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Lees Specimen Container by by Lees

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Product Description

Lee's Specimen Container is a multi-purpose, clear container, used for holding tank, treatment tank or for observation of fish. As a treatment tank it requires less medication than an aquarium.

  • Observation container
  • Medication and transfer tank
  • Seclude weak or injured fish

Hang on inside of aquarium to utilize the benefits of the aquarium heater. One inch wide handle is used for hanging on aquarium.

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Juliet, Chicago IL on 01-07-2012
Perfect size

I liked this specimen container so much I bought more. I like to keep one with netsoak so I can soak my nets and I like to keep one for just to put the fish in when I'm doing tank maintenance. It's not flimsy like the tiny betta tanks, and you can hang it from the edge of your tank when the lid is off.

Mark, Benld IL on 09-22-2011


Darrell, Hillman MN on 11-12-2009
Best money spent on accesories.

This tank is all of what I hoped it would be. I use it on the outside of my smaller 10gl aquarium when catching and bagging guppy fry for transport to the rearing tank. Have also used it on the inside of my 55gl when acclimating fish during a move. It also works great as a hatchery tank to isolate my fancy guppy females. In short this is the best money I have spent on accessories.