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Mammoth Pet X-Mat Original Pet Training Aid by Mammoth

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SKU: MM60002
UPC: 746772600023
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Mammoth Pet X-Mat Original Pet Training Aid Description

The exclusive design of the Mammoth X-Mat Training Mat features passive discomfort zones with pressure points to condition your pet to respect the boundaries you set. Even after the mat is removed, pets will associate the chosen zone with discomfort and stay away!

  • Get your pet to respect owner boundaries
  • Features passive discomfort zones to train
  • Use on sofas, beds, doorways, chairs, tables, planters and more
  • 18"L x 18"W

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Mammoth Pet X-Mat Original Pet Training Aid Customer Reviews

Melissa, Deltona FL on 2015/06/08
Happy Customer

I am a current owner of the X-mat product, and needed more. This product ALWAYS does the trick to keep my animals off of my bed and furniture! My order from PetMountain was the best deal I could find, they were actually much lower, the delivery was quick and I'm VERY happy with my product and order.

Shaneen, Louisville KY on 2013/09/25
Really Works!

My dogs love to lay on the couch, but they shed. No one likes a hairy couch. A friend gave me 2 of these X Mats and they worked. The dogs would walk by, look at the couch and...jump in the recliner. Ordered a bunch more X Mats. Now, when I leave the house, X Mats are in place. Hubby likes to watch TV in the dark. He sat on one of these spike mats. Priceless!

Ava, West Chester OH on 2013/09/10
Love these!

We already had some of these mats and love them so much. We needed more for the couch downstairs. Great product.

Bethany, Perry OH on 2012/10/16
Love it!

The product works great. I have three large dogs and they sit on the furniture with me. When the pads are on the furniture, they will not get on the furniture. They work great, they are an awesome price compared to the competition. Love it!

Tammy, Bolingbrook IL on 2012/02/21
Kitty repellent

Our cat tried for the first day to "beat the xmat" however finally gave up. We may order 2 more for the loveseat! A reasonably priced product that actually works.

Joan Koivisto, Clackamas OR on 2010/08/04
Peace of Mind

It gives me peace of mind when I use x-mats, knowing there will be no dog hair or dog wear and tear on the couches. I gave ours to our son to protect his new couches and to keep them clean for the new baby in their home. Now I am replacing ours.

Ken, Barkhamsted CT on 2008/03/09

These really work in keeping the dogs off the couch. We have 8 but need more. Will be ordering more very soon! Only negative to them, at least with our dogs, is that when they don't find them on the furniture, it means freedom to them to climb on up. Other than that, they work great.

Sue, Red Lion PA on 2007/11/28
Love It!

I love this item. I own 4 and plan to purchase more. I use it to train my dog to stay off furniture or out of a room. It is much easier to use than gates or boxes that I have tried in the past. No negatives that I have found.

Jim, Metuchen NJ on 2007/02/22
Great Item

To the point - "it works great"!Put it on your furniture and you will never have your pet on it again. After a week or two take it off and the pet will never jump on your furniture again..