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Marineland Advanced LED Strip Light by by Marineland

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Product Description

Marineland Advanced LED Strip Lights feature a double row of White Daylight LEDs and a single center row of 60mw Blue LEDs, providing brighter lighting than 2 fluorescent tubes while consuming far less energy. A built-in timer makes it easy to setup a healthy day/night light cycle.

  • Daylight LED lamps provide brighter output than 2 fluorescent bulbs
  • Lunar blue LEDs replicate the moon light cycle
  • Integrated timer provides control of automatic daytime and lunar settings

The new built-in timer with digital controls makes it easy to set the precise amount of daylight and simulated moonlight you'd like to provide for your fish. A 3-way switch features ALL LEDs, ACTINIC (lunar light), and OFF positions for manual control when you need it. The fixture features a durable aluminum lighting housing and adjustable mounting legs to fit a variety of aquarium widths. Its sleek, low profile design keeps the focus on your fish where it belongs, and a single power cord makes installation simple.

For fresh and saltwater aquariums.*

Why LED?
LED lights consume very little energy and produce very low heat while emitting bright, clear light. The Marineland Advanced LED Strip Light features 7,500K 1-watt daylight LEDs and 60mW blue LEDs to provide a full spectrum of daylight and simulated lunar light. Each LED has up to 5 years of life, saving you the cost of regularly replacing fluorescent bulbs! A polycarbonate lens protects and focuses each LED for optimal output.


  • Adjusts 18"-24" - 0.75"H x 5"W - (6) White 1 Watt LEDs and (3) Blue .06 Watt LEDs - 10.7 Watts - 7,500K Light
  • Adjusts 24"-36" - 0.75"H x 5"W - (8) White 1 Watt LEDs and (4) Blue .06 Watt LEDs - 13.7 Watts - 7,500K Light
  • Adjusts 36"-48" - 0.75"H x 5"W - (16) White 1 Watt LEDs and (8) Blue .06 Watt LEDs - 25.7 Watts - 7,500K Light
  • Adjusts 48"-60" - 0.75"H x 5"W - (24) White 1 Watt LEDs and (12) Blue .06 Watt LEDs - 37.7 Watts - 7,500K Light

Warranty: 1 year

*Important: These LED lights are for FISH ONLY marine tanks or freshwater low-light planted tanks (crypts, anubis, java fern, etc.). May also be an excellent light for a refugium system. Not intended for use as a reef lighting system.

Note: Formerly known as Marineland Double Bright LED Light Fixtures (the old style did not include the integrated timer).

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Customer Reviews

Tawnya, Nashville IN on 2018/06/27
Love this light!

I love this light! It is easy to program, light and easy to use and my last one like this lasted over 12 years. That is why I bought another one, just longer (48") It uses a lot less energy than other lights. The pre-programmed settings are perfect.

Jonathan, Lexington KY on 2016/03/23
Lit up the place

This is a very bright set of LEDs. However, if you'd like to use it for a 15 gal tank, especially a terrarium type, you might need 2 considering it has a limited area over which it will cast its very bright light.

Jeff, Middletown NJ on 2015/09/17
Great Lighting System

I just received this light for my 25 Gallon Tropical Tank and it is even better than advertised! I thought it was time to try new technology and replaced my twin tube fluorescent with the new LED system. It stays very cool and is extremely bright and actually accentuates "waves" in the tank making for an incredible viewing experience. I especially love the Moon Phase for later in the evening. The fish seem to enjoy it as well and swim even more when the blue Moon Phase lights come on. I am also hoping that the cooler lighting might help alleviate algae build up that I believe may have been occurring from the much hotter fluorescent tubes. The programmable timer is excellent and automatically switches on when I want, and then changes to the Moon Phase setting I programmed for later in the evening. I highly recommend this light! You won't be disappointed.

Carolyn, Oak Ridge TN on 2015/06/30
Just the right size.

This light was the only one available in this size. While it has a timer which I didn't need, it was available in the 18" size and it will grow plants. So I'm pretty excited because otherwise I would have had to buy a much more expensive light or lose a custom-made lid.

Meaghan, Youngstown OH on 2015/06/01
Love it!

Probably one of the best purchases for my new 75 gallon tank! I bought the biggest available so there isn't any shaded area, and the timer is convenient! Love the shimmer it gives during the day and the blue moonlight is an awesome sight!

John, Riverside CA on 2014/06/03

I got a text while I was at work this afternoon, it was my gf telling me that the Pet Mountain orders have been delivered. I was very surprised that it came so quickly (3 days), and the shipping was FREE. The LED lights were packed neatly and safely with bubble wraps. Definitely exceeded my expectations. I will write another review after I test out the Marineland double bright LED lights. Great Job Pet Mountain, I will def. order from you guys again.

Raymond, Hot Springs AR on 2013/05/28
Not for everyone

Excellent quality and reasonably priced. If you like the "shimmer" effect LED's give then this is the right light for it. The light goes only straight down from the fixture unlike T8 or T5 bulbs. Also I think that this light would only fit tanks up to 24" long so all the tanks which it fits are short compared to most other tanks. The short is the problem as the beams of light which this light shines downward are very narrow and don't have time to spread before reaching the bottom of the tank. Some people will be pleased with it as it gives a reasonable amount of light. But comparing the light which it produced to that which the two T8 bulbs that were on the tank before I bought this light had produced...well the LED had more "shadow" arias in the tank and was less visible light overall than the LED. Plus the back wall or just say the sides were not lit by it. They had been/w the T8's. Any plants which the light shown directly down on were doing well but those which you could not see the light beam hitting directly were withering from lack of light. Perhaps in taller tanks such as a 29G this light would work well as the beams would have time to spread out. But I find that in a ten gallon this light has serious drawbacks. Conclusion: If fish viewing is your primary interest then go for it, but if plants are important to you stick/w the T8's for a ten gallon.

Ruff, Vista CA on 2013/03/15
48" Dbl Bright is Beautiful

Have only had it on the tank for 2 weeks, and I love the amount and quality of the light on my 90 gallon acrylic tank. It is too soon to tell whether it will be great for plants. Some Valisnaria are doing well, and there are new leaves on the Anubias. There are only 2 discus in the tank, and temp is 84 degrees. Definitely recommend this LED fixture.

Adam, Danbury CT on 2013/01/31

I bought the 36"-48" version of this light as a replacement for the exact same one (the smaller 24") after my original stopped working. The connection of the power cable and the input on the light housing stopped working, would flicker, or not turn on at all. I assume the issue was likely due to moisture getting in the connection and possibly rusting the metallic contacts, but hello, it sits over a tank full of water, shouldn't it have been built to deal with some level of moisture? Fast forward to receiving the new and improved larger light. The power connection is now hardwired into the light fixture itself protecting it from moisture or water splash. There is also now an in-line detachable connection in the power cable which is not only protected from moisture but also makes moving the light around simple without it having to be attached to the long power cable. All in all I love this light, especially with the new improvements in design from the old Double Bright light fixtures. The LEDs will blind you, but the light in the tank is phenomenal even on deep tanks. HIGHLY recommended.

Brad, Bedford OH on 2012/11/01

I just bought the double bright LED system. The slim design is amazing compared to the traditional T8 florescent fixtures. The shimmering effect is very cool and the fish appear to enjoy the lunar lights. The lunar lights are nice since I have nocturnal bumblebee cats and tiger plecos in the tank. In the past I purchased a twin compact florescent fixture with a cooling fan. The fans were loud and sometime did not work. The LED system does not produce heat and no need for loud fans. I recently added some low light plants and look forward to the results in a month or two to see the growth rate. I give this produced an A+. Very glad I made the LED switch.

Daniel, Queens NY on 2012/07/27
Looks stunning.

I must say that this light fixture is 10/10 in every aspect. I love how thin it is which makes it barely noticeable on top of my tank. So much less heat and more energy efficient which is always a plus. The lighting is perfect for my 36", 30 gallon tank. The shimmering effect is gorgeous at night. I simply love it. Also at petmountain prices, you can never go wrong.

Ray, Downingtown PA on 2012/07/14
Great Light

This is a great LED light. I just wish Marineland would allow being able to turn off half the white LED's. Very happy with this purchase.

Ron, Goshen IN on 2012/06/05
Awesome light

The double bright LED is bright, cool to touch bright white light mimics sunlight, blue moonlight is nice nite light, I got 36" for my 36" tank, glad I did, Worth the money, sleek slim modern design.

Mark, Santa Cruz CA on 2012/05/15
So far so good

I purchased this light for a 50 gallon tank that was 36" wide. Glad I did because the light fixture itself is 36" and the legs stretch to 48". The light is a lot brighter than I expected and lights up the tank nicely.

Kimberly, Big Cypress FL on 2012/05/09
Great light

Have it on a 180 gallon and it looks great. Provides plenty of light without being harsh. Love the night time effect. Not sure about plants liking it yet, too soon to tell. Overall a great light for the price.

James, Las Cruces NM on 2012/04/14
More Than I Expected

I placed this light setup for my reef tank and it looks awesome. The lighting is bright -- it gives my live rock the sunshine that it needs to thrive, and the moon light effect brings out all my little creepy crawlies...awesome, awesome light.

Ann, Int'L Falls MN on 2012/03/22

I have a 20 gallon tall tank and this fit perfect. I love the way the light plays off of everything in the tank.

Steve, Phx AZ on 2012/03/02

GREAT Light, GREAT Price, GREAT Service. So far I love this light and my plants are still alive and the moonlight is excellent. I have new fish under this light and would definitely buy another.

Bill, Dimondale MI on 2012/02/29
Nice Light

I've had the 36" light for about 1 month and we like it very much. Use it on a 36"-- 50 gallon tank and it's just right. For anyone looking for a led light, I would highly recommend the double over the single light and to also go with the length that is the same length as your tank. The brightness is excellent, but with either of the lesser options I think we would have regretted the decision. Excellent Price, Shipping Status Updates and Quick Shipping!

Nick, Las Vegas NV on 2012/02/09
definetly worth the money

I got the 36"-48" version for my 36" 40g breeder and I couldntve been happier, its suitable for low light plants which is all I really use and the best part is I don't have to replace the bulbs!! Lol

Kurtis, Greeley CO on 2012/02/09
Awesome Light

These lights are great, really like the Double Bright and the Moon light is really cool. Also a great price on these lights, plus the free shipping. I purchased 2-18" for my 55 gal. tank.

Niky, Oakdale MN on 2012/02/07
Worth every penny!

I LOVE this light! I had a light that used 34" T5 lights. They were a pain to find and an even bigger pain in my wallet! I was spending $40 for two bulbs every 2-3 months. That is when I decided that I needed to make a change. I invested in this light and I love it! The lights are bright, even for my tank that is three feet deep! It's amazing! There really is a natural effect to the lights too. The night mode is nice--we like it when we are watching movies and the fish are still up. One of the other reviews says that the legs cannot extend, but they CAN. They are a little stiff at first, but with a little work they slide out.

Andrew Scheppler, Martinsburg WV on 2011/12/14
Excellent light with a few caveats

I really like this light and it does provide more than enough for fish viewing and probably low-level light plants. Certainly not enough for high light needs (but that is stated). I agree it would be nice if you could use a timer to switch between moonlight and full light, but can only be done manually. One thing I didn't realize is the legs are not adjustable so the length is only 24" and will not reach across a 30" span.

Trevor, Oshkosh WI on 2011/09/28
This light rocks

I probably should have bought the 48" for my 55gal but even with 36"s of light it lights up the whole tank. The night light setting is sweeeeet! its bright enough to see your fish yet dim enough for the dark seeking fish to come out and play. Plus the shimmering effect really does imitate natural light, the tank looks more alive. Sadly I don't think my live plants will do the best with this type of light but its to early to tell. I can get plants that survive on lower light anyways :) buy this light, LEDs last forever and they look natural!

Dale, Spokane WA on 2011/09/07
Great Illumination

I simply love this light. I have a corner bow tank, so the leg extensions didn't work for me, but they are removable. Very little heat, low wattage, and the moon lights look spectacular.

Richard, Houston TX on 2011/08/22
Low Power Consumption = Lower Electricity Bill

I have a 60 Gallon freshwater aquarium with 6 Oscars and they love this light! The heat of my old Current USA Nova lights coupled with the heat of the Summer was bringing my tank temperature up to high for comfort. I knew I either had to buy a chiller (too expensive both for the chiller and the extra energy consumption required to run the darn thing) so I found the Marineland LED Double Bright light fixture and I knew this was my solution. Not only was the LED light way cheaper on PetMountain than my local store but the low energy consumption would also lower my monthly energy bill. This was a no brainer since it will pay for itself within the first year! I set it up in 1 minute and plugged it in and it looks fantastic!

Emily , Mount Prospect IL on 2011/02/26
Awesome lights!!!!

This light works great. Will definitely get another one.

Mark, Harpers Ferry WV on 2011/02/12

I've used this product in the past and have had no problems with it. Petmountain had the best price I found on line.

Christopher, Cape Coral FL on 2011/01/09
Very Bright

I ordered two of these for my two 29 and 20L and am very pleased. The light output is great and heat produced is almost none (heat in FL is a bad thing)! Easy to setup over a glass canopy. Just wish it had two power cords to allow a timer to switch from day to night lighting.

Jon, Miami FL on 2011/01/08
Awesome LED LIGHT for my 55 gal!!!

I purchased the 24 LED version of this light (the biggest one they sell) ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!! Adds really vibrant color to my tank, Very bright! I do agree with people who suggest Marineland put the blue LEDS on a separate power-supply so you can put them on a separate timer for night time, but my fish can survive without an automatic night light until then. I can push the button to make my tank blue at night, no biggie!

Larry, Aurora CO on 2010/10/31
Great lighting!

Works well with my saltwater tank.

Mark, Harpers Ferry WV on 2010/10/28
Great Light

The best value I found. It's a great light. I have a 75gl hex tank and this is what I needed. I would recommend this anytime.

Chad, Shawnee KS on 2010/08/31
Good, But not Great...

This fixture would be an ideal choice for a fish only aquarium display due to it's sleek design, low power consumption, and no need for bulb replacement. The downside is that for a freshwater planted or saltwater coral tank this light is simply not enough. On the freshwater side you can definitely grow low light plants like anubias, java fern, crypts, etc. but I would not attempt anything more requiring. I would also recommend buying the biggest size that fits on your aquarium as this increases the amount of LEDs and makes the tank a bit brighter. Pros -low operating cost -sleek, low profile design -"shimmer" effect Cons -Low light output (suitable for fish only though) -switch between "day" and "night" is manual and cannot be used with a timer

Jim, Sweetgrass MT on 2010/06/12
We just love it

These are the greatest lights ever they will pay for them selves in no time