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Kordon Mist Air Airstone - Fine Bubbles by by Kordon

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Product Description

Kordon Mist Air Aquarium Airstones are the highest quality aerators available for aquarium and pond keeping. They are for both general and specialized use by the discriminating aquarist who wants premium quality, performance that excels all others, and lifetime service.

  • Highest quality airstone
  • Features bonded glass beads
  • Consistent air bubbles
  • Low back pressure
  • Safe to use in fresh or saltwater aquariums

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James , Astoria NY on 01-26-2014

This is a cool little air stone. The fine is a nice wall of bubbles. Construction seems way better than the blue air stones.

Keith, Tylertown MS on 01-08-2013
Good air stones

A good air stone for the money. Fine bubbles and they have been running for 4 months with bubbles as good as the day I started them. I will be purchasing more.

Brian, Schaumberg IL on 09-06-2012
Lasts and lasts

I been using these in sponge filters for well over a year and they are still working just as well as new ones I just placed in a different tank! Made to last!

Kelly , Santa Rosa CA on 11-29-2010
Well made and durable

I use these aquarium air bubblers because they last longer and don't become crumbly over time. They cost more but I feel more confident about their performance.

Blake, Indianpolis IN on 04-14-2007
best so far

Mist Air is the best air stone I have bought so far.Tetra air stones don't last long and fall apart unlike Kordons.Whether you have a pond or a aquarium I would recommend this product to you.