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Lil Pals Tiny Slicker Brush for Small Dogs and Puppies by Lil Pals

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SKU: CS00278
UPC: 076484002786
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Lil Pals Tiny Slicker Brush for Small Dogs and Puppies Description

Lil Pals Tiny Slicker brush is excellent for general grooming and helps to remove mats and tangles and also removes any loose hair. With regular use the Slicker brush will also help to reduce shedding.

  • Removes mats, tangles and loose hair
  • Regular use helps reduce sheding
  • Perfect for puppies and toy breeds

Regular grooming of your pets coat will keep it clean and healthy and time spent in this activity is worthwhile, providing great pleasure for owner and pet alike.

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Lil Pals Tiny Slicker Brush for Small Dogs and Puppies Customer Reviews

Mary Beth, West Palm Beach FL on 2014/07/17
Great brush for small dogs

I use the Lil Pals slicker brush on my Maltese and Japanese chin dogs, in all stages of their life. The wire bristles' tips are covered and have some "give" in them (unlike other wire slickers). This helps in getting mats out without stretching hair and breakage. Won't scratch the skin and/or no brush burn, especially useful when training puppies to sit still for grooming.

Sandra, Brunswick OH on 2010/05/24
great brush for toy breeds!

Our Havanese is cut short enough that he doesn't have much to maintain, but this little brush does a great job at making sure he doesn't have any matted fur! love it, and it's a great price!

Patty, Dixon IL on 2009/10/15
Great grooming for a small dog

I have a Shih Tzu and she will sit forever letting me brush her with this brush. Good quality for a small price.

Patrick, Smith MD on 2007/05/11
I love the lil pals products

This is the best product! I would recommend it to everyone!