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Lees Flexible Clear Aquarium Tubing by by Lees

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Product Description

Lee's Clear Tubing comes in a variety of sizes and can be used for Pond Tubing or Aquarium Tubing. Measurements are for ID Tubing - (inside diameter). Packaged in pre-printed dispenser boxes for easy storage or dispersal for stores.

  • Resistant to ultra-violet rays
  • Features slip-fit for standard barbed fittings commonly used in pond applications, Barbed fittings require clamps
  • Soft, thick-wall hose

Note: Can be used with Pondmaster Pond Air Pumps!

Inside diameter is slightly undersized for tight fit - (You may heat the end of the tube in warm water to slide onto tight fittings!) Size and flow arrows printed on all tubing and Marked every foot. Clamps Required on Tubing greater than 1" diameter!

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Kathy, Glendale AZ on 09-12-2015
Flexible Clear Tubing

This tubing is essential for making a siphon. If you have several aquariums, having separate siphons and otherequipment prevents cross contamination of parasites andother problems. This 3/8" inside diameter fits perfectlyon the 3/8" outside diameter rigid tubing. This item hasenough to make several siphons.Shipping was fast and well packaged.

Daniel, Katy TX on 01-04-2012
Excellent product

It's worth the money comparing to tubing from Home Depot or Lowes.