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Mag Float Floating Aquarium Cleaner Glass Aquariums by Mag Float

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SKU: MF00022
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MPN: 22
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SKU: MF00022M
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Mag Float Floating Aquarium Cleaner Glass Aquariums Description

Magnetic Aquarium Cleaner for Glass scrubs away algae without ever getting your hands wet. Super convenient floating cleaner, cleans glass and floats when they separate!

  • Mag Float for Glass Aquariums Only
  • Allows you to clean your glass without getting wet
  • Scrubber floats to the top for easy retrieval during cleaning

Mag-Float scrubber prevents toxic lotions or soap residue on your skin from getting in your aquarium. Mag Float For Glass is made with super strong magnets. Simply drag the no-scratch felt-lined mag float cleaning handle. Inside your tank the mag float scrubber follows, cleaning as it goes. If the magnets separate, the scrubber floats right back to the surface, so you'll never have to dig around on the bottom. It adheres to aquarium walls and scrapes away even tough algae stains, leaving tanks crystal clear! It can easily be guided around tank corners without sinking, so you never have to worry about getting wet while cleaning or gravel becoming lodged in the cleaner.


  • Dimensions: 2.5"D x 1"H (curved for corners)
  • Aquariums up to 30 Gallons (3/16" Glass)


  • Dimensions: 2-3/8"L x 1-3/8"W x 1"H
  • Aquariums up to 30 Gallons (3/16" Glass)


  • Dimensions: 3-7/8"L x 1-3/8"W x 1"H
  • Aquariums up to 125 Gallons (3/8" Glass)


  • Dimensions: 3.25"L x 2.5"W x 1"H
  • Aquariums up to 350 Gallons (5/8" Glass)

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Mag Float Floating Aquarium Cleaner Glass Aquariums Customer Reviews

Carolyn, Oak Ridge TN on 2015/06/30
Super deal!

Free shipping and cheaper than anywhere else. I bought 3!

Cray, Cottage Grove WI on 2014/09/16
It works well

I wish it could be used continuously by moving and flipping from one side of the tank to another side; however, users have to avoid contacting the sealant with the cleaner. To me, that means I will have to put my hand in the water to put it on the next surface to clean. It does not "flip" from one side to another. It works very well.

Matthew, Fort Worth TX on 2014/07/25
Excellent Gadget

Cleans algae off the glass efficiently while you stay dry. This is one of those 'why didn't I think of that' gizmos. It works as promised. The medium cleaned my very algaefied 55 gallon tank in ten minutes. It floats. The goldfish are very suspicious of it.

John, Tucson AZ on 2014/01/07
Not as good as I expected

The large Mag Float Glass Aquarium Cleaner is supposed to work on a glass aquarium with glass up to 5/8" thick. My aquarium glass is only 5/16" thick and I am unable to drag the magnet around a corner of my aquarium without losing control of it. I solved the problem, more or less, by using an old outside Magnavore 8 magnet which is probably twice as powerful as the Mag Float. But the magnavore doesn't float, and I needed that feature, so I kept the Mag Float. When I received the Mag Float, I noticed some brackets on the sides of the in-tank magnet, and discovered that a glass scraper could be attached to the magnet. A great feature that I had not seen before. Your customer service people were great in trying to help me resolve this issue; I had already exchanged the magnet once before I remembered the old Magnavore 8 that I had tossed in a drawer when I got rid of my 3/4" acrylic aquarium.

Alex, Tifton GA on 2013/11/07
Work great

It work really well for big and tall fish tanks that you can't reach into. The price was half what the pet store was selling it for. What a deal!

Karen, Daytona Beach FL on 2013/11/06

This is the best thing I have purchased for my 150 gal tank. I never thought it could be so easy to clean the inside of my tank.

Bob, Hudson NY on 2013/04/09
Great Product

I had heard of this kind of product and wanted to try one. All of the good reviews here convinced me to try this one. They are correct! It works as well as everyone says. I recommend this product. It makes tank maintenance much easier.

Paul, Port Orange FL on 2012/12/20
Works like it should

Great price. It floats to the top if it falls off. Gets all the algae off just like it should. Wouldn't go with any other brand. Great product!

Chris, Titusville FL on 2012/10/19
Buy One!

It's a MagFloat, 'nuf said.

Michael, Ellenwood GA on 2012/05/30
Great Product

This product arrived in a very timely manner and works great on my 3 tanks (30g, 55g, 125g).

John, Denver CO on 2012/04/18
Finally! A magnetic scraper that is strong enough to do the job!

I gave up on magnetic scrapers years ago. The magnets just were not strong enough to 'scrub' the stubborn green algae off the glass. But finally there is one that has a strong enough magnet to do the job. If I could get the the corners or along the bottom edge of the tank better I would give it 5 stars, but I'm still VERY HAPPY with the product and ordered more so I have one for each of my 4 tanks. ALGAE WELL MANAGED!

Kyle, Waco TX on 2011/11/01
I liked it.

Works great and a good deal. Using it in a tank with 1/2 inch glass and its plenty strong.

Terry Glass, Overland Park KS on 2011/08/30

After many years of having aquariums I finally purchased one, and it is fantastic. It's worth every cent and it works better than magic. It's my little housekeeper and she works without pay, too!

Erica, Memphis TN on 2011/07/09
Great transaction!

Exactly what I wanted, quick shipping, and works great! Easy and accurate transaction! Thank you!

Chris, Fresno CA on 2011/04/15
The best

Works great!

Juan, Sacramento CA on 2011/01/01
MAT float

Good choice to clean the algae of my 90 gal fish tank without getting wet.! And the price was unbeatable!

John, Winter Springs FL on 2010/12/31
Best Magnet Glass cleaner made!

I love this Mag Float because it is so easy to use and does what it was designed to do. Clean Glass! Used many other brands over the years and this one is simply the Best! Worth every penny..

Sam, Raleigh NC on 2010/10/26
Magfloat- cleaner

I loved the mag float. It is an excellent product compared to other magnet cleaners. The price was good.

Gianfranco, Brooklyn NY on 2010/08/06

Easy to use and worked great to clean my tank...the quality is a lot better than other cheaper brands

Joanna, Brooklyn NY on 2010/05/20
Its magic!

Great item. It was the first time I really able to clean the glass! I had to spend a few minutes on each side of my 30 gallon tank for my 10 year old red eared slider, I was able to alternate hands and use it from different angles.

Alec, Southern CA on 2010/01/15
Clean Glass Once Again

This is awesome. Strong magnets, easily clean my 70gal tank. Will be buying another if and when this one wears out.

Betsy, Homosassa FL on 2007/11/17
Great Product

This is the best, so easy to use that everyone now enjoys cleaning the fish tank.

Sara, Omaha NE on 2007/09/19
Great magnet

I have used other magnets in the past, but nothing compares to a mag-float! I love the way you don't have to go digging for it if they come separated!

Henry, Houston TX on 2007/08/28
Easy Cleaning

I have the medium sized cleaner for my 90 gallon tank. This is a tall, bow front tank. Very difficult to clean the bottom areas of the glass by reaching from the top. But with the Mag-Float, it makes it super easy! Can't recommend enough.

Craig, Tampa FL on 2007/04/02
Great product

This algae scrapper does a great job and keeps you completely dry. It's strong enough to remove stubborn algae off the glass that has already started turning green. IMO this product is a must have, I already have one for 90 gallon tank, I'm buying this one for a friend

Anonymous, Salem OR on 2007/01/19
works okay

It works great for three months or so and then the pad starts to fall apart, at least on mine.

Tricia, Kansas City KS on 2006/11/14
Fantastic. Kids love it!

The mag float is incredible... it easily cleans the glass sides that are surrounded by live rock. Kids are intrigued by its ability to float back. Aquarium cleaning=fun.

Sam, Cincinnati OH on 2006/10/26
Its great!

This mag float works great, it takes the smudges and algae right off! and when it gets away from you it floats and the magnet pulls it right back!