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KONG Zoom Groom Brush for Dogs Raspberry Large by KONG

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KONG Zoom Groom Brush for Dogs Raspberry Large Description

The KONG Zoom Groom Brush is a great grooming brush for dogs with long or short hair, as the brush massages skin to promote natural oil production for healthy skin and coats. This easy-to-hold brush features a comfortable grip thats soft for both you and your pet.

  • Great for long and short hair
  • Easy to hold grip makes grooming a breeze
  • Effectively removes loose hair & leaves coats shiny

The Zoom Groom brush attracts loose hair like a magnet and leaves coats shiny and beautiful without having to fuss around with your dog to get it done.

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KONG Zoom Groom Brush for Dogs Raspberry Large Customer Reviews

Elise, Cabot AR on 2012/09/20
Works great!

This brush worked great before his bath getting all the dead hairs and flakes off. It didn't seem to do much when he was all shampooed up. I still haven't had to brush him a week later because it worked so well the first time!

Raven, Vallejo CA on 2011/01/28
Good Item

I have a poodle and found that this brush is for medium to short hair animals. This brush did not really get to Ozie's undercoat. Ultimately, Ozie found it to be a great chew toy ;-)

Polly, Chicago IL on 2010/10/27
Best Pet Brush Ever

This brush is outstanding for cats with thick coats. The cats love the massage effect, all loose fur is removed (by the handful), and we have no shedding on any of our furniture. I have given these away to friends for years and they are also happily amazed by the results. Our cats literally ask to be brushed and purr their heads off.

Trish, Durham NC on 2010/06/17
GREAT product!

This simple grooming tool works wonders! My cats and dogs all love the way it feels and stay very still for daily grooming. Best of all is the way it gathers the loose hair. I have found that the hair does not stick to the Zoom Groom but the tool does push it up into a little bundle that you can gather up. I have a bunch of other combs and brushes that I am giving away!

Jacki, Esperance NY on 2010/01/20
ZOOM Groom Dog Brush

I love this brush! It does a great job and my dog loves it too. It removes hair quickly and doesn't bother my dog at all. She will sit still as long as I am brushing her. (even roll over to get her belly brushed!) The hair comes out of the brush very easily.

Bill, Mastic NY on 2009/09/08

It's not what I expected, but it works very well and with no displeasure to the animals. With each stroke the hair just glides with it and adds up fast. It removes all loose hair but doesn't pull or tear out any hair...I use it on my German shepherds and cats, both long and short hair...It's best used outside!

Jodi, Bourg LA on 2007/12/16
Great for thick coats!

We love to use the zoom groom when bathing our yellow lab. His coat is so thick it is hard to really get through all the hair when bathing and it really helps the shampoo to lather. I do not find it the best brush for my dog's type of coat when brushing him dry.

Pam, Hollywood FL on 2007/06/25
Best dog grooming product!

The first time I used this, the wind was blowing. After a few minutes, I looked up and I had a tumble wind of lab hair floating down the street! I could not believe the amount of loose hair it took off my dog. And he loves when I use it on him. He seriously goes into a trance.