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Marineland Algae Eliminator by by Marineland

  • $14.99
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SKU: M90606
UPC: 047431906068
MPN: ML90606
  • $48.99
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SKU: M90606M
UPC: 700256879817
MPN: 90606M

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Product Description

Marineland Algae Eliminator is a broad spectrum algaecide that's safe for live ornamental plants and fish. This Algae Eliminator remedies green water and algae on glass and your aquarium decor, and is safe for your tank's inhabitants.

  • Clears green water and algae on glass or aquarium decor
  • Safe for fish and plants in freshwater aquariums
  • No copper, will not alter pH

This broad spectrum algaecide contains no harmful copper, will not alter pH, and is safe for ornamental fish and plants.

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    Customer Reviews

    Lyra, Charlotte NC on 2013/12/07

    I had some pretty nasty brown algae that was taking over my tank causing me to have to scrub all the ornaments really well each week. So I got some of this algae eliminator and dipped a toothbrush in it and scrubbed it all over the ornaments and rinsed them. They've been in in the tank for 2-3 weeks and don't have a spot of algae on them :D. I'd definitely suggest this to others. (The reason I didn't put it straight in my tank is because it's so small and I didn't want to end up with too much in there)