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Lees Betta Keeper Hex Dual Aquarium by Lees

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Lees Betta Keeper Hex Dual Aquarium Description

Lees Dual BettaHex uniquely houses one or two Betta Splendens (Siamese Fighting Fish) or even a fancy goldfish. The close proximity of the Bettas stimulates them to intensify their colors, spread their fins, and flare their gills.

  • Uniquely houses one or two Betta Splendens or even a fancy goldfish
  • Stimulates intense colors
  • Includes gravel and plants
  • Betta Keeper Dimensions: 8"L x 5.13"W x 4.5"H

Dual BettaHex makes a great gift idea for Betta or Goldfish Fanciers. Nest or stack multiple units. Ridges on the lid allow for easy stacking and the modular design even allows you to mix Lees standard BettaHex.

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Lees Betta Keeper Hex Dual Aquarium Customer Reviews

Ally, Kansas City KS on 2009/07/20

I really love this tank, it is a bit too small for a permanent betta home, but if the divider is taken out it makes a great qt or hospital tank! I would love to see this tank come up with a 1g model! I give it 5 stars tho, its easy to maintain, and my fish loved it! Altho I do suggest you get a bridge or rock or something for your fish to hide behind aside from plants so that they don't feel too exposed! I think that this tank could definently work for 1 small female betta's permanent home, but really it makes a great qt tank like I said, and I have used it as a hospital tank for my sick betta ans guppies in my community tank.

Julie, Anza CA on 2009/04/22
great! wish it was bigger for more fish.

I got one a few months ago. It is easy to clean and a nice display tank. It would be even nicer if it was available in a larger longer model. These fish do not need alot of space, making it possible to keep more fish in less space. It's to bad this is not available in a larger model with a light. and canopy if desired.