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Marineland LED Strip Light by Marineland

  • $181.99
  • Save $91 (50%)
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SKU: M90614
UPC: 047431906143
MPN: ML90614

Marineland LED Strip Light Description

Marineland LED Strip Lights are perfect for replacing standard fluorescent lighting in aquariums. With long lasting, energy efficient LED lights that are 20% brighter than standard fluorescent bulbs, these lighting strips create naturalistic day and nighttime light for a realistic aquatic environment.

  • Daylight LED system provides brighter output than typical single fluorescent bulb
  • Energy efficient lunar LED lamps replicate the moon light cycle
  • Variable on-off switch provides a variety of lighting profiles
  • Adjustable mounting legs for flexibility in a wide range of aquarium widths

Each LED Strip Light features a durable plastic lighting housing and is brighter than one comparable fluorescent tube. With a 5 year lifetime and up to $25 annual savings versus fluorescent lighting, you won't find a more efficient and effective light source for your home aquarium anywhere. Suitable for freshwater aquariums.

Two modes of lighting: Daytime (white and blue LEDs) and Lunar (blue LEDs only). Simply toggle the position of the On/Off switch to change the lighting mode.

Size 18: Adjusts 18"-24" 234 Lumens, 120 Volts, 5 Watts, 7800K Light Appearance
Size 24: Adjusts 24"-36" 351 Lumens, 120 Volts, 6.8 Watts, 7800K Light Appearance
Size 36: Adjusts 36"-48" 468 Lumens, 120 Volts, 8.5 Watts, 7800K Light Appearance
Size 48: Adjusts 48"-60" 702 Lumens, 120 Volts, 12 Watts, 7800K Light Appearance

Based on usage of 8 hours per day
These savings include the difference in energy consumption cost of a light running 8 hours a day and bulb replacement. It is recommended that fluorescent bulbs be replaced once a year.

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Marineland LED Strip Light Customer Reviews

Ken, Valley Park MO on 2016/11/01
LED Strip Light

Excellent light, and no heat. Cost is low to operate. I especially love the moonlight for the night time effect. The shipping was fast, and arrived well packed. The only change I would request is to add a auto timer to this product keeping a low cost.

Kevin, Burlington KY on 2016/04/27
Nice but not very bright

Not enough light for my 72 bow front maybe should have ordered the 48 inch one not the 36 to 48 inch

Julee, Harrisburg IL on 2015/11/29
We love it!

We have had this light for a couple weeks now and have nothing bad to say about it....we really love it. The lighting in daytime mode is great and the "night time" lunar setting is beautiful. You can still see the fish but is is a less bright beautiful blue. Our main reason for switching was that our old florescent hood was becoming very noisy and changing bulbs/ballast wasn't helping it. The LED hood is much better as it is lightweight, making tank cleaning easier and makes NO noise!

Alisa , New Haven CT on 2015/06/07

Best purchase made in a long time, recommended Pet Mountain to all my friends.

Geo, Angola NY on 2015/02/08
Love it

Love the color it provides on my DIY background. Which is still in progress. I've always loved the light an LED lamp gives off. This was a great deal that I could not pass up. As another has said, Just wish the light would automatically switch back and forth between the white and blue. Meh... oh well....

Bort, Melrose MA on 2015/01/14
Its great!

Love the lighting and ease of use of this product!

Timothy, San Diego CA on 2015/01/13

The light looks very good on my 20 gallon long aquarium. Very modern look to the light fixture.

Brian, Livonia MI on 2015/01/09
Not as bright as expected

Put the 36 inch light on a 60 gallon freshwater tank. The light is not as bright as my 1 tube fluorescent that I had on it. It is a different kind of light that gives the tank a different look that I am still getting use to.

Phillip, Jackson AL on 2015/01/09
Lightning FAST Service!

Great items at great prices! And, the lightning FAST shipping was an added bonus! Will definitely do business with Pet Mountain again!

Sean, Evansville IN on 2014/12/31
Great LED Product for Our 46 Gallon Bowfront

The Marineland LED Strip Light for our 46 gallon bowfront tank has worked great. The lighting is so much better than the light our previous Actinic Fluorescent tube and it is a fraction of the wattage (8.5 vs. 36). Plus, I was glad there is a nightime mode that mimics that of the moon. Our Albino Shark really likes the night time so this is better for him than pitch black. For those of you on the fence about whether to pitch your old ballast and fluorescent tubes, this is the best route to go and I wish we had done it sooner. The only thing I wish it had was an automatic timer built in so that it switched to nighttime mode on its own (since a timer on the switch can't obviously flip that switch). Otherwise, it is a great product and be sure to get it from Pet Mountain like I did at half the price of a competitor website website!

Valerie, Cedar Crest NM on 2014/12/31
Great Buy

I am so glad that I found this light at Pet Mountain. The price is great and so is the light.

Christine, Arvada CO on 2014/12/18

I use it for my 75 gal tank, it provides more than enough light coverage and has enhanced the visual appeal of my tank. The Lunar lighting has a calming effect on my easily startled 13" Iridescent sharks. I love the the low profile/streamline design - it provides far more viewing from above than the old bulky hood lights. Can't wait to get one for my hexagon tank!

Donny, Waco TX on 2014/12/17
Love the LED lights

The day and night switch is great. The fish like the more realistic light source.

Cisco, Washington, Dc DC on 2014/09/12
Great set of lights

Recently bought a 90 gallon tank 48"x 24"x 18", and I couldn't decide whether to get the 36" set or the 48" set. I went with the 48" set and I'm glad I did. This tank could not be brighter. The tank has an HD look to it now. Great product, definitely recommend that you buy.

Rik, Elberta AL on 2014/08/20
Great product

Bought two of these for my 125 gallon tank. Set them end to end. Works great with just enough lighting for my Oscars. The moon lights are a deep blue and look great at night. Shipping was fast and without incident.

Joyce, Lena IL on 2014/08/09
Will Give It One More Try

I gave this a bad rating due to 1 bad experience, I can't find anything close, so I am going to try it one more time... this time I'm keeping the receipt. And I'm trying the 36-48 model... it's lower cost.

Rj, Pennsauken NJ on 2014/02/26
Did the trick

Replaced flaky original fluorescent lamps in 45 gallon freshwater tank with this unit. It does fine although it isn't quite as bright as the OEM light. It does work well and the blue lighting is a bonus. Worth the price. Thank you.

Bob, Stafford VA on 2014/01/31
Excellent Light

This 48"-60" Marineland light is a must for your aquarium. Removed the adjustable end supports and it fits perfectly on my 55 gallon aquarium. It is much better then my old fluorescent light. The blue LEDs at night are really cool. The price ($85) was better then anywhere else I looked. It was well packaged and received before I expected it. Would definitely buy again from Pet Mountain.

Paul, Koloa HI on 2014/01/22
LED Light


Paul, Pahrump NV on 2014/01/21
LED light

Totally happy with the led light that I got from you. It was 1/2 the price that I paid for my first one and much nicer. I can't recommend your light more.

Ron, San Jose CA on 2014/01/17
Excellent lighting

The amount of true white light is amazing. During the day, I have the full lights on and it displays my fish wonderfully. At night I turn it to just the blue lights and am able to see the fish in their nightly rituals.

Scott, Brookfield WI on 2013/12/08
Very nice light

The light is much brighter than the fluorescent T8s that it replaced. It looks great, and fits my 48" aquarium perfectly. The only problem is there is no auto timer for the night mode.

Debra , Depoe Bay OR on 2013/12/03
Led light 48"

I have a 60 G aquarium. When the ballast on my old light fixture went out again I decided that it was time to look around. I found the LED light and loved it! It has 2 light settings: bright for normal use and blue light for night. But this purchase meant that I had to get glass for the top of my tank, this beautiful light did not look good with the cheap plastic top that came with my aquarium when purchased. I have the glass now and WOW, the tank looks great! The price on this LED light is the best.

Vlad, Ellensburg WA on 2013/10/08
LED bar light

Great light, no heat and low cost to operate, love the moonlight for the night time effect. Fast shipping and arrived well packed. Thanks!

Ed, Pinellas Park FL on 2013/07/27

Outstanding light, great tone and color enhancement of your aquarium fishes, daylight and moonlight features are superb features.

Seth, Baltimore MD on 2013/01/18

I got the 36 - 48" for my 55g Aquarium and it lights it up great.

Carol, Cottonwood AZ on 2013/01/17
I LOVE these lights!

These lights are GREAT! They don't heat up the aquarium, yet they are very bright! No more worries about those long, fragile and short-lived fluorescents! I love that their legs extend to fit the two openings on the top of my weird SeaClear System II acrylic aquarium. Thank you!

Mark, Conover NC on 2013/01/12
Great Product

Another great product from Marineland, it is as its listing bright as a single fluorescent light, if you have dark gravel its going to look a little green in the tank. I switched to white sand and it is awesome, the night mode looks great also. Shipping is very slow but for the price that's what you get. If you can wait for your product this is the site to buy from great price!

Connie, Punta Gorda FL on 2012/12/20
Great product

Very happy with the product and great price!

Cliff, Sandown NH on 2012/11/16

Had it in place for a month now, on a 75 gallon Cichlid tank. It replaced a T5 lamp and the difference is amazing, colors are sharp and bright. Blue light mode is great. Would recommend to a friend.

Kevin, Houston TX on 2012/06/13
Great Light Good price

The order online was promptly shipped in great condition and the 48-60 inch light fit my 55 gallon tank perfectly. It gives plenty of light and is easy to switch on and off unlike the old fluorescent. The free shipping was the deal closer.

Tim, New Bedford MA on 2011/06/08

The LED lighting is beautiful as everyone knows...the added moon light option is a bonus. The only negative I have is with shipping time and cost...especially cost. As for Petmountain...they provided detailed info about my order and ultimately I was satisfied.