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Marineland Black Diamond Media Premium Activated Carbon by Marineland

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SKU: M90139N
UPC: 681541217623
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Marineland Black Diamond Media Premium Activated Carbon Description

Marineland Black Diamond Media Premium Activated Carbon is sized and graded for use in every Magnum. It removes unsightly discoloration and harmful organic substances and eliminates foul odors better than other carbons and charcoals.

  • Removes discoloration, odors and impurities
  • For sparkling clean water
  • Ideal for all aquarium filters

Black Diamond Activated Carbon helps stabilize pH and remove excess chlorine where chloramines are present. Phosphate free.

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Marineland Black Diamond Media Premium Activated Carbon Customer Reviews

Mario, Hyattsville MD on 2015/12/12
The best way to save money

I have a 75 gal tank and this product is a great saver for me. I just keep refilling 2 nylon bags with about 7-8 table spoons of this carbon every 2 months and put them back in my 700 cascade filter. The 40 oz size jar lasts for almost one year! can't beat that. Thanks!

John, Austin TE on 2015/11/24
Cant believe the difference

My pond water was pretty clear using my temporary mechanical filter but it always had brownish tint and the pond water always had an unpleasant order when I got close. I added this activated charcoal, placed in a lady's laundry, stocking bag, into bottom of my makeshift mechanical filter. The very next morning my pond water was crystal clear and the smell was gone. I don't write many reviews, but this product worked wonders. Five stars! I will use this product from now on!

Mike, Matthews NC on 2015/02/02
Best Way to Buy Carbon

This and Seachem Bag is all you need to add the best quality Carbon to your tank. Pair this with Purigen for water so clear the fish appear to be floating in air.

Tom, Springfield MO on 2014/03/04
Great product

Great product at a great price. Customer service over the top on taking care of billing concerns. I have ordered from these folks for several years and will continue to.

Dennis, Marion IN on 2013/09/24
Good Deal

I saved half the price over what the pet store charged me just sorry I didn't find you sooner.

Dennis, Marion IN on 2013/09/24
Good Deal

I saved half the price over what the pet store charged me, just sorry I didn't find you sooner.

William Harrigan, Hillcrest NE on 2011/10/30
The Best

I've used Black Diamond for years and it does a great job. This is the best price I've seen for the product.

Joel, Westport MA on 2011/10/21
Great Price!

Great price on carbon, very happy with purchase and retailer.

Kenton, Jonestown TX on 2011/10/15
Best Prices on the market

I looked at several shops and online stores. Best prices and free shipping over $49. I'm going to be a regular customer at Pet Mountain.

Maureen, Glide OR on 2011/06/21
No More Litter Box Smells

I mix about 1/2 - 3/4 of a cup of this activated carbon with the clumping, clay litter when I change out the litter box and my house NEVER smells bad. I've even taken the cats on road trips in the cab of our truck with the litter box sitting right next to stink! Great stuff! Just be sure and use a large scoop to clean your box so you don't take the carbon out when you clean.

Ronald, Warren OR on 2011/01/19
i love it

Works great; I use a lot to help the keep my water in my tanks clear.

Chris, North Bend WA on 2010/12/15
Great Value!

The big box stores wanted $11.99 for 10oz, and this was super cheap in comparison! It does the trick as far as what it's supposed to do. I will be using this stuff from now on!

Glynn, Crowley LA on 2010/08/28
Great Carbon Product!

I have always used Marineland black carbon in my Fluval 304 filter. It lasts for months and does an outstanding job at keeping my fresh water clean.

Jerry, Meridian ID on 2010/05/11
One of the Best Carbons on the market

Unlike cheap charcoal carbons, this high quality carbon has much less dust. The quality is apparent as well, in the odor and stain control in tank. Over the past decade, I've tried virtually all the Carbon brands on the market, and have found Marineland carbon to be the best. I now buy in 3.65L container to save extra money! This is an excellent alternative to purchasing expensive pre-packaged carbon media. Simply buy a nylon bag (usually less than a buck!) and fill with Carbon. The bag can be re-used. If you're using the filter cartridges in the Hang on Tank type filters, you can also open the top of the cartridges and pour out the old carbon and re-fill with new. This helps save money, and with good cleaning, you can re-use the cartridges a few times.

Steve, Boca Raton FL on 2010/02/04
keeps fish tank crystal clear

My turtles are filthy but the carbon keep the water clean and removes toxins. My fish are happy!

Rex, Maryland Heights MO on 2008/02/23

The best, longest lasting carbon PERIOD!

Jeff, Longmeadow MA on 2008/02/20
Great product and great value

I used to use the cheap stuff in the milk carton and it was always really dirty. Black Diamond has always had much less dust. The price is excellent as well!

Peter, Yonkers NY on 2007/09/04
Love this stuff

This stuff makes my fish tank clear as day.. removes any discoloration or odor!

Tom, Ceres CA on 2007/04/04
Great Product

Since I switched to Black Diamond Activated Carbon by Marineland / Aquaria my tanks have been clearer and cleaner and I havn't lost even one fry. Great Product.

Scub, Atlanta GA on 2006/11/19
Works well

I'm not an aquarium guru but I have a 10gal freshwater tank at my desk. Despite the regular filter on it - and changing regularly, it would still get a little 'aromatic' from time to time. So I add some of the charcoal in addition to the filter and it seems to make the difference.