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Marineland Maxi Jet Water Pump and Powerhead for Aquariums by Marineland

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UPC: 047431905092
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Marineland Maxi Jet Water Pump and Powerhead for Aquariums Description

Marineland Maxi Jet Pro Power Head Pumps are 3-in-1 pumps that are ideal to meet the needs of internal/external functions in a powerhead, circulation pump or utility pump.

  • All parts included to convert from Power Head to Circulation Pump!
  • Venturi for quiet, adjustable aeration
  • Rotational output to direct water flow
  • Adaptable intake to allow use with undergravel filters
  • Omni-directional mount to ensure pump fits the tanks current needs

Maxi-Jet 400 - (Powerhead Mode 110 GPH / Circulation Pump Mode 500 GPH)
Maxi-Jet 600 - (Powerhead Mode 160 GPH / Circulation Pump Mode 750 GPH)
Maxi-Jet 900 - (Powerhead Mode 230 GPH / Circulation Pump Mode 1000 GPH)
Maxi-Jet 1200 - (Powerhead Mode 295 GPH / Circulation Pump Mode 1300 GPH)

These submersible maxi jet pumps are perfect for powering undergravel filters, protein skimmers, calcium reactors, or just for creating water movement within your tank.

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Marineland Maxi Jet Water Pump and Powerhead for Aquariums Customer Reviews

Robert, Windsor CT on 2015/03/17
A great deal.

This is one very powerful pump/powerhead at a price that can't be beat. I have already ordered another one.

Jon, Las Vegas NV on 2015/01/16
Says what it does, does what it says!

I'm always pleased with Marineland powerheads. I also like the attachments for alternate uses. Powerhead, jet, pump. I have mine set up as the Maxi-jet. Once I had it in place in the aquarium, I plugged it in and it was quite noisy. I readjusted the propeller, it was much quieter but still a little buzzing noise. However after a day or two of running it is completely silent.

David, King Of Prussia PA on 2014/10/07
Impeller fits but the propeller does not

I love these pumps and have had 6 operational all the time over years. The impeller fits fine and functions perfectly as a power head. However, the water pump propeller doesn't fit the housing rendering it useless. Great idea incorporating the two uses into one pump. It's a shame the one doesn't work.

Jeff, Indpls IN on 2014/06/25
Very good

These pumps work great at a reasonable price, also easy to clean.

Nathan, Milwaukee WI on 2014/04/22
Fantastic pump

I have had so many power heads by so many manufacturers over the past decade, top of the line and basic generics... This guy is one of my favorites. Not only does this include everything you need to have a great laminar flow (wave maker, agitate water) but the included parts and connections have everything to make it a quite strong powerhead as well. I have a couple of the 400 models, and a couple spare as well. The max head says 3' or so, but it exceeds that- and few pumps at this price point will deliver that performance. Using it as in laminar mode often creates "mini-tornadoes" that spiral down to the unit...It is very strong, quiet, the suction cups could stick a little better, but that is no deal breaker. I noticed that a part was missing from one box and they were happy to quickly send the part. No issues, has been running non stop for over a year and a half, and still looks new. In no way is the unit cheaply made, everything fits tightly and holds its position. A+ in all respects.

David, Tallapoosa GA on 2014/04/22
Works great

I got 2 of these and they work great for me in my 55gal tank don't see how ppl are having problems with them and at this price you cant beat it.

Suzy, Shreveport LA on 2013/11/09
Great Savings

This is my one stop shop for all of my bird and fish supplies! Unbelievable savings!

Cliff, Fremont CA on 2013/10/31
Love the Pump

After a great deal of research as well as trying out several different multi-use pumps, I purchased the marine land Maxi jet 900. I currently have a 250L display tank (66gal) and a 20 gal quarantine tank. I wanted to average a 10-14x turnover rate and this pump fit the bill perfectly. In the larger tank, I set it up as a circulation pump, and in the small tank, I have it set up as a power head. I found the flow to be quite strong in both modes, and runs nearly silently. In powerhead mode, the venture works great and is adjustable (screw type air tube control) I did find that in my 20gal the flow was strong that the fish were struggling, so I turned the flap up and was able to get just the right flow in the tank to keep things comfortable for the fish. I love it so much I purchased 2. Also as a utility pump, I get a good 4' ~ 5' of vertical lift and has a decent flow as well. A must have... Sure beats the other pumps in the price range and even the pumps that cost 2x more.

Tim, Los Angeles CA on 2013/10/16
Awesome Powerhead

Product was delivered very fast. Powerhead is being used as an internal filter by using foam and a water bottle and connecting it to the powerhead. Does great job of polishing the water. Plus it is very strong.

Rick, Tacoma WA on 2013/10/10
excellent product and price!

I put a 1200 in my 55gal cichlid tank they absolutely love it. Got rid of my air stone because the pump comes with an air valve for one mode. Works great super powerful and quiet. $50 at Pectco, thanks to Petmountain I saved a bunch. Need a good pump? Get this one.

Nik, Laguna Niguel CA on 2013/10/01
Pretty Dope

The power head works perfectly to aerate the water while creating circulation in my 60 gallon. The recirculation attachment (the fan blade at 1800 GPH) is WAY too much and created a hurricane in the tank...would be good for a 6-8 ft long tank. Overall a good purchase!

John, Berea KY on 2013/08/29
A bit noisy

This thing works fine, but it's noisy when you are using it as a circulation pump. Had it in a 55gal and it does move the water for sure. Also the vents on the circulation add-on need to be smaller. I had a guppie needless to say get chopped up.

Ubaldo, Greensboro NC on 2013/07/19
Good product

The Marineland Maci-jet 400 helps my tank and is a very good product.

Leo, Las Vegas NV on 2013/05/18
One happy person

My power heads were eight years old and falling apart. Saw these, compared price and bing bang boom, I ordered two of them. Could not be happier with my power heads and Pet Mountain. Very good price, fast delivery.

Triad, Blue Springs MO on 2013/05/15
Good pump

Good pump for flow or filtration. Works great in bio-cubes and phosphate reactors.

Omar, El Paso TX on 2013/03/31
Great product!

Wow pet mountain is AMAZING! Great prices, great products, super fast shipping!

Chee, St. Paul MN on 2012/11/02
Nice Jet!

I bought this to help circulate water in my 55g before I got the C-530 canister filter. It had plenty of power in my 55g, probably even too much for my application. The three suction cups that hold it in place stays in place and I never have to press it onto the glass once its in. I've purposed it to do an internal CO2 diffuser, diffuse CO2 directly into the input which produces super fine mist of CO2 bubbles. I've since used this unit for changing water attached to a 25' gravel cleaner/water change kit. Works great in any application I've put it to. The price is right too.

Judy, Rockport TX on 2012/06/05
Maxi-Jet 1200 Water Pump

As a replacement for a "dead" pump it is everything I was told it would be. Wish the 1200 had come with the original equipment.

Keith, Lexington KY on 2012/04/03
Good pricing, works as intended

I bought this product to be used as a circulation pump. I have been using this product for about 2 weeks now. My review of maxijet 400 pro: 1. The pump is NOT quiet. But as one of the reviewer has posted, the pump will be quiet after a couple of days. I run this on a timer, 8 hrs a day, therefore I am unable to provide an unbiased review any further than an 8 hrs per day usage time. 2. The flow great for my 29 gal. The maxijet provide good flow, not excessive but not weak. So, I am happy with the flow in my 29 gal. 3. suction cup works good, but can be better with magnetic type mounting. But of course for the price that this product was sold($17), suction cup is reasonable. 4. The assembly of this product is very simple. The manual that comes with the product is easy to follow, and provide concise directions. All in all, this product works as intended. For the price that I paid for, I cannot complain much. IT is advertised as it is and I can not be more pleased with my purchased. Although there are still some room for improvement for maxijet 400 pro, I am really happy with my purchase. Looking forward for the next version of Maxijet line (hopefully with some improvement) for my next powerhead/circulation pump purchase.

Greg, Clearwater FL on 2012/01/24
Great product great price!

Great powerhead, my cichlids love swimming against the current. It also helps keep my tank cleaner, no dead spots. Price was fantastic.

Eman, Los Angeles CA on 2011/12/17
Works Great!

The Maxi Jet works great as a circulation pump. The only problem was it was noisy in the beginning but quieted down after a coupe days

Jonesha, Baton Rouge LA on 2011/11/02
We love it~

This was the perfect product for my 10 gallon fish tank...My fish love it and I love it. The water is actually cleaner and it 's quiet. It was real easy to put together and convert. I actually tried all three but the Utility Pump was the best for my size tank. I'm impressed by how much power it has my little gold fish were flying at first. I 'll use one of the others once I upgrade to a bigger tank (when my Pleco and gold fish out grow the 10 gallons). The price was great and it 's very durable and sturdy. It also came in a week which was perfect timing. It 's better than what I expected~

Joe, Salt Lake City UT on 2011/05/04
Amazing pricing

Was in the market for a power head for my 50 Gallon aquarium, for use with my underground filtration system. Found a few at local pet stores, (The Big Chains) went online and found PetMountain, same brands but over 30% savings, this was my first purchase at PetMountain, will be purchasing most if not all of my aquarium supplies from PetMountain, now I just need to arrange for my orders to be packed in cash :-)