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Marina Aquarium Floating Thermometer w/ Suction Cup by Marina

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Marina Aquarium Floating Thermometer w/ Suction Cup Description

The Marina Aquarium Floating Thermometer accurately monitors water temperatures to protect your fish from unsafe temperatures. An attached suction cup to secures it tightly to your aquarium wall. It features Fahrenheit and Celsius readings and is suitable for fresh and saltwater.

  • Accurate and easy to read
  • Safety zone indicator for most tropical fish
  • Protect your fish from unsafe temperatures

The green bar on the thermometer indicates a range of ideal, safe temperatures for most tropical fish. This makes it easy for you to make sure your water is adequately heated for optimal fish health and activity.

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Marina Aquarium Floating Thermometer w/ Suction Cup Customer Reviews

Gino, Riverside NJ on 2016/07/27
Works Great

Mine works great

Marion, Hilton Head Island SC on 2016/02/27
Just what I needed.

Great product and great price.

Jessica, Orland CA on 2016/01/19
Works like a charm!

Stuck right in place and hasn't moved. Those having issues with it sticking probably didn't clean the glass first. I have a scrubby that is just for my tank. I just scrubbed the spot and stuck the suction cup on. It has been there for weeks now with no issues. It tests within range of my heater's built in thermometer, and a digital one I have. It is always within a degree +/-, which is what is says it will do. I mounted it in the corner of my tank, furthest from where the water enters my tank from the filter, to make sure my inline heater is working to keep the entire tank at the right, and constant temp. For those with large fish that may bump into it and cause it to fall off, just mount it low, at substrate or tank bottom level, and put a rock or other heavy decoration behind it. Problem solved and no risk of it getting broken.

Erik, Atlanta GA on 2014/11/19
Good readings, bad suction

This thermometer reads well and seems accurate. Have been checking with a good digital thermo and within 1/2 degree of it. Only issue is the suction cup. I am constantly finding it floating around the tank and not where I stuck it last. If it would just stay put, it would have been a 5 star purchase. At least it's easy to retrieve because it floats!

Lance, Pleasanton CA on 2010/01/20

This works great, its very accurate and nice that I can just look and see my temperature whenever I want.