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Lees Triple Flow Corner Aquarium Filter by Lees

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Lees Triple Flow Corner Aquarium Filter Description

Lees Triple-Flow Corner Filters are uniquely designed with 3 intake vents to provide maximum efficiency. This versatile filter may be used for biological, chemical, or mechanical filtration, depending on the media chosen for use in the filter. May also be used as the fundamental or back-up filter.

  • Great for breeder tanks, isolation tanks and for beginner aquarists
  • Triple Flow Corner Filters available in different sizes
  • Requires an air pump - air pumps sold separately

Small: Filters up to 45 GPH (3.25"L x 3.25"W x 5"H)
Medium: Filters up to 75 GPH (3.5"L x 3.5"W x 5.5"H)
Large: Filters up to 100 GPH (4"L x 4"W x 6"H)

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Lees Triple Flow Corner Aquarium Filter Customer Reviews

Kathy, San Antonio TX on 2016/01/13
Grow out tanks

We breed a verity of fish and have several of these in our grow out tanks, work great.

Alexandra, Kingman AZ on 2011/02/01
Best filter on the market

Lees Large - (100 GPH - 4"L x 4"W x 6"H) I started using this filter in 1965. I have tried the newer types, but find this filter works better and cost less to maintain. For the cotton I buy a large bag of polyester pillow stuffing which last for ever and works well. I am using this filter in a 30 gallon tank and it handles the cleaning and aeration real well. If someone wanted more aeration you can use a double valve pump and use an aerator on one line and the filter on the other line. I use the double valve pump with both valves on a connector to just the one filter. This is the best filter on the market. It is easy to clean and change cotton and charcoal.

Maxx, Tobyhanna PA on 2010/08/29
Great filter

Hooked it up to a power head and it keeps my 55 gal gold fish tank water clear all the time (and i am not locked into buying those filter pads, can use any filter media and any charcoal medium)

Carol, Southbury CT on 2009/12/17
Works great

These box filters are great for "dead" spots in an aquarium along with my main filter. They filter out a lot of debris and I find the aeration from them is very beneficial to both the fish and beneficial bacteria. I use bio media and floss only and find them handy if I need to start up another tank fast for an emergency if need be.

John, Mayfield Heights OH on 2009/09/13
Best Box Filter on the Market

The Lee's Triple Flow corner filter does the best job of any plastic corner filter I have used. I have been in the hobby for 26 years and have tried a few. The three intakes on the sides of the box, low to the substrate, pick up debris easily and keep the water circulating in the tank better than the old style boxes that suck it in from the top of the box. I especially like the hole in the highest corner of the top that allows air to escape when initially placing the filter into the tank, much easier than fumbling with the top to let out the air that keeps the filter from sinking. A-1 in my book.

Deric, Lake Hiawatha NJ on 2007/03/15