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Lees Ultra Gravel Vac Self-Start by Lees

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Lees Ultra Gravel Vac Self-Start Description

Lees Ultra Gravel Vacs Self-Start Siphon feature has made aquarium maintenance a whole lot simpler. These easy-to-use vacuums are designed to separate and remove debris from the aquarium during routine water changes. The unique wide mouth nozzle increases the Gravel Vacs surface coverage by 20% for faster, more efficient cleaning that uses less water.

  • Separates and removes debris from aquarium
  • Drains and fills for routine water changes
  • Self-starting siphon

Using it is easy! With the Gravel Vacuum cylinder submerged in the water, simply move it up and down a few times to activate the Self-Start Siphon.

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Lees Ultra Gravel Vac Self-Start Customer Reviews

Linda, Eureka CA on 2016/02/17
Found it!

I searched high and low for another gravel cleaner with the flare bottom, which increases the vacuum area for faster cleaning. It looked like no one was selling them anymore, not at my local a competitor website or anywhere online. But I found it here! Thanks Pet Mountain, for great products and great customer service.

Jodi, San Angelo TX on 2014/12/03
Great Aquarium Vacuum

This has been the best vacuum I've owned yet. If you want an easy way to keep your tank clean, this is the product to buy.

Nikkii, Omaha NE on 2014/10/15

Just as described, well packaged, shipped incredibly fast, lowest price on the web. Pet Mountain rocks!

Rachele, Pittsburgh PA on 2013/03/09
Very nice

Good for the local pet store had double the price on this.

Julie, Big Stone Gap VA on 2010/11/15
Terrific Tank Tool

Very useful instrument. In particular, the 5" self-starter is perfect my tiny aquatic turtle's standard 10-gallon tank, as taller vacuum tubes are too cumbersome and thus ineffectual. I must agree with Mark's review -- it is much better than using your mouth to start the siphon (yes, yuck!) :)

Seth, Little Chute WI on 2010/03/06
Just as u would assume

This works just as you would have assumed. This is the best way to do a water change and clean some gravel at the same time.

Mark, Albuquerque NM on 2007/01/24
Fast and Easy

I just started using this on another tank of mine. Works great! It beats starting the siphon using the mouth. Yuck!