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Lees Plastic Mealworm Dish by Lees


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SKU: S20165
UPC: 010838201654
MPN: 20165
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SKU: S20165M
UPC: 654690612045
MPN: S20165

Lees Plastic Mealworm Dish Description

Lees Mealworm Plastic Dish contain curved walls keep small to medium sized mealworms contained. Smooth interior surfaces and inward-curved walls make it extremely difficult for mealworms to escape from this dish.

  • Dish dimensions: 3-1/4" diameter x 7/8" tall
  • Curved walls keep small to medium sized Mealworms, Waxworms and Superworms contained
  • Also for veggies, pelleted food and water dish

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Lees Plastic Mealworm Dish Customer Reviews

Daniella, Littlerock CA on 2017/12/11
I like it

It's a nice little dish, I put calcium in it and leave a couple mealworms in there, I also drop crickets in there to dust them with calcium and it takes them a little while but they get out and then my little gecko goes out and hunts them :)

Dani, Arvada CO on 2015/06/21
Basic mealworm dish

This is your basic mealworm dish. None of my worms have escaped and it is a million times cheaper than the kind you find at chain petstores, but the same quality.

Jessica, Glendale AZ on 2014/08/17
Love the dish!

We bought a bunch of these dishes for our leopard geckos! They make great water dishes as well! No mealworm has escaped so far! Maybe bigger worms like super worms could escape if you have a bunch of them inside. For mealworms these are great!

Neal, Brooklyn NY on 2013/02/15
Great mealworm dish

These mealworm dishes work great for me. Loaded them up with mealworms and none have crawled out the Geckos just chow down! Have used them for over a week and no escapes. Highly recommend.