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Lees Under Gravel Filter for Fish Bowls by by Lees

  • $8.99
  • (40%)
SKU: S13200
UPC: 010838132002
MPN: 13200
  • $8.99
  • (40%)
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UPC: 010838132026
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Product Description

Lee's Under Gravel Filter for 1 and 2 Gallon Fish Bowls allows you to maintain fish safely in a bowl or small designer aquarium for long extended periods of time. Keep your tank clean and aerated with this under gravel filter that minimizes maintenance responsibility. Refillable carbon cartridge and plant included.

  • Aerates and purifies water naturally
  • Includes plant and carbon cartridge
  • Under gravel filter for fish bowls

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Lees Lees Under Gravel Filter for Fish Bowls

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Burak, San Diego CA on 03-06-2010
Simple device and quality material

I'm using this Under Gravel Filter for a 1 gallon tubular vase. The diameter of the vase is 5.75" including glass, so this UGF sits perfect at the bottom. I also could squeeze in a Hydor 7.5 watt heater under the UGF because the size matched tight. However, I cut a small notch of plastic from the side of the UGF to run the electric cord of the heater to the vase bottom. The heater runs the temperature pretty high in this little tank, so I am yet to put it on a 15 minute on/off cycle with a timer. Having replaceable carbon media is a great plus to this product. After 2 weeks of using the provided carbon I replaced it with a blend of ammonia neutralizer/carbon blend to give an extra boost to water cleanliness. I opted out of the pretty plastic plant provided with this filter, and placed a live anubias nana attached to a small driftwood. I am pumping air to the UGF via a Tetra 10 Gallon air pump. However, the pump provides more air than the filter needs to operate, so I limited the airflow to the filter via a valve. In the system all I hear is a constant bubbling noise out of the filter's uplift tube(could be bothering) and a very little hum of the air pump which is greatly reduced after placing the pump behind books. My betta is warm and swims in crystal clear water.