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Lees Thinwall Rigid Tubing Clear by Lees

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Lees Thinwall Rigid Tubing Clear Description

Lees Rigid Plastic Tubing is a clear rigid PVC tubing with thin walls. All rigid tubing is 36 inches long and can be used for uplift tubes, air tubing, water tubing, decorative tubing for arts & crafts, or to fabricate custom set-ups for aquariums, fountains and pools.

  • Clear PVC Rigid Tubing
  • Great for a variety of aquatic applications
  • All Rigid Tube Sizes are 36" Long
  • All Rigid Tube sizes have a 1/32" Thick Wall

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Lees Thinwall Rigid Tubing Clear Customer Reviews

Thomas, Casper WY on 2018/02/18
Rigid PVC

These are absolutely perfect for storing steel leaders for Pike and Musky!

Chris, Tallapoosa GA on 2017/12/23
Outstanding Service

I received my order just as described, quick friendly service and actually received my order earlier than expected. Thanks Pet Mountain.

Nate, Mercedes TX on 2016/10/07
It is plastic tubing

I loved it, came in fast time to hatch some brine shrimp

Syndra, Gaastra MI on 2016/03/31
Exactly what I needed

I've looked at numerous pet stores for tubing for my aquarium under gravel filter system without success. This tubing was perfect. Shipping was fast.

Rick, Boaz AL on 2015/12/25
Works good

I use these tubes for reloading 9mm bullets in a hornady lnl press bullet die and they work great.

Dawn, Cincinnati OH on 2015/12/22
Inconsistent length and width

It was very important that I get three foot lengths but upon measuring each one that did not happen. The .5" width also varied along the tubes. The time from ordering to receiving was very quick and even arrived sooner than estimated.

Richard, Warminster PA on 2015/10/24
Very good tubing

I used this thin wall tubing for a .40 cal reloading project. It fits in my bullet feeder die and holds a lot of projectiles and helps me load faster. I had a problem with bent tubing from previous order and they corrected my problem fast and easy. Will buy from Pet Mountain again. Thanks.

Ron, Orrtanna PA on 2015/09/17
"Problem solved"

I have been having problems with large fish in keeping airlines hidden and in a neat fashion going up the back of the tank. These made a world of difference being ridged to secure them and using only a small piece of flex tubing to connect the corners at the bottom and at the top to your air supply. A simple and cheap way to make it harder for fish to uproot and drag the lines.

Kathy, Glendale AZ on 2015/09/12
Very useful tubing

The rigid tubing is very useful for making a siphon for an aquarium. I have used it for many years, and it holds up well.

Margaret, Madison WI on 2015/08/12

After searching hardware stores locally (even the small independent ones where you can find EVERYTHING), the two main big box building supply stores that also carry a ton of garden and plumbing type stuff, the big box pet store and the small specialty aquarium supply store, I had to go online to find this product, which I needed to replace similar tubing on a quirky little fountain I bought years ago. It shopped the day it was ordered and arrived earlier than expected (3 business days, not the 5-8 noted on the shipping page). The tubing was in perfect condition. And the fountain now works.

Larry, Woodland CA on 2015/03/03
Perfect For Reloading

These work perfectly in the Hornady bullet feeder die for the 38 special. They fit tight but not too tight. They are slightly flexible but I like that. They are rigid enough to do the job well.

Larry, Woodland CA on 2015/03/03
Works great with bullet feeder die

These work perfectly in the Hornady bullet feeder die for the 40 SandW. They fit tight but not too tight. They are slightly flexible but I like that. They are rigid enough to do the job well.

Kyle, Mentor OH on 2015/01/27

Bought 10 pcs, works perfectly for running air under the tank gravel to different things.

Kathy, Brick NJ on 2014/10/08
Great Item

Great Item, Fast Shipping, Thanks.

Brian, Yuma AZ on 2014/04/23
Good product!

Product is exactly what I hoped it would be, accurately described on website, fast shipment, well packaged. Will be buying it again!

Joseph, Bath OH on 2014/04/11
Just what I needed

Will use the tubing to replace tubing in a garden can pump. The water seems to come from mid-air and go into can. Its is really cool. The tubing is just what I needed.

Bill, Bloomington MN on 2014/03/25
Good Service

Arrived on time, in excellent condition and exactly as expected.

Mark, Baltimore MD on 2013/10/22
Perfect for my aquarium!

The 1 diameter clear tube was perfect as a replacement part for my aquarium filter -- cut to fit to the right size.

Joey, Scotts Valley CA on 2013/06/14

I ordered 2-36 clear 7/16 tubes for a reloading press. The packaging was above and beyond what I expected. I received the package extremely quickly. I look forward to ordering more products from Linen Things

Annette, Hurst TX on 2013/05/07
Great tube

Great tube. Great price.

Annette, Hurst TX on 2013/05/07
Great tube

Great price...excellent tube for what I need.

Annette, Ft Worth TX on 2013/04/10

Used to fix an LED aquarium light. Excellent product.

Kelly, Braham MN on 2012/10/23
+1 on the bullet feed option.

I purchased 3 tubes sized 7/16th for 38/357 to use on my Honady bullet feed die. I was impressed with the packaging of the items. No way they could get damaged These items work excellent! Will be ordering for all my calibers.

Janice, Hayward WI on 2012/05/29
Very happy

Shipping was fast! Packaging was excellent. Will order from them again!

G, Carssville VA on 2012/05/29
It is what it is

Not too much can be said about plastic tubing -- it worked perfectly for the uplift tube on my sponge filter, was fairly easy to cut to size with a razor blade knife, and the price was great.

Glenn, San Antonio TX on 2012/04/28
Wow! Great Product and Great Service!

I ordered the rigid tubing for a hobby project-the dimensions are perfect and very precise, exactly what I needed. I got my order FAST, very well packaged, and in perfect condition. Very good job, folks!

David, Roanoke VA on 2010/07/21
very good product

usually hard to find but this stuff is worth it! excellent for certain custom projects that need tubing showing.