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Marineland LED Aquarium Light by Marineland

  • $82.99
  • Save $46 (55%)
SKU: M32996
UPC: 047497329962
MPN: 32996

Marineland LED Aquarium Light Description

The Marineland LED Aquarium Light is a versatile LED light for use on glass canopies. With 42 white LEDs, the natural shimmering light mimics the underwater effect of sunlight, with an additional night light effect to create a beneficial day/night cycle.

  • Natural shimmering light with night light effect
  • LED aquarium light for use with glass canopy
  • Energy efficient and long-lasting

This light includes 4 rubber bumpers to minimize slippage on the canopy. More than one can be used for over-sized aquariums.

Note: FOR FISH AQUARIUMS ONLY. Not for corals and live rock.

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Marineland LED Aquarium Light Customer Reviews

Jood, Martinez CA on 2014/02/26

The description on this LED was up to 30 gallon tanks. Based on that information, I got 2 for my standard 55 gallon tank. The daylight lighting is better than my old T8 Flourescent lights but still not that great. If you have a big tank, get longer LEDs. On a positive note, I love the night setting because I can transition my fish from bright to dark without them flipping out at the light change.

Kathryn, Sheboygan WI on 2014/01/07
Great replacement light

This is a replacement for the LED lamp that came with the original aquarium hood (purchased elsewhere) and is much improved thanks to rubber feet included to add space to keep the LEDs dry.

Cynthia Dingess, Burlington NO on 2013/10/30
nice lighting

These lights are smaller than I expected but they light up the tank very nicely. I would not use this size on a larger tank though. I put them on my 10 gal. tanks.

Dawn, Mill Creek WA on 2012/10/14
Works Great!

We are slowly converting our tanks to LED and this little guy has performed very well. We have this on a 29 gallon freshwater tank and it does the job better than the old fluorescent and the plants are thriving. We also love the moonlight feature.