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Loving Pets Natures Choice 100% Natural Rawhide Pressed 4.5" Bone - Mini by by Loving Pets

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  • $3.99
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SKU: PC47049
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  • $41.99
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Product Description

Loving Pets All Natural Mini Rawhide Pressed Bones are made of 100% natural rawhide, pressed and shaped into bone-hard chew treats. These long-lasting, natural rawhide chew bones provide hours of play, help reduce tartar and satisfy your dog's need to chew.

  • 100% natural rawhide dog chew
  • Cleans teeth & controls tartar
  • Satisfying dog’s natural desire to chew
  • 4.5" bone

Nature's Choice rawhide dog chews contain no additives or preservatives. Chewing rawhide helps control harmful tartar buildup, clean teeth and massage gums for a healthy mouth. Ideal for adult dogs.
Ingredients: 100% Natural Rawhide.

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Customer Reviews

April, Worcester MA on 2016/04/16
Charley can't get enough.

My darling power-chewer actually gets more than 20 minutes out of one of these bones - generally, they last about 3-4 weeks of pretty regular chew. She's only managed to break off large pieces a time or two, mostly, she pulls off little scraps, but she loves the challenge.

Rudy, Tenafly NJ on 2016/02/03
Something changed...

My dog loves these bones. They are the only ones that she doesn't finish in a single sitting. But they have changed.... the bones used to say made in Brazil, now they are made in India. I didn't think much of it until she had the second one from the pack.... once she started chewing it, the entire room stunk of fertilizer/garden store smell. Never before have these bones given off a smell. It was so bad, I had to throw it away (plus, I felt as if that couldn't be good for my dog). Additionally they seem to not last as long anymore. Hopefully the remaining 3 bones in the pack do not have this issue, because my dog absolutely loves these bones. (I would like to think it was just one bad bone). But I'm hesitant to order them again, because they most certainty have changed.

Lisa, Loveland CO on 2015/12/26
Perfect Size

Our usual store doesn't carry these in bulk anymore and I love them! They are the perfect sized treat even for large dogs. I highly recommend them for aggressive chewers as a good treat.

Mark, San Antonio TX on 2015/11/15
Very pleased

Dogs love them. Long lasting. I let my dogs chew on them until they seem worn out then take them away from them. Otherwise they would be up all night trying to finish them. Was searching online and PM seemed to have the better price. 1/2 the cost of Petsmart. My dogs are 65 lbs and the 10 inch bones are the right size.

Kim, San Antonio TX on 2015/09/21
Not made in America

I was initially impressed with the bones, especially the price for the bulk box, but then I noticed it say that they 'could" have been made in Brazil, China or another place. I was looking for ones made in the U.S. since I trust nothing that comes out of China, for pets. So, a bit disappointed in that.

Dennis, Point Of Rocks MD on 2015/01/15
Loved it!!!

My dog loves these bones, but I cant find these rawhides in any of the stores around me. Fortunately, I was able to find it here at a great price. The product arrived on time and in great condition - what else could you ask for?? Great product at a great price.

Valerie, Wailuku HI on 2014/11/16
Not as dense as Beefeater, but

Although these are not as dense or heavy as the Beefeaters, they are so much less expensive and seemed to be more uniform. The Beefeater bones came apart and so far these have not.

Eric, Roswell GA on 2014/08/08
My dogs love these bones.

My dogs love these bones, and they'll spend hours chilled out and chewing on these.

Graham, South Elgin IL on 2013/09/24
Great for my 2 German Retriver Mix's

We bought 50 4" bones to just try it out and see if our dogs would choke on it or love them, because we needed a way out of the $15 pack of 7 bones that our dogs would go through in a week. we went through 50 bones in 1 month with the 4 inch, witch comes out to less than 1 a day. Our dogs are satisfied for about 45 min to an hour and then there just so tired from all that chewing that they pass out. They are awesome for our dogs... we bought 50 bones in August. The next month we bought just over 150! It sounds like a lot but for under 75 bucks and free shipping you cant beat it! We're now saving upwards of $35 a month!

Dianna, Shawnee KS on 2013/07/14
Great price and dog loves them!

Dog loves them! And great price - best I have found.

Cornie, Union KY on 2013/01/05
Great Value, Great Bone!

These bones are a life saver...namely my dog's! We have a 6 month old Keeshond and he is a chewing, active, easily bored bundle of energy. I didn't feel safe giving him regular rawhides and yet if he didn't get something to chew on to occupy him, it might have come down to him or my husband! We have had some problems with Chinese made products causing him digestive problems in the past and when I found these I decided to take the chance and see. What a GREAT product! Safe, USA made, my dog loves them, AMAZINGLY fast shipping! I couldn't be more pleased!

B, Boerne TX on 2012/12/13
4" are good, but not long-lasting

The dogs love these bones in any size, but the smaller they are the quicker they get eaten, since there aren't as many layers of hide and it seems not to be compressed as tightly as bigger bones. Fine for a toy dog, but aggressive chewers need the 6" or bigger to enjoy for a while.

Rico, Shawnee KS on 2012/12/04
Rico loves them

Great price! Dog loves them!

Lydi, Dallas TX on 2012/11/28
Rawhide Pressed Bone lasts way longer

The Rawhide Pressed Bone lasts longer then the Rawhide Knotted Bones that you can buy here too. My dogs seems to like the Rawhide Knotted Bones better and they do have a strong smell and are imported from Thailand means they have been treated with pesticides... If these bones were made in the USA but sold for the same price I'd give 5/5 but that way I can only give 4...

Lincoln, Columbia MD on 2012/04/10
Super bone for super chewers!

Our beagle mix is a super chewer, and the vet recommended getting a slightly oversized version of this product to keep him occupied. The dog loves them! Getting the next size up prevents choking, too. I couldn't beat the price at Pet Mountain, and delivery was prompt, too. Highly recommend!

Nicole Swift, Portland OR on 2011/12/14
such a good deal!

My lab LOVES these and they're such a great deal - I try to order a bunch at a time so they'll last for a while - these are a great alternative to the regular rawhide chews. Much easier on the teeth and just easier to swallow & digest, I'm thinking. The smaller sized ones last for a good couple hours with my dog - the bigger ones will last over an entire day or two. Will def be back for more when we run out :-)

Nicole, Portland OR on 2011/11/04
a healthier version of "raw hide" and my dog LOVES them!

My lab loves chewing on things but he's getting older so I try to be careful with what I give him - I first bought one of these for him at the Humane Society and he LOVED it! And I felt good about giving it to him since I know those cheapo rawhide bones are really bad for dogs - anyways! These are great, don't make his gums bleed, last foreverrrr and easily solve boredom for hours on end for my boy since we can't play with him as much as we used to with a new born baby in the house. And I have to say, Pet Mountain sells these for such a good price!! This was 3 x as much anywhere else I've seen them - a GREAT treat for a great deal :-)

Kathleen, Brooklyn NY on 2011/05/25
Get the smallest size!

I went with the advice of a fellow reviewer and got the smallest size. Though my dog is a medium sized Pitbull, I got the smallest size and give them to her as treats. It still takes her quite awhile to finish the bone (over an hour) and she's not left with a tummy ache or gas from having too much :) I'll definitely reorder.

Roy, Greenfield MA on 2011/05/19
Makes my dog puke.

I have a 5yr old Brittany and he loves eating them, Well you know how dogs love to inhale there food rather than chew there food, so chunks got swallowed and a few ours later he'll puke them back up and then I'll have a nasty mess to clean up and hopefully it wont be on the carpet! other than it doesn't digest well they're great. Thanks

Chani, Novato CA on 2010/10/19
My dog loved this.

My golden retriever loved this. I wouldn't say it lasts forever.... although it held up pretty good compared to many other chew treats we've tried. half was gone after a few hours of my dog's obsessive chewing... and after another few hours the whole thing was gone. For the money, I do not know if it was worth it. I may consider getting smaller ones so I can "treat" him and space them out over a few days. He also got pretty constipated after eating the whole bone for a few days. So yeah, although he is a big dog, I probably would stay away from the larger sized bones.

Jill, Longmont CO on 2006/12/14
Petcetera Pressed Rawhide Bones

Petcetera bones are the best! They don't smell bad or leave any nasty stuff on the rugs. My dogs love them and they last for quite a while, even for my Doberman. It's the only brand of pressed rawhide I will buy.