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Marineland LED Light Hood for Aquariums by Marineland

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Marineland LED Light Hood for Aquariums Description

Marineland LED Light Hoods create natural shimmering daylight with a built-in night light effect. The light hood is hinged for easy access to the tank. Designed for "fish only" marine tanks or for freshwater low-light planted tanks. May also be used as an excellent light for refugium systems.

  • Hinged top for easy access and feeding
  • Energy efficient - saves money on your electric bill
  • Adaptable for use with heaters, filters and accessories

LED lighting is energy efficient and provides the most crisp, clean light available. LEDs contain no mercury and are long lasting for minimal environmental impact. Daylight LEDs create a shimmering light that mimics the natural underwater effect of sunlight. Nightlight LEDs allow for nighttime enjoyment of the aquarium. 3-position switch: On, Blue, Off. Marineland LED Aquarium Hoods fit most aquarium manufacturers tanks on the market.Specifications:
20" x 10": Fits 10, 16 Extra High & 20 Extra High Aquariums
24" x 12": Fits 15, 20 High, 25 & 30 Extra High Aquariums
30" x 12": Fits 20 Long, 29 and 37 Gallon Aquariums

Tip: Use two 24 x 12 LED Hoods for 48 x 13 aquariums such as 40, 55 and 60 Gallon.

Note: These hoods are not intended for reef tanks.

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Marineland LED Light Hood for Aquariums Customer Reviews

Richard, Homestead FL on 2015/09/17
The switches are failing

I've had these hoods for several years. I've loved the light they put into my 55 gallon tank. All LED lights grow dimmer over time. That's to be expected. But the sliding switch on top of these hoods have become inconsistent in their 'on' position. Every time they take nuance and jiggling to make a complete electrical contact and turn on all the bulbs. I'm sure there are better switches that could be used instead. Now I'm looking for a good source and price to replace the lighting fixtures in these hoods because I've worn out the switches after about 3-4 years.

Willie, Porter TX on 2015/02/09
Perfect Replacement

My original hood came with my pre-packaged aquarium and the light started blinking. I ordered the replacement hood/light combo and it shipped super fast and was exactly what I was looking for.

Tammie, Lexington KY on 2015/02/07
Great for the price

A little flimsy, but really looks nice and fits great. All in all, a very good product for such a low price.

Northflguy, Jacksonville FL on 2015/02/05

Awesome love it. Hard-to-get 30 gallon light, great price and LED will save me bucks.

Kaia, Humble TX on 2015/02/04
Oooh, so neat!

This hood works really well on our tank. We like the lighting, both the day and night time. It also fits well on our tank. Just be sure to measure twice before snapping on the hinges otherwise you might have to fuss with it to get it to close snugly. Would definitely get again.

Dempsie, Erie PA on 2015/01/29
Suprisingly Light

Ordered this for my 29 gallon aquarium. Fit perfectly with no issues. Has room for filter and heater input. Lighting unit comes separately but takes only a few seconds to attach. Excellent amount of illumination from some small LED bulbs. Plastic is very light.

Jaime, El Paso TX on 2015/01/21
Glad I found these guys

After months of deal searching, I finally found the right price with a great coupon. My aquarium was complete and I couldn't be happier. It looks amazing and the night light works great with GloFish.

Jerry, Blackfoot ID on 2015/01/13
Aquarium lid

Was exactly as described and it arrived earlier than expected at a price that beat everyone else. I will be doing business with you again when needing pet supplies.

Tomasz, Wallington NJ on 2014/04/20
I love it.

Great light, fit my fish tank perfectly. Really bright and I love the blue night light. I am thinking of getting another one for my smaller tank.

Jeff, Winnetka IL on 2014/04/04
Marineland 20 gallon LED cover

Great cover. Fits perfectly, very good light and I also like the night light. Excellent value.

Susie , Corona CA on 2014/03/25

I received my aquarium hood very quickly and I'm satisfied with it. I have had to replace the hood several times now, so I think there is a flaw with the Marineland brand.

Nick, North Fort Myers FL on 2014/01/25
Product exactly as described :)

I have a couple of these on other tanks and the option of day/night LED lighting is great for the price. The only thing you have to be gentle with are the arms on the rear of the hood itself, beyond that, nice alternative to standard hoods.

Joslyn, Nashville TN on 2014/01/22
Good product

I like the look of the hood, the lights could be a little bit brighter. The price is not to bad. I would recommend this hood.

Terry, Las Vegas NV on 2013/11/12
Its Too Small

I bought this hood light to replace a 12''x24'' 30 gallon tall hood light, and it is to Small, like the day night feature, but the top is very flimsy and does not fit. wish it was a quarter inch bigger all the way around so it fit right. I will keep it.

Bob, Granville NY on 2013/10/09
I was very satisfied

I was very happy with the hoods I ordered. They fit my 55 gallon tank perfectly one on either side and they were much cheaper then any of the other local pet stores

Debbie, Port Orange FL on 2013/10/02
Hood has difficult hinges

The hood and LED lights are nice but the hinges are hard to figure out. Still using it without the hinges on the hood and light.

Carl, Cleveland GA on 2013/08/22
Perfect for a 10 Gallon Tank...incredible color!

I bought this hood for a 20 gallon 'high' tank, but the LED's were not bright enough to reach the bottom of the tank...So I took it home to my 10 Gallon tank and it was INCREDIBLE! Love the 'day' and 'night' settings and all of my fish's colors now 'pop'! Highly Recommended.

R, Garland TX on 2013/08/13
Great lights, not the hood

The new LED lights compared to the old florescent lights are like night and day and the night feature is super cool! Unfortunately the hood stinks, you have to lift the entire hinged hood to do anything, there is a small place where you could dump food if you're not trying to keep it in a ring. Not sure what the thought process was behind this?? The LED lights would get a 5 the hood a 2

Lee, Abilene KS on 2013/07/20
Good hood with excellent lighting.

I like the hood, and the lighting is great. The low profile blends well with the tank. I have the 29 gal tank version and since I use an under gravel filter system, I would like to see the top rear of the lid be solid and not come with a filter opening in it. A removeable perforated knock out panel would be better. The tank already has one. I just don't care for the open hole for the fish "fly away". The day/night lights are excellent. The shimmering effect is very nice, it looks more nature as the surface of the water is moving, as in "real" life. The pricing makes this and excellent value. I would rate this item with 4.5 stars, but would give it a 5 star rating if it didn't have the filter panel opening in the top.

Greg, Marathon NY on 2013/02/13

I love this hood. Whether using in the daylight or night mode, the lighting is great. I leave in the daylight mode until I have completed the night feeding, then switch to night, to enjoy the soft lighting. Looks great with my red LED volcano.

Dan, 55379 MN on 2012/11/01
I love it!

I was really worried when I bought this that it would not be as bright as my existing fluorescent light hood. No worries. As other reviews state, it is a little thin, but nothing to worry about. It looks good on your tank. The switch on the top goes left for black light mode, and right for bright light mode. The night mode is great for being able to see, but not light up the room. I had tried black light fluorescent bulbs and they created a nice effect on the neon fish and decorations, but was never bright enough for daytime viewing. This gives the best of both worlds, though the black light effect is not equal to a true black light fluorescent. The white lights are equally bright as my past fluorescent, and since they are LED they should last a while.

Milt, Rogers AR on 2012/10/10
Price match guarantee

Found this product on another site for less. Contacted Pet Mountain and they matched the price and no cost shipping. Great customer service.

Rob, Oak Lawn IL on 2012/09/23
Great hood!

I purchased this hood/light combo to replace my cheezy plastic t-5 combo. The hood looks great and the led lights are awesome! Shimmering effect is nice. The hood's hinge did break after a few months of use, however Marineland shipped me a replacement quickly. Very easy customer support. The hood itself is semi-fragile and probably not a good choice for kids or inexperienced users.

W, Houston TX on 2012/01/27
Excellent Lighting

The LEDs provide a much nicer light than the old fluorescent tube. The point sources provide a rippling effect from the surface of the water. The night mode is also very nice and some of our reclusive fish will come out, now. We use ours on a timer to turn it off at night and manually switch it to night mode in the evening and back to daylight in mid-morning. The aquarium hood works very well. The entire top rotates up to allow for easy cleaning of the tank.

Jim, Cape Coral FL on 2012/01/06
Good hood but needs improvement

This is good hood but it can use improvement. It is a little flimsy but my main complaint is I can not put a timer on the hood so the daylight and nightlight can come on automatically. I have to manually turn on both lights every day. If Marineland could fix this problem, they would have an excellent light.

Rob, Chicago IL on 2011/11/19
Great tank top and light!

I purchased this unit to replace a Marineland Eclipse 3. The top cover itself is a snap to install and leaves plenty of room for a HOB filter. The led light included with this top is outstanding. Day and moon light features are great, and give the water a natural shimmering effect. Outstanding price as always from Pet Mountain. Pet Mountain is now the only place I shop for my aquarium supplies and products!

Jim, Fremont CA on 2011/10/18
Fit nicely but....

The hood fit nicely to my aquarium I'm using for my kids frogs. Problem I have is that the cut out for the filter. It would be nice if the was designed as having perforated section where you punch out when you need it for filter. Now for my use, I have to find a way to cover this less I risk the frogs jumping out.

David, Tacoma WA on 2011/09/14
Looks good, does not work with emperor 400

This thing looks awesome. Sleek, modern, energy efficient LED. It is a bit flimsy and the way the area is designed for a HOB filter could use improvement for that's all it allows. No way of closing off the opening if you want to run a canister and seal up around the holes. The other aspect that bothered me is that the Emperor 400 does not work with this it is too large. The filter itself fits but the cover is too large. I am trying out the penguin 350 which is supposed to fit this but if they only designed it with a bit more thought I would rate it better.

Mike, Smithtown NY on 2011/08/16
Good hood

The material was a bit more flimsy than I was hoping for, but it still is a great hood. I love the fact that the hinge is in the back so the entire hood opens, makes it easy for cleaning. I also love the blue lights, at night they turn the tank into a great display.

Chris, San Jose CA on 2011/08/10
Nice clean light/hood combo!

I really like this hood/light combination. You have easy, full access to the top of the tank without having to remove the hood or light (assuming you're against a wall to lean it against--turn off the light when you do this!). It looks very sharp and clean with its bulged-up center. This keeps it away from the surface of the water and therefore likely won't grow algae like the flat, glass tops do. Installation was a piece of cake. I use an under gravel filter/power head combo (I know, so old school am I!) on my 29 gallon tank and I had to move the powerhead / tube over a spot since the hinges/hood slightly interfered (I like to hang my powerhead off the tank and not use the suction cups) but not a big deal for me. I can't give it 5 stars for two reasons: (1) I don't use an above-the-tank filter so now I have a large opening in the hood that I need to close somehow. This area should come with a filler piece that can be cut up to accommodate one's setup. (2) The LED light is about 1/3 the width of my 29 gallon tank. I'd like to see something a bit longer--at least 1/2 the width would be nicer and eyeballing it looks to me like it would fit fine without too much compromise to the current excellent design.

Walter, Cedar Hill MO on 2011/06/25
Somewhat flimsy but ok

The hood could be a little more rigid and it could use a little something to better hold the light bar in place while open.