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Lees AQ2 Aquarium Divider System by by Lees

  • $57.99
  • (50%)
SKU: S10620
UPC: 010838106201
MPN: 10620

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Product Description

Use one or more Lee's Tank Dividers to create separate compartments in your aquarium while maintaining overall heat circulation and unobstructed filtration.

  • Create separate compartments in your aquarium
  • Easy assembly
  • Allows compartmentalized tank to maintain overall heat circulation and unobstructed filtration

For easy assembly, each Tank Divider includes: one divider screen, two side rails, two finishing strips and two clips. Isolated compartments provide safety for injured or very young fish.

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Lees Lees AQ2 Aquarium Divider System

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Customer Reviews

Sunshine, Fort Kent ME on 2010/08/10
Not as good as expected

I liked the idea of a divider to section off one end of my 55 gal. aquarium. I have live-breeder mollies and platys and the small breeder boxes are not suitable to "house" the baby fish until they're large enough to introduce them into the tank with the adults. I collect the babies then release them in the sectioned off area so they have room to grow and not be eaten. Unfortunately, the divider system HAS TO BE PLACED EXACTLY AGAINST SIDES OF TANK or the little babies escape!! Not a good system for making a "baby" area in your tank, but is good of course to separate larger fish from each other.

Laurie, Manchester TN on 2010/05/12

The dividers were a bit small for my 20 gal tank. Very hard to get adjusted across the tank as well as vertically. In order to keep the baby fish from swimming over the top, I had to raise the divider and pile rocks along the bottom -- which they found their way through anyway. (So did the 2 cory catfish.) When a noticed a film forming on the side of the aquarium where the filter was not, I removed the dividers. With bigger fish ... or a 15 gal tank ... and maybe bubbles to circulate the water it may work better.

Sharon, Holly Springs NC on 2010/03/25
Good overall

I am using these dividers in a 10 gal aquarium that houses 3 Betta. I haven't had any problems with the dividers and they look good in the aquarium So far so good.

Ethan, Unknown KS on 2007/02/20
Good thing for a hamster

I use this for hamsters and it works great