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Kordon AmQuel Plus Ammonia Detoxifier Conditioner by by Kordon

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Product Description

Kordon AmQuel Plus Ammonia Detoxifier water conditioner protects fishes and invertebrates by eliminating Nitrite, Nitrate and all forms of Ammonia, Chloramines, and Chlorine. It removes fish's toxic pheromones and toxic organics and does not affect the water's pH. AmQuel Plus is safe to use in reef and live rock aquariums.

  • Removes Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia, Chlorine and Chloramines
  • Safe for Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums
  • Does not interfere with the biological cycle

Each ounce treats 60 gallons of water. Amquel protects pond fishes and invertebrates by quick elimination, in a true single step-action three of the most toxic chemicals commonly found in water.

1 oz - Treats 60 Gallons
4 oz - Treats 240 Gallons
8 oz - Treats 480 Gallons
16 oz - Treats 960 Gallons
1 Gallon - Treats 7,693 Gallons
5 Gallons - Treats 38,400 Gallons

To avoid confusion it should be recognized that there are two products with the AmQuel name - the original AmQuel which Kordon has been providing since 1985, and the recently invented product AmQuel+ (also referred to as AmQuel Plus) which is based on a much improved new chemical formula. AmQuel+ is the latest development in state-of-the-art water conditioning technology and is far beyond what the original AmQuel product does. AmQuel+ does all that AmQuel does and a significant number of additional tasks as well.

AmQuel+ is a remarkable new discovery that is making fresh and saltwater aquarium and pond keeping much safer and simpler. It is doing this by safely detoxifying natural nitrogen compounds in the water, including nitrites and nitrates that before could not be effectively detoxified. Thereby, the use of AmQuel+ greatly reduces the need for continual water changes and provides far better water conditions for fishes, aquatic invertebrates, and other life in fresh and saltwater.

AmQuel+ is useful for the beginners who are novices in knowing how to establish new aquariums and ponds through the first months, as well as for the advanced aquarists and pond keepers in their easily keeping water safe long term for fishes and other aquatic life.

AmQuel+ (also referred to as AmQuel Plus) is a recent chemical invention with patents pending that has the extraordinary ability to make the "nitrogen cycle" (involving ammonium/ammonia/nitrites/nitrates) totally nontoxic in aquarium and pond keeping, without interfering with the cycle's process in any way, and without interfering with the beneficial bacteria that are involved with the cycle. Further, AmQuel+ detoxifies/removes all chlorine and chloramines added to the water by public water utilities and all of the toxic nitrogen compounds that can appear in aquarium and pond water over time, thereby making water changes less necessary, and providing a safer environment for fishes and aquatic life.

One of the foremost benefits of using AmQuel+ in aquariums and ponds is in its total detoxification of all phases of the nitrogen cycle (see Kordon article Biological Filtration), while the cycle goes through to completion without any interferences to aquariums or ponds, to the nitrifying bacteria, or to the water filtration. Thereby, AmQuel+ makes aquarium and pond keeping easier, greatly aiding the aquarist and pond keeper.

AmQuel+ reduces the problems with "new tank [and pond] syndrome," which in great part are caused by the nitrifying bacteria in the water. AmQuel+ makes biological filtration much safer by detoxifying its natural processes. AmQuel+ does all this without having to be removed, once it is put into the water. It remains totally nontoxic to aquatic life.

AmQuel+ should be used for setting up aquariums or ponds, for water changes, overcrowded aquariums and ponds, the control of toxic nitrogen compounds commonly found in water while the nitrogen cycle is well as afterwards as nitrogen compounds accumulate in the aquarium and pond water.

Fresh water is a precious commodity and becoming in ever shorter supply. By using AmQuel+ fewer water changes are needed in aquarium and pond keeping, thereby conserving a valuable resource. For marine aquarists AmQuel+ greatly helps in decreasing the number of water changes needed, thereby saving on having to prepare sea salt mixes or natural sea water.

An immediate purpose for using AmQuel+ in treating tap water when water is added or water changes are made is to detoxify quickly all chlorine, and chloramines and its components (chlorine and ammonia), and to make the water safe for aquatic life free of these lethal toxins. (See in Kordon article "About Water Conditioners" the section on "What Are The Problems When Using Water Conditioners..."

- A primary purpose in using AmQuel+ in aquariums and ponds is to protect aquarium and pond fishes and invertebrates by quickly eliminating (actually detoxifying) the harmful components of the biological nitrogen cycle - ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates, without slowing the nitrogen cycle (see "Biological Filtration ") , or interfering with the beneficial bacteria involved, or depriving these bacteria of their food.

- AmQuel+ rapidly detoxifies toxic organics, which is very important in overcrowded aquariums and ponds where waste products from the fishes, etc., quickly collect.

- Another purpose of AmQuel+ is to detoxify nitrogen compounds that accumulate in the aquarium and pond water over time, including noxious pheromones released by fish and aquatic invertebrates to signal and repel each other. This is especially important for reducing the frequency of needed water changes. Many larger freshwater and saltwater aquarium fishes release toxic pheromones to establish territoriality and repel other fishes. This is particularly true in freshwater for larger cichlids and for larger marine plectognath fishes (triggers, filefish, puffers, boxfish) in saltwater.

- Among the benefits of AmQuel+ are that it is easy to use and equally effective in fresh and saltwater. AmQuel+ does not affect the beneficial bacteria of the biological nitrogen cycle. AmQuel+ is compatible with all water conditioners and all Kordon non-chemical medications and other non-chemical medications on which it has been tested, including organic herbal medications, and with all aquatic life - including live rock and reef tank inhabitants. Other benefits are that AmQuel+ does not affect pH (acidity and alkalinity), and does not discolor the water. AmQuel+ has a long indefinite shelf life at full effectiveness that is expected to be many years.

- When groups of fish are spawning, particularly for pond fish - especially Koi - there can be higher amounts of toxic ammonia and nitrites in the water due to increased metabolism and defecation by the fish. An indication of this increase can be when the fish have trouble breathing and need more oxygen. They will then congregate at an aerator, or waterfall, or water source to gain more oxygen. Even small amounts of ammonia and nitrites in parts per million in the water are toxic to the fish and should be eliminated immediately by the use of AmQuel+ in the water.

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Customer Reviews

Richard, Dewitt IA on 2015/12/15
Good stuff

Have used this for long time for a 5000 gal trout pond at outdoor show, works great on very bad city water. has the best price I have found, thanks.

Meaghan, Youngstown OH on 2015/09/17
Dont recommend

I used this on an existing aquarium during about a month of water changes (4 times) and it dropped my ph. I switched to prime with no problems for months.

John, San Diego CA on 2015/02/17
Excellent NO2 Control

I have used this product for years --- very dependable control for waste levels.

Kristina, Concord NC on 2011/07/21
Good product

This product works very well & I try to always have it on hand for water changes. One of my go-to products!

John, Richmond TX on 2010/05/04
A must use product for Turtles!

De-chlorinating is important and Amquel does that fine. However, it is also important to keep up a good bacteria load especially with aquatic turtles. Amquel Plus does both. I've been using it for more than 6 months on a weekly water change basis. No health issues in the aquarium as long as I keep Amquel Plus in use. This stuff smells bad, which means it works. However, when you add it to the water, you won't smell it any longer.

John, Walnut CA on 2007/04/23
good product

This product left my pond water safety for the fish and plants, tested my water again because I couldn't believe it.It works in less than a day."