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Marchioro Kevin Small Pet Cage by by Marchioro

  • $213.99
  • (55%)
SKU: MR37624
UPC: 691318376248
MPN: 2.03051E+12

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Product Description

The Marchioro Kevin Cage for Small Pets is more than just a habitat - it's a home! This single story cage is incredibly roomy and contains everything you'll need to accommodate multiple hamsters, mice or gerbils, including a raised platform, exercise wheel, running tube, feeder and waterer.

  • Single story cage with room for multiple small animals
  • Includes wheeled base tray, exercise wheel, play tube, platform, two food/water bowls
  • Great home for hamsters, gerbils and mice

Assembly and disassembly are easy, making cleaning quick and simple.

Made in Italy.

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Customer Reviews

Gina, Westfield MA on 2019/06/24
Best Hamster Cage Large Size

I highly recommend this cage for a syrian hamster. We searched everywhere for a large size...all the stores sell are small cages...too small for the hamster..mine was stressed in the smaller habitat...thankfully we bought this one and Mr. Pickles is much happier..playful..less stressed ..please buy this cage its meets and I believe exceeds minimum size standards. Small pets need plenty of room to move around, explore, hide and play to have a good quality of life. Great product! I recommend to any owner of syrian hamsters. I assembled myself takes a good hr..and some patience. Definitely worth it.

Patrick, Corpus Christi TX on 2016/10/19
Great cage.

This cage meets the minimum size requirements set by the US and UK. I bought it in May 2016, and it has served me and my hamster well. I think it was a good decision.It does take some time to put together, but you will do fine as long as you follow the instructions.

Christy, Miami FL on 2016/06/10

This is the biggest cage I ever bought and I love it!!! Best price I found online for its size! Sturdy plastic and metal bars. Came all intact exactly a week since the purchase. The tunnels are a little on the cheap side but i replaced them with wooden ladders. I bought it for my pet mice and they love it too!

Lana, Nora Springs IA on 2016/04/27
Great size but

The cage arrived within a week. Packaging very poor so I was surprised the only damage was a slight denting of the bars beside the door opening. It was very difficult to install the corner shelf but after 45 minutes it was assembled. We think our granddaughters hamster will be very happy. I think the tubes will end up being replaced with some kind of ladder system as they will be difficult to remove and put back in for cleaning. All in all far superior to anything I could buy local.

Audra, Chicago IL on 2015/10/14
Great cage, however....

Cage itself is great, probably the best available in US for hamsters. However the manufacturer doesn't package it properly - all parts are loose in the huge box. My first cage arrived heavily damaged, bottom bin corner badly broken. Second cage was better, but still damaged. Little hideout was broken and bin had a little chip in the corner. Both things weren't essential to me, so I decided to keep it. So, If you need the cage immediately, keep that in mind.With that said, PETMOUNTAIN CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS OUTSTANDING! They exchanged the cage, arranged for pick up faster then I could blink! Very impressed!

Leslie, Norwalk CT on 2015/09/02
Perfect for Mice

I needed a cage with 1/4" spacing for my mice after Houdini (named after her great escape) squeezed through the 3/8" spacing on a tank topper. This was the only cage I found that fit the bill, but that's OK, because I love it. The directions aren't great, but if I could figure it out, anyone can. The cage is huge, and my mice adore it. I have 5 in one and soon will put 4 in the second, and I think larger colonies would be fine, too. The wheel got very squeaky very fast, but a squirt of Pam olive oil spray took care of that. I highly recommend this cage for mice, and small hamsters would be fine to navigate the tubes between levels, too.