the cover won't last.

Ruth, Pgh PA on 09-17-2010
thumbs up

The wubba toys are the only toy that has withstood the test of time against my black lab. She chews apart all other toys in a matter of minutes. I can get as much as a year of daily play with her out of a wubba.

Vivian, Queens NY on 08-05-2010
Not as good as I expected

I bought a Kong Wubba toy today (adult size) for my lab/pit mix who is 7 months old and the toy is destroyed, the fabric is ripped off. Love the products but it doesn't last long the way they advertise it.

Jess, Chico CA on 05-16-2010
We loved it!

We purchased the large wubba when we got our first Great Dane. He loved this toy. We got a second Great Dane, a puppy this time, and both the boys fought over this toy. Amazingly enough the wubba lasted us for almost a year - this is a record in our house. Usually toys only last about two weeks to a month. We love this toy!

Britteny, Scottsdale AZ on 05-12-2010
My pitt loved it...while it lasted

I have four dogs and they had quite the time playing with this until they ripped all the fabric off of it. It did not last too long, but they were able to play with it even after the fabric was gone.

Elizabeth, Fitchburg MA on 01-09-2010
Terrible Durability

If your dog likes to chew or tug, do not buy this toy! Our Scottish Terrier only had it for twenty minutes before we had to throw it away, he had completely chewed through the lining and through the flimsy tennis ball underneath in a matter of minutes. Was heartbreaking to have to take it away, he loved playing with it. We thought because it was a Kong product that it would be durable, but it was terrible.

Margie, New Palestine IN on 12-28-2009
Best toy ever!!

I have 2 Yorkies who are hell bent on destroying every toy I bring home, but they are exhausted from trying on the Wubba!! We now have 4 Wubbas they fight over and they are the strongest toy I have found for my tiny savages!! I would strongly recommend them to all!

Raej, Kane PA on 11-23-2009
Wubba Toy by Kong (Large)

Perfect size for my Mom's 2 yr old Lab. Loves it... Its her favorite fetch toy! :) Very Durable...

Donna, Wolcott CT on 11-10-2009
Do they make this in cast iron?

My six month old Boston Terrier absolutely loved this toy when I brought it home to her "3" days ago. Today I found it with the whole top in shreds and a white ball exposed. Guess I will have to stick with the regular Kong.

Kraig, San Jose CA on 10-20-2009
Rugged AND Squeaky - 2 paws up

The Wubba is a great balance of Kong-ruggedness, color, straps to grab on, balls to chew on, and a durable squeaker that drives our Lab crazy. Pet Mountain order process was smooth, and fulfillment was quick and hassle free.

Angela, Estero FL on 10-05-2009
Wished it was a little more durable.

My dog went nuts over this toy, but has but a hole it in in under 2 days. Great concept...can they make it from bullet proof material?

Becky, Phoenix AZ on 09-28-2009
Great Toy!

My dog, Buddy, loved his Wubba! It lasted a lot longer than I thought it would-you see my dog chews up just about anything except furniture and shoes! He played with it for days before he couldn't stand it any longer and chewed the top completely off. The Wubba is one of the best toys I have given him.

Kellie, Irving TX on 08-25-2009
Gotta Lova Wubba!!!

My dogs LOVE these things... and so does one of my cats! My young Border Collie/ Afghan Hound mix can make minced meat out of most toys in a half hour. We've had our first set of Wubbas for about 6 months, and I'm just now needing to replace them. (We consider every dog toy disposable, but it's great when we find one that lasts a long time!)

Mark, Barnesville PA on 06-11-2009
not as durable as expected

i have a 5 month old lab/rott mix. The XL Wubba is her favorite toy, however I'm surprised it only lasted about 2 weeks. It seemed more durable and i expected more based on the other Kong products I've used. I don't think i would get another taking into account the price verses durability factor. She doesn't even have all her adult teeth in yet!

Headless, MD on 03-15-2009
These are great

I have a 50 lb. PWD and he loves nothing more than the wubba...he can play with this thing for weeks before he destroys it...why pay 10.00 for a toy that is ripped to shreds in 15 minutes when you can get this toy that will keep your dog occupied for weeks...I am buying more on this order...these things rock!, you can play catch forever with them, even when they're partially far as tug-o-war goes, yeah, many recommend against it, but this toy is great if you want to wrestle a little with your dog. This is the BEST toy you can get...ask your dog and he'll/she'll tell you!

Tiffany, Findlay OH on 01-02-2009
Sadie's new best friend!

I bought a Kong Wubba for my 7 month old pit bull, Sadie, and she loves it! This toy actually lasted a week! That may not seem like a long time, but for her it is. My cats even love their cat Kong toys and also have a Wubba!

Sean, Naperville IL on 10-12-2008
Can't go wrong with anything Kong!

I can't understand why such a silly looking toy would be so much fun, but my 80lb Bulldog can't get enough of it. Her favorite toy has become the wubba. The humans in the household are pleased with the toy too because it is easy to grab and throw without getting slobber all over your hands and the squeak isn't too loud either.

Andrea, Sioux City IA on 10-01-2008
Pretty good ...

I have a Pit bull and this is the first toy I have found that he couldn't destroy in the first 5 minutes of play. He is an avid chewer and when it last the first day I was astounded! It lasted for an entire week before he got the ball out of the wubba covering. Not bad!!!

Mark, Austin TX on 09-15-2008

My 8th month old boston broke the squeaker in less than a month. She's not a big dog, only about 12 pounds but she loved that Wubba, until the squeaker broke.... Overall I love the durability of the original Kongs.

Sandy, Honeoye Falls NY on 07-19-2008
Dog's favorite..big time favorite

Truthfully, I think this toy was designed for the hunter...squeaks, made in the shape of a dinner-in-the-wild, 4-legged... and for the first few weeks, my dog wouldn't go from room to room without it. When he walked outside with it..which he insisted on..he kept his head low, did his business quickly, returned home ...knowing there were lots of hungry whatevers after his new toy...kill. 4 months later, the Wubba does not have quite the same hold, however he does prance in circles squeaking it, loves to play catch with it, and sleeps with it. The most remarkably strong, effective toy I've ever seen.

Gene, Las Vegas NV on 05-21-2008
No Toy is Indestructilble for our dog

The Large Kong Wubba is our American Bulldog's favorite toy: to tug-of-war, fetch, play etc. Since our dog is 110 lbs and has already crushed the smaller ball. I've had to remove the crushed pieces of cheap "rubber" from the toy. However it still squeaks sometimes and is still a favorite. My suggestion Do not leave those big jaws un-supervised. Some day I'll get him another one.

Chandi, Reno NV on 03-31-2008
Fabulous Toy!

This is such a GREAT toy. This website offers a GREAT deal. My dog is a 90 lb. American Bulldog, and this toy (size large) stands up to her very large, strong mouth. We recommend this to everyone for any type of dog. By the way, the squeak is not obnoxious.

Connie, New Castle PA on 03-21-2008
Her favorite toy!

I gave my Boston Terrier a wubba for Christmas and it immediately became her favorite toy. Whenever she wants to play, her wubba is the toy she brings us. Cassie is a real chewer and this lasted at least 7 weeks without a loose thread, and it still hanging tough. I'll always keep one of these on hand.

Lori, Aliso Viejo CA on 03-01-2008
New Favorite Toy

This is my dog's new favorite toy (mine too)! Long lasting squeaker, durable, all around great toy. Hours of playing fun.

Sue, Texarkana AR on 01-14-2008
If it by KONG it's good!!

A wonderful toy for pups of all sizes!! My baby got one as a "welcome home" gift!!

Wayne, Bakersfield CA on 12-09-2007
Great Toy!

My 6 month old Chocolate Lab loved it! Great for tug-o-war! Another great Kong Toy!

Lindsey, Jarrettsville MD on 11-30-2007
Best Toy for a Lab!

This is one of the most durable toys out their. Good for tug-o-war or fetch. Small enough to carry around. Keep one in you car or purse. My dog loves the Wubba!

Ann, Shippensburg PA on 11-30-2007
Don't settle for anything but the best!

Best Toy for any dog. All different kinds, any dog will love you for this Wubba. Make your dog happy.