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Lees Kritter Keeper Mini for Small Pets, Crickets, or Fish by Lees

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Lees Kritter Keeper Mini for Small Pets, Crickets, or Fish Description

Lees Kritter Keeper Rectangle Terrariums are the perfect home for goldfish, bettas, small animals, insects, and hermit crabs! Colorful, snap-tight lids feature a hinged feeder/viewer window and airline access hole (except Mini and Small sizes).

  • Perfect for goldfish, bettas, small critters, insects and hermit crabs
  • Colorful snap-tight lids keep pets secure
  • Great for visits to the vet
  • Carrying handles allow easy transport

Dimensions: 7.1"L x 4.4"W x 5.5"H

Note: Lids ship in assorted colors. Please let us choose a color for you.

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Lees Kritter Keeper Mini for Small Pets, Crickets, or Fish Customer Reviews

Cristy, Sandy UT on 2016/09/21
Vibrant colored strong carrier

I ordered 2 cases of the 48 bulk pack of the small kritter keeper for a school carnival. They were the perfect size and have bright vibrant lids in a variety of colors. This product is well made, come individually wrapped and packaged well. Not a single one was damaged or scratched. They also shipped fast. I receive them 5 days after ordering. I am very happy with Pet Mountain!

Raymond, Lakeside CA on 2016/07/20
Great little cages for the money

Love these little cages I keep my baby snakes in them till they are sold! Easy to feed and clean I've got nothing to say except good things I will order more of these in the future!

Rocki, Chino Hills CA on 2016/07/14
Great for all kinds of Kritters

We love the size of this container. Although it would have been nice to have a choice on lid colors, the hot pink works just fine. The first case arrived cracked and Pet Mountain immediately shipped out a replacement. Thank you Pet Mountain!

Julie, Lagrange NC on 2015/12/23
Great for cricket keeper

Holds about 150 crickets with paper towel rolls and coconut filler for moisture

Hannah, Concord NH on 2015/12/20
Not too shabby

The lid is pretty hard to get on and off but the quality of it is pretty good.

Cheryl, Plainfield IL on 2015/09/02
Perfect for my planned use

These small critter cages have turned out to be perfect for my planned use. I collect Monarch Butterfly eggs off the Milkweed plants in my yard. I keep them in these cages while I am feeding them with Milkweed leaves and they are protected when they go into chrysalis. Monarchs are being threatened by the loss of the Milkweed plant, and they are also attacked by several insects and viruses while out in the wild. These cages are easy to clean, have good air circulation and the rough lid makes it easy for the butterfly to hang on until they are ready to be released.

Karen, Ashland MO on 2015/08/17
Kritter Keeper

I ordered the x-large for my growing Leachie. It's great. Big enough and tall enough to house her for a while.

Scott, Collinsville IL on 2015/08/08
Great for keeping small critters for viewing with kids

Use it for school groups when we find small insects. Makes viewing them and release very easy.

Angie, Harrisburg PA on 2015/07/24
Lees Kritter Keepers with Lid

They are perfect for the goldfish that we are giving away at my granddaughter's party.

Barbara, Morgan Hill CA on 2014/11/26
Arrived Quickly

I ordered 13 of these Kritter Keepers for a school project. They arrived quickly and were well-packaged. As some other customers have noted, the lid is pretty hard to get off and the plastic insert on the lid (for feeding, etc) is pretty hard to open and close all the way. Other than that, these will work very well for our project and provide a good environment for a small animal. I love that the lid has a handle for easy carrying and that it has air holes.

Kevin, Palm Bay FL on 2013/11/19
great price, fast delivery

I saw these and am always looking for small tanks and things for cheep, and this is exactly that. They were packaged with such care too! Definitely will order more for crickets and feeder fish for all my wonderful pets.

Rick, Biddeford ME on 2013/10/22
It is what it is--handy!

PROS: We use literally scores of these clear plastic critter keepers with colored tops, in all sizes, to house live marine invertebrates and small fish, immersed and laying on their sides so that water flows well through the slotted tops. They are nothing fancy, but are a very useful tool for student projects and researchers. CONS: The lids fit so tightly we often break them, along with our fingernails, and often scrape our knuckles prying them off. The lids break, the rims of the clear wells break, and the little tabs that snap the lid-windows tightly, all break because they are manufactured excessively tight. If you're housing a rodent, that's probably ok that they're really tight. If you just own one or two of these, you're golden. When you own scores or hundreds, it's a quality control issue. All in all, they're very, very handy.

Ruth, Hilo HI on 2013/10/17
Exactly what we were looking for

We've been trying to get a dozen of tanks this size from various vendors and local pet stores but either they are not in stock or in very limited quantities. So we were glad to come across Pet Mountain. Some internet vendors wanted to charge an exorbitant shipping fee, but Pet Mountain's was very reasonable - another plus. We got them delivered to us faster than a local vendor could promise us. The product itself is exactly what we wanted. Sturdy and escape-proof, clear and attractive, stack-able, and easy-to-clean. Just be careful not to use abrasive pads to clean or scratches will make the sides look cloudy.

Ter, Baltimore MD on 2013/07/25
Was great AT FIRST

After one or two uses the catches for the top's lid warped and no longer held the lid. This happened on each and everyone I bought of these (I think 8 in total). The plastic is not elastic enough to retain its shape. And, ironically, the entire top fits so tightly that it is hard to get off to clean the habitat. Great price, but be forewarned, the little lid will be flipping off on the floor in no time.

Randi, Phelan CA on 2013/06/12
Working great!

I needed a quarantine tank for new fish to keep from unncessarily spreading disease before they are put in the main tank, so I was looking for something inexpensive. I love it! It holds approximately 4.5 gallons and is just right for sick fish (I treat them in there) or a new fish or two that needs to be quarantined. The lid snaps on and off easily, there is a hole for your filter pump line and heater, and a trap door on the top so you can reach in to feed without removing the top. Minimal disturbance to the fish! Its working wonderfully so far. I would recommend it!

John B Nelson, Arvada CO on 2012/01/27
Great for geckos!

I use them for all sorts of baby geckos. I'm able to spray heavily but they still dry out in between so I don't get mold. Great for geckos like baby gargoyles that need to be housed individually too!

Lab Guy, Biddeford ME on 2011/10/28
Super handy, great for classrooms.

The wet lab in my department uses these super handy critter keepers by the dozens, mostly for isolating and maintaining marine invertebrates and small fish in our flowing natural seawater system. We probably own a hundred of them or more. They work great about 95% of the time, except that the small window hatch doesn't always stay tightly closed and some crafty (and strong) critters like our local green crabs (Carcinus maenus) are able to open them sometimes, and escape. Otherwise, they're tough, durable, and easy to clean. The polycarbonate casing stays fairly clear for years, even totally immersed in seawater. The solution to the escape hatch problem is rubber bands. I give them 4 stars only because of that glitch. Otherwise they are an indispensable tool in my labs.

Lab Guy, Biddeford ME on 2011/10/28
Great for small to medium sized marine invertebrates too!

My department owns dozens of these in all sizes and they're used to isolate and maintain marine invertebrates of all types in our flowing natural seawater system. The only occasional glitch is that some strong and agile crabs are able to pop the lid open and escape. Otherwise, they're durable and long-lasting, even when spending their time completely immersed in seawater for weeks or months. The solution to the escape hatch issue is rubber bands. Otherwise, my classrooms can't do without 'em!

Margaret, Longboat Key FL on 2011/06/03
Lees Kritter Keeper with lid, large

Price is good, prompt delivery. The lids are a bit on the flimsy side. Thanks.

Tiffany, Victorville CA on 2010/08/17
Love Them

So cute! We got some from the OC fair with goldfish and I got the idea to give them out for our Luau to the kids as party favors. The kids loved it.

Chris, Carrollton TX on 2010/07/15
i love it!

this thing is awesome i love it! they are great for all types of critters, or should i say "kritters!"

Christal, Bellingham WA on 2010/02/26
Worked great

I gave these out at a residence hall program, and everyone loved it! best price i could find anywhere by far.

Tab, Mount Pleasant PA on 2009/09/08
Kritter Keepers Are Great

Love the kritter keepers. They're great for my bettas who are much happier in their own homes rather than sharing a divided 10 gallon!

Susan, Walnut Creek CA on 2008/04/11
Kritter Keepers work

These are great for housing small animals, from birds to rodents to reptiles. They're easy to clean and relatively sturdy. Great product!

Jansen, New York NY on 2008/01/14
Almost as large as a 10 gallon tank!

I own two of these cages, one of them is a medium and one extra large. The medium was the first cage I brought and I love the product already, but I felt it wasn't big enough, so I brought the largest one. It was bigger than expected and my hamster love the cage. When I found out Pet Mountain was selling these XL were so cheap, I brought one. It was packaged nicely. I love the size and the price. Since the cage is so big, I'm planning on buying another hamster. I will do business again with this site for sure!

Ls, San Diego CA on 2008/01/14

Great for breeder boxes- highly recommended! Easily stacked as well.

Sheila, Tulsa OK on 2008/01/09
Good for Shipping Small Animals

I raise sugar gliders and ship all over the US and I put these in a cat carrier and they give the proper ventilation for these little guys with plenty of room to move around.

Jeff, South Milwaukee WI on 2007/12/11
These are the BOMB!

I raise Killifish. These are perfect size breeding tanks. At these prices you can't go wrong!

Jo, Springfield MO on 2007/09/09
Versatile and very handy!

These are wonderful sized containers for many types of small pets and very versatile. They are a must have for trips to the pet store to bring home a small animal (rodent, reptile, etc..) safely rather than in a box! For some species, they can be a starter set for a home environment tho all animals should be given as much room as possible for a long healthy life. (NOT recommended for a rodent starter set!) They are great for quick transport on trips or for temp housing while cleaning the pets main home. They are easily accessible to put the animal or food in container and secure to keep them inside tho the plastic snap up lid should ALWAYS be extra secured just in tape or a heavy object and stabilized.

Kris, Round Lake IL on 2007/09/05
Kritter keeper...for Keeps!

We use these plastic keepers for all kinds of "stuff", both living and for things on display.We give them to all of the second grade class rooms in our school district with Kritters to keep for the school year.They are economical, and very useful.

Sarah, Cleveland OH on 2007/05/21
Perfect for my mice!

L or XL Kritter Keepers are perfect for a boy mouse or a pregnant momma. Any size is great for transportation or temporary housing as well. Much cheaper than buying an aquarium and a lid and much more worth it. The lids are nice and secure, and cleaning is a snap. Lightweight for those who, for whatever reason, may have a hard time lifting things. I've heard of mice and hamsters chewing through but have never personally had a problem. I love these!

Chris, New Milford CT on 2007/05/08
The ONLY Carrier I Use!

I've had rats and gerbils for years, and this is the only carrier I use. Its solid sides block drafts in cooler weather, and it's a cinch to clean. This is the best price I've found anywhere, too.

Macky^boy, Chandler AZ on 2007/04/06
Great containers!

These containers are great! So easy to clean and transport... =)

Macky^boy, Chandler AZ on 2007/04/01
Great Service! Fast Shipping

Used them once.. but definitely will be using them again.. great and fast shipping! Well packaged!

Angelica, Chandler AZ on 2007/03/22
Fast Shipping...

Great Shipping... items arrived as expected and well packaged.. definitely will do business again..

Valerie, Elmira MI on 2007/03/18
Medium Kritter Keeper

We use these boxes to show our rats in at the NIRO Show in Illinois every year. They are the perfect size for the short time the rats are in them. Quality made!