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Marineland Diamond Blend Ammonia Neutralizing Zeolite Blend by Marineland

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Marineland Diamond Blend Ammonia Neutralizing Zeolite Blend Description

Marineland Diamond Blend Ammonia Neutralizing Zeolite Blend with natural Clinoptilolite Seolite and Premium Activated Carbon. The Marineland Zeolite Blend cleans and conditions aquarium water, ridding it of dissolved organic waste and odors as it removes toxic ammonia and chloramines.

  • Premium activated carbon and ammonia fighting crystals
  • Removes toxic ammonia, chloramines and impurites for sparkling, fish safe water
  • Ideal for new freshwater aquariums and ponds

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Marineland Diamond Blend Ammonia Neutralizing Zeolite Blend Customer Reviews

Rob, Bonney Lake WA on 2016/07/26
Much more power in the bottom of the jar then is present when I buy local

I was surprised how much power was present when it arrived. Don't know if it came like that from the manufacturer or if it just had a rough journey through the mail. I will continue to buy other maintenance products on-line but when it comes to the "ammonia rocks" I will buy local.

Javier, Bethlehem PA on 2015/01/18
It works

Keeps my water crystal clear. It works together with carbon.

Heather, Houston TX on 2012/10/12
Marineland Diamond Blend

I looove this, I use this for my ammonia pack on my 70 aquaclear filter and on top of that I use the marineland premium carbon and together it works the best of the best. My tank is sooo clear I cant even explain how clear you can seriously see right through it and cant see not one imperfection in the water which is awesome because I can see EVERY DETAIL in my fish now and they are sooo happy and swim happily all day long.. I definitely will always keep using this.. thanks and this is a awesome deal too for it.. thanks a lot.

John, Denver CO on 2012/09/13

I have use Marineland Activated Carbon and their Carbon-Ammonia Neutralizing Blend for years in my tetra tanks and especially in my gold fish tank. I use a mixture of both (half and half) because I like a little more carbon in my canister filters. (Marineland 350 Magnum and H.O.T) Like the rest of Marinelands products I find this product to be of great quality and does what it says it will do both at a reasonal price. Try it, you'll like it.

Cody, Stillwater OK on 2012/03/27
Works great

I use this blend in net bags in conjunction with regular Marineland filters and it really helps.

Ed, Astoria NY on 2012/03/13

I add a few tablespoons of this media into my filter bags, aids in controlling the ammonia levels in my Koi and Tetra tanks. Also a great value.

Ronald, Warren OR on 2011/01/19

Works great but doesn't last long. Wish it came in 40 or bigger containers.

Joe, King NC on 2010/08/22
My fish loved it

I have a 120 gallon fresh water aquarium, when I used the blend my fish are more active. Great product.

Jonathan, Walnut CA on 2009/10/21

I've got a red eared slider turtle. I bought a Magnum 350 (great filter) and I used regular carbon media for a while, then I ran out and was to lazy to go get some more. so I used the regular filter it my 350 came with and in about 5 days my tank was nasty! I swapped water and rinsed out the filter and nothing would work. Finally I went and bought some Diamond Blend and in less than a day my water was clear, and in about 2 days my water was crystal clear. If you have a turtle don't waste your money, just buy this stuff and that's that.

Dan, Seguin TX on 2007/09/02
Great Carbon

I use this stuff on my grandfathers tank because he can't understand that you are not supposed to wash the bio wheel under tap water. He keeps killing his cycled bacteria colony and so I use this mix to remove the ammonia and keep him from spiking. It works great. His water quality is excelent. This product is A+++

Douglas, Providence UT on 2007/07/04
Cleanest water ever!

This product is the best on the market! My water not only looks cleaner for longer, but also give great test readings. The only product I would suggest.

Michael, Epps LA on 2007/01/31
Good Stuff

Great Price, Great Product!

Chris, Fort Walton Beach FL on 2007/01/12
Good product!

I use this with my magnum 350 Filter and it works great for my turtle tank!