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Kordon Rid-Ich Plus Aquarium Fish Disease Treatment by Kordon

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Kordon Rid-Ich Plus Aquarium Fish Disease Treatment Description

Kordon Rid-Ich Plus is a completely safe, effective and economical Ich treatment in fresh and saltwater on a wide range of protozoan, crustaceans, and other invertebrate parasites of fish.

  • Controls Ich and other external protozoan, dinoflagellate and fungal diseases of fish
  • Powerful 2-medication combination
  • Suitable for fresh and saltwater

Kordons Rid Ich+ is a combination of two powerful medications which have proven effective in the control of many diseases of freshwater fishes caused by external protozoan (single cell) parasites such as white spot disease, Ichthyophthiriasis, Costia, Trichodina, Chilodonella and saltwater external parasites such as Cryptocaryon and Amyloodinium. The medication can also treat fungal infections in fishes.

Rid Ich+ is recommended as the best chemical treatment for Ich, (white spot disease), having been originally developed decades ago for professional aquaculture, public aquariums, and government use in treating fishes. Other than refinement in ingredients, it has continued to remain as the foremost scientifically developed chemical treatment for Ich white spot disease. Efficacy is improved and the treatment time is often reduced when compared to treatment with either the chemicals malachite or formalin alone. Additionally, the Rid Ich+ formula utilizes the less common but also less toxic chloride salt of malachite green (this is the same salt used in Kordons Malachite Green).

The recommended treatment concentration of Rid Ich+ should be approached with caution, carefully observing the reactions of the treated fishes and ceasing treatment if any undue stress is noted. Remember, when the first outward signs of Ich (scattered spots) are noticed, the fish is often quite heavily parasitic in the mouth and gills - lowering the fishs ability to withstand additional stress. The weaker the fishes' condition, the poorer its response will be to any medication. Rid Ich+ has been shown to be reasonably safe for use on fishes which normally cannot tolerate malachite green alone.

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Kordon Rid-Ich Plus Aquarium Fish Disease Treatment Customer Reviews

Sandi, Euless TX on 2015/01/21
Kordon Rid-Ich Plus - Aquarium Fish Disease Treatment

I love this product, works awesome! My fishes are happy. I would not change this treatment for any other products.

Silveto, Mill Creek WA on 2013/01/14
Saved My Fishes

This product definitely works. My fishes had a ich for the past week and I lost 2 fishes, so after online research I went to my local store and purchased this product...12 hours after the first treatment all fishes started to get better. I will continue as recommended -3 days after the last spots..Buy it with confidence.

Osiris , Bronx NY on 2012/02/21
This stuff is great

First, Pet Mountain has the best price. This stuff works great on ICK and other parasites. Careful while pouring into tank might tint ornaments blue.

Ronnie, Concord CA on 2011/05/20
Great Product

Cleared up our problem at half the cost of buying this product in our local pet store. Got here very fast after placing order.

Joe, Chicopee MA on 2007/04/09
Cured My "ICK" Problem

This stuff works great! Even on my catfish.

Joe, Chicopee MA on 2007/03/21
Cured My "ICK" Problem

I only have great things to say about Rid Ick +. I had to deal with two cases of Ick in the past 8 years. Rid Ick + took care of the problem both times. I tried other products this last time because I had a hard time finding it at my local pet supply store. I have two catfish that are 7 years old. Non scaled fish cannot handle other products. Two thumbs up for Rid Ick +