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Marineland Penguin Bio-Wheel Power Filter for Aquariums by Marineland

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SKU: M90705
UPC: 047431907058
MPN: PF0075B
  • $41.99
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SKU: M50360
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Marineland Penguin Bio-Wheel Power Filter for Aquariums Description

All Marineland Penguin BIO-Wheel Power Filters deliver simple, easy, 3-stage aquarium filtration...without the hassle of air pumps, valves, tubing or air stones. Penguin Power Filter aquarium water filtration maintenance is fast and easy.

  • Three-stage aquarium filtration
  • Rite-Size cartridge changes in seconds with no messy assembly required and Bio-Wheel never needs to be changed
  • Safe for fresh and saltwater aquariums
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty

Convenient Marineland Penguin Power Filter Rite-Size Filter Cartridges come ready to use with each filter. Marineland Penguin Bio Wheel Power Filters remove waste, discoloration and odors. Each Penguin Power Filter contains new filter cartridges for maximum efficiency. Bio-filtration is provided by the revolutionary BIO-Wheel. Hang on back HOB power filter for easy installation nd maintenance of your fish tank.

Includes: BIO-Wheel Cover, Filter Cover, Impeller Housing, Impeller, Intake Tube, Mid-Level Intake Strainer, Extension Tube, Strainer, BIO-Wheel(s), BIO-Wheel Bearings, Filter Box, and Filter Cartridge(s).

Marineland Penguin Bio Wheel Power Filter Dimensions:

  • Penguin 75 for Aquariums up to 10 Gallons - 75 GPH, Dimensions: 5.3"L x 5"W x 7.6"H - Use Rite-Size A Filter Cartridges.
  • Penguin 100 for Aquariums up to 20 Gallons - 100 GPH, Dimensions: 5"L x 5"W x 7.5"H - Use Rite-Size A Filter Cartridges.
  • Penguin 150 for Aquariums up to 30 Gallons - 150 GPH, Dimensions: 8"L x 5.5"W x 6.75"H - Use Rite-Size B Filter Cartridges.
  • Penguin 200 for Aquariums up to 50 Gallons - 200 GPH, Dimensions: 11"L x 6"W x 7.5"H - Use Rite-Size C Filter Cartridges.
  • Penguin 350 for Aquariums up to 70 Gallons - 350 GPH, Dimensions: 15"L x 5.5"W x 7.5"H - Use Rite-Size C Filter Cartridges.

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Marineland Penguin Bio-Wheel Power Filter for Aquariums Customer Reviews

Dawn, Indianapolis IN on 2015/07/14
Great product for a great price

I purchased 2 filters for my corner aquarium for what it would have cost to purchase one in a store. The filters are easy to use and work great. Thank you Pet Mountain for carrying quality products at affordable prices. I would definitely recommend this site to others.

Luis, Allentown PA on 2015/07/06

This filter came in great condition. Easy to assemble and the bio wheel runs like a charm. Can't wait for my new fish.

Chuckinbama, Grand Bay AL on 2014/10/25
Worth the money...

I got this for my 92yr old neighbor for her tank I set up. It has Cichlids in the 20 gallon tank (even though this is for the 50 gallon you can "overload" more fish). Even with the extra fish it keeps the water sparkling clear. It looks like the tank is freshly clean and you can actually see from side to side. Would recommend this~~~

Roedy, Victoria AZ on 2014/08/19
Good Product

It is quiet (except for the water sound) and pumps through an amazing amount of water.

Vin, Peabody MA on 2014/08/19
Good / quiet / wears out

When working this is a very good product. It cleans the tank beautifully and is very very quiet. It is used in an aquatic turtle tank - we feed the turtle outside the tank, not in the tank - so this helps keep the tank water clean. Only problem is it wears out fast - 2 - 6 months - still like it. And a shout out to Pet Mountain, which has been a great company to deal with both online and by phone - thank you!

Ed, Tinley Park IL on 2014/06/06
MarineLand Penguin Biowheel

Best Bang for your Buck for anything 75 gallons and under. I'll bet you won't find it cheaper anywhere else!

Amy, Sarasota FL on 2014/02/07
Super Fast Shipping!

5 stars for Pet Mountain they're the best for service and shipping! I'm not so keen on this Bio Wheel though, it doesn't work nearly as well as other filters I've used. I have 2 on a twenty gallon tank, one is for a 20 one for a 50 gal. should be more than enough to keep it clean. 4 medium fish in the tank so it's not that. Back to Fluval for me. Worth a try though I know lots of people love it.

Marty, Hillsborough NJ on 2014/02/05
Works great

Got the penguin bio wheel rated for a 75 gallon tank even though my tank is only 29 gallons, but it is home to 2 good sized celestial goldfish. Had two smaller bio wheels on this tank before and the fish were ok. Now with the improved filtration they are definitely happier. This is their temporary winter home and they will go to their pond in spring, but for now the fish are doing great. Excellent filter and works well on a smaller tank (but with bigger fish) too. Don't know if it would create too much water movement if you keep small fish in a similar sized tank. Love the double intake valves, one at the bottom and one higher up, which can be closed too. It provides for even better water circulation in the tank.

Randy, Raleigh NC on 2013/12/17
Just as expected!

The Penguin Bio Wheel Power Filter by Marineland was just as expected. It does exactly as it states. Quiet operation and so far has kept the water quality necessary to substain the fish. Also very helpful in keeping the tank clean.

Cynthia Dingess, Burlington NO on 2013/10/30
Nice little filter

I really enjoy having the penguin bio wheel filters. I have one for my 55 gal. tank so bought this one for my 10 gal. I am pleased with the purchase.

Debbie, Port Orange FL on 2013/10/02
Great Pump

No complaints at all on this pump

Dd-23, Jacksonville FL on 2013/09/27

I like the functionality of this filter, but it is much louder than I expected. I wish I would have purchased a quieter model.

Carmen, Rotonda West FL on 2013/07/09
We love our new filters

The filters were delivered sooner than expected. We like how they operate and their quietness. The cartridges could have been of a better quality. Overall we are very satisfied.

Leslie, Columbia MO on 2013/04/11
Great quality!

What a difference! My water looked better very quickly, and my fish are much happier. This is a very good quality power filter. The price was right too!

Omar, El Paso TX on 2013/03/31
Loved it!

This was a great product, prices and quality can't be beat!

Michael, Jacksonville FL on 2013/03/02
Quiet and Reliable

I purchased a biowheel 150 several years ago to replace my Aqueon filter and immediately noticed how quiet it is. With the 150, all you can hear is the running water. All I've ever had to do since is replace the filter media once every month or two. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting an effortless HoB filter.

Nikki, Sacremento CA on 2013/02/24
Absolutely wonderful filter

This filter is amazing, I'm using the model 100 that came with my tank starter kit and it works amazing! I do plan on getting a bigger tank in the future and continuing to use penguin filters. But be careful if you have small bottom feeders, mine will swim up and get in there. Maybe an improvement could be that there's a screen or net over the outlet so fish cant get in there! Either way, love it.

David, Atlanta GA on 2013/02/17
Excellent Filter System!

This filter system keeps my 29 gal. saltwater system crystal clear and is very fast about clearing the water after partial changes and vacuuming. It is true that at first the bio-wheel splashing is a bit noisy, but like another reviewer says the splashing sound is minimized after a week or two to an unnoticeable level. Definitely keep your water levels up to avoid extra noise and water splashing out of the tank and onto the hood. This system works great and I would definitely recommend!

Corky , Lebanon OR on 2013/01/27
It works good..very happy

Keeps my tank clean.

Lori, Triadelphia WV on 2012/12/05
Product a little noisy

The Bio wheel for this product is a bit noisy. Otherwise, this product works fine.

Joe, Ypsilanti MI on 2012/11/07
Good FIlter for Cost

Nice filter, I wouldn't call it as good as an aquaclear but for half the price it definitely fits the bill on a 10 gallon tank. I got rid of the original filter insert and replaced it with a sponge for aquaclear 50, and a biomax made for aquaclear 50, use the bio wheel as well. I just figure you can never have enough bio filter.

David, Tacoma WA on 2012/10/16
Cant beat the price

Well you really can't beat the price on Penguin filters when you buy from Pet Mountain. I got a 200 to replace a worn out one that needed a new impeller. It was only $6 more to buy a whole new unit instead of the part! I've ran these filters for quite a while and really for the cost you can't complain, they just work.

Rob, Oak Lawn IL on 2012/09/23
150B Great Filter!

I purchased the Marineland 150B about a year ago. It was purchased to replace an old non functioning other name brand filter. This filter is quiet, keeps my 20 gallon tank sparkling clean, and the filter media can be purchased from Pet Mountain in 6 packs to save LOTS of money. Pet Mountain rocks! This filter is very inexpensive and performs like a filter that SHOULD cost 4X as much! Using Pet Mountain saved me about 1/2 price vs. shopping local retail. GET YOURS!

Mike, Loveland CO on 2012/06/25
Super Filter

I purchased a 350B for my 38 gallon. It really did the job. I obtained a 55 and put a 350B on that one also. They both do an incredable job of keeping the aquariums clean. I discovered that the noise of water splashing is caused by low water level in the tank. Keeping the water level up, keeps the noise really low. When I set up my 55, I took the two dirtiest filter elements out of the 38, and put them into the filter for the 55. I also took ONE of the used nio-wheels out of the 38 filter and placed it in the 55 filter. Then I put one new bio-wheel in the filter of the 38 and the other new bio-wheel into the 55 filter. That speeded up the cycling of the 55 gallon. If I ever get another aquarium, it will also get a bio-wheel type filter. The water remains clear and clean.

Glenna, Harrisonburg VA on 2012/06/13
Nice filter

I put a Bio Wheel 350 on the 55 gallon aquarium that I maintain at the school that I work for. The filter has been in use now for 5 years without any problem whatsoever. Everyone comments on what a beautiful tank we have and how much work it must be to keep it that way and I'm able to say that with the filter that I have on it, it really isn't very much work at all - just change the filter cartridges once a month or so and do partial water changes every so often (nowhere near as often as it should be done!) and it is good to go! I do keep four cartridges in the filter because the fish load is kind of heavy with 2 huge plecos, 2 very large angel fish, neons, white clouds, a rainbow shark, a catfish, and four other tetras. Water's clear, no odor, and happy fish. I do have a power head with an undergravel system which is there more for extra oxygenation than anything else. I also have a smaller Bio Wheel at home on a 45 gallon tank that I've had for at least 7 years and never had a problem with it, either. Would buy another in a heartbeat.

David, Chattanooga TN on 2012/03/22
Powerful Filter For 29 GAL.

I have the Penguin 350B. It does a great job on my 29 gal. tank. The water is crystal clear. Changing out media is a snap. Some say that it is quiet, others say it is noisy. I say it is in between. I have had filters that did as good a job as this 350B but, they were canister filters. I really like the wet/dry bio-wheels. A lot of surface area for bacteria. The filter does require a little clean up from time to time but all other filters do too. The 350B may be a little bit to powerful for a 29 gal. tank. The surface water is kinda like rapids. Fast moving. So, if you use this filter on a 29/30 or smaller aquarium it would be best to house fish that like that type of water. Mine does! So, for the price, this filter is worth every penny. For what it does it is cheap! Just remember to maintain the filter as instructed by the manual and you will be very happy.

Shawn, Knob Noster MO on 2012/02/05
Worth Every Penny!

I have the Penguin 150B and it is the perfect filter for my 30 gallon fish tank. It is SUPER QUITE and ROCK SOLID. It puts plenty of oxygen back into the water by moving lots of water. I would recommend to anyone. It's a very dependable filter and easy to clean.

Gregory, Harrisburg PA on 2011/12/28

This filter keeps the tank crystal clear! I love it!

Eman, Los Angeles CA on 2011/12/17
Great filter for the price

I use it for my 23gal quarantine/grow out tank and it keeps it clean

Rob, Chicago IL on 2011/11/19
Great Filter

I was skeptical about this filter because of it's low price. I was wrong! What a great filter! It keeps my 20 gallon tank sparkling clean. Filter elements can be rinsed several times to save money on replacements. Replacement filter elements are very inexpensive. Great value! I have read the other above reviews complaining about filter is whisper quiet and doesn't make a sound. Perhaps the other reviewers have their filters set up improperly?

Paul, Verona NY on 2011/10/30
Great Filters

I had old filters for 2 tanks that I was trying to set up in my classroom at school. It was cheaper and easier to buy 2 new ones and know what I had, than to try to find oddball filter cartridges all the time. They are great filters for what I need.

Olga, Miami FL on 2011/10/26
I love this item

This filter is excellent and you can not beat the price.

Joe, Belleville IL on 2011/05/04
Works Great

Item shipped fast and was as expected. The Penguin Bio Wheel power filter works great! Thanks!

Ying, Los Gatos CA on 2011/04/04
My absolute favorite filter

I love love love this filter because it's so easy to set up, replace cartridges, does an amazing job filtering, and it's so WONDERFULLY QUIET! I have Marineland filters in my 5g Hex, one each on my two 55g tanks and another on my 20g tank. Great buy for the price! Will get another in a heartbeat!

Kailey, Medina OH on 2010/10/14
Even better than expected

At first, the filter made horrible splashing noises as the water came out of the filter. I even made sure the water was high enough. Ends up that I had the water a little too high; it is much nicer when the tank water is at the level of the exiting water. Also the biowheels had to become "absorptive" after a period of 24-48hrs. I have the filter on a 55g tank in my bedroom, and it is VERY quiet. The soft trickle of water is even a little soothing. Water is still crystal clear so far...Love this filter!

Linda, Arlington VA on 2010/10/14
great product, quick delivery

Penguin mini filter works great. A lot more powerful (flow) than the previous earlier model mini we had.

Chris, Taylorville IL on 2010/09/16

This is a great filter, made my 55 gallon crystal clear in a few hours, great investment. You don't even know how bad your old stuff is until you replace it. Best price I could find on the net.

Chris, Salt Lake City UT on 2010/08/10
Works Great!

I have this filter in my 45 gallon tank and it does a great job! The filter isn't dead silent, but it nice and quiet. Marineland had great products so if you're torn, I recommend this filter.

Jordan Poynter, Attica IN on 2010/07/13
Not As Good As I Expected But It Does The Job!

I bought the Penguin Bio-wheel 200 for my 33 gallon tank. It does a good job, but it does not do it as good as i expected. I still have to sweep out my tank every 2-4 weeks. I do not overfeed them and the Nitrate and Nitrite cycle has already set up. I have about 15 fish so it's not overpopulated either. But i think that it is definitely worth the money and does the job... the filter media is not too expensive either. I later bought the Marineland Emperor 400 for the 33 gallon tank. I was going to buy the 280 but there was only an $11 difference so i said u cant have too much filtration right? I've had the 400 for about 5 weeks now and I have not had to sweep out the tank yet, so i am very impressed w/ it. i Definitely recommend the Emperor.

Liang, College Park MD on 2010/06/24
It did his work well

It's my first time to set up my fish tank, don't have experience to do comparison. But I can see this filter work very well, strong enough to clear my 60 Gal tank.

Tammy, Tygh Valley OR on 2010/06/08
Great Product

I have a Bio Wheel Power Filter Lid system on my saltwater tank and it works great! It is a full hood unit on a 29 gal tank. I am looking at buying another one for my 55 gal tank! Very easy to maintain!

Jill, Levittown NY on 2010/05/26
so so

350 Bio Wheel unit better packaging , but does not have the flexibility of the 330 unit, such as pockets for charcoal or ammo chips allowing user to adjust filtration system for specific tank conditions.

Mo, Denton TX on 2010/04/21
A good filter I think

This is my first tank (55 gal) and first filter so I would say its a good filter not having had any experience with any other filter. My tank was cloudy after I added my pebbles, but it was clear the next day. I would say it is relatively quiet. The only time that you can hear the motor is when there is absolutely nothing going on in my apartment and at that time it is still not bothersome.

Bobbie Anne, West Milford NJ on 2010/03/14
" my tank is poop and food free "

I purchased the 350 for my 55 gallon tank and I must say it does a great job. I have two channel cats and three Oscars that mess it up pretty well. Great product. I will buy another

Joe, Mankato MN on 2010/01/26

I am an avid turtle keeper. I use this in a 55 gallon tank full of water. In the tank there are two full grown Helmeted turtles, this might not mean much, but simply put. These are VERY messy turtles. This filter keeps the water crystal clear all the time, one of the best!

Lynne, Carmichael CA on 2009/12/10
Great product

I was replacing a Penguin Bio Wheel Power Filter by Marineland that was at least 15 years old (maybe more) and I was so impressed with the longevity of the one I had that I bought the new version of the same thing! It is up and running (very easy to set up) and works great.

S., Lena MS on 2009/09/28
Penguin 350B Fantastic all way round!

I am very familiar with this line, having used many of their filter products (diff sizes) for many years (older version) and bought the 350B for several reasons beyond the fact that I liked the performance of their products from prior use. The size of space behind my 75 fit exactly (with no margin to spare and I did not wish to drain and move it at all, lol), the extension tube (black as well as I want to disguise the works - blue black background) and I had created two floating rocky sculptures and the tube fit right between this sculpted rock area. OT (For anyone who might wish to know the diy how to (black crate plastic or go to place like staples and get a black file holder - plastic thing with holes - cut desired shape, heat gun and two part (hard seal) plumbers putty - to attach rocks placed as designed (with silicone layer sprinkle of sand over the putty after it dries to seal and sand to disguise) and entire thing hangs over edge of aquarium (left over versa top black middle part - heated to curve ie hang like hanger over edge - weave in between openings of plastic grate and one can use either black plastic mesh, or bits of plastic to "weld" it where needed - I make mine more 3 d ie rocks stick out into tank to create a "floating" look of rocks - black blends with background.) The two falls area (out flows) fit this design perfectly and the extension tube was further down into the aquarium then many filters for this size tank (which automatically excluded them for my purposes as I wish to create flow from the bottom). I will be adding extensions later. I know that even with the occasional trouble (and having used many different brands before, what filter does not have them) (which is solved by regular maintenance ie stuff gets trapped around impeller, usually a strand of moss, floss so on) (over time the bio wheels DO stop spinning even with regular cleaning - the material breaks down a bit over much time (years) solution is to replace) - I really like the professional quality and reliability of this product (along with the older Aquaclear - (have not tried newer models so have no opinion)). There is a great manufactures warranty, just called and all one need do is save your Petmountain receipt! (or email receipt) As well, I pack my own with filter material to save money and double filter, under stock (will be adding Aquaclear to right side of tank for bio balls and can reduce flow on this side so middle of tank has a quieter flow area for resting fish. The Aquaclear as well allows one to adjust the flow.) But the big plus (since I already knew and liked this product) is the excellent customer services and pricing from Petmountain (believe me I looked all over the web and it beats significantly the local stores) (the rep matched a price I saw a few bucks for less - as they state they will within parameters) and lowered it both on site and on my shopping cart within minutes during our conversation! I spoke with customer rep prior to ordering as I narrowed my decisions and unlike some sellers online they said they would pay for return shipping if something was broken. (again all packed superbly, even the prime and conditioners had masking tape around the seal of top cap to add extra travel protection - that was impressive!) With the then free shipping window of price over 100 I sent my order in immediately - had compared prices for a week or so... (I know now to check all the time - seems that have deals galore.) Tracking for shipping and arrival right on time - expertly packed (large box) and all there and nothing broken. Got the box today, took all things out, rinsed my filter, packed with media (only two panels for one side which I did not realize when ordering but ok since I packed the other side with my choice) (could be bio balls, more floss, padding to clarify so on) and plug and play. Primed easily (ok a slight tap of tube to make it fit down far enough) and it was on it's way doing it's job! I am sold on Petmountain! I will spread the word to various aquarium/vivarium forums as I want them to be in business a LONG time! I will most definitely be buying my products from Petmountain from now on (what I need and they carry.)

Bettaboy, Cary NC on 2009/08/31
Re: copper tubes for rebuilding plastic tube

Re: This post about using copper. COPPER is highly toxic to all fish (used in meds for short duration only and many no longer use it as it stays in the fishes system ie heavy metal) and kills the bio cultures and inverts. Please research this and DO NOT use copper pipes or tubing. (I have to prefilter all my water due to copper pipes in the building). andlt;andlt;350B Impeller Noise By Steve from Ringwood, NJ On January 21, 2008: The Penguin 350B was very quiet for four months, then the impeller started making noise. When it does, you have only weeks or days before it stops working completely. A very good fix is to go to your local hobby shop and rebuild the plastic shaft from copper tubing. It will take a bit of effort but is worth it in the long run. andgt;andgt; That said, I've used many of these filters (different sizes) and overall a great product. I pack my own filter bags and if you wish to extend the tubing use plastic.

Laura, Phoenix AZ on 2009/06/26
Solid Product, Easy to Use

This is a great basic filter. It's easy to put together and easy to take apart. I actually use it for our turtle so I have to clean it more often than a person with a fish aquarium would, but if it works so well with a turtle, it must be perfect for a small fish aquarium! The waterfall provides soothing noise. Only downfall - the waterfall sounds great but tends to splash. Leave it away from items easily water damaged or likely to stain from hard water deposits.

Jerry, Hawthorn Woods IL on 2009/05/20
best power finter today

I've had the old ones, the mini, the 170, tried Rena and had lots of problems getting the bio to get established enough to absorb the nitrates and ammonia. Came back to the bio wheel with a 100, 150 and a 200. Gets the tank going right away, although the initial noise level is high, it quiets down after it loosens up. Still a loud tinkling of water sound, so if you don't mind that, it's good as it is adding oxygen.

Jessica, Chico CA on 2009/02/26
Great Filter!

I am using the 350 as a bio/chemical filter on my 75 gallon tank (I have a 350 magnum set up for mechanical filtration on the tank also). I have a foot long sailfin pleco with other community fish and the 350 magnum was great for mechanical filtration, but I was always battling ammonia and nitrates/nitrites. I added the 350 penguin and saw improvements very quickly. It runs quietly and smoothly and is easy to clean. I added the extra filter baskets with Purigen, plus Supercartridges with carbon pads and couldn't be happier!

Chase, Ark City KS on 2008/10/08
200b power filter

This is a great filter for the price! I am using it and a power head in each of my breeding tanks....

Bill, Havelock NC on 2008/02/13
Great Filtration for the Price!

I was skeptical about bio-wheel filtration, but let me tell you.... The Penguin Bio-wheel 350B keeps my 55 gallon cichlid tank in perfect condition.

Nathaniel, Grand Forks ND on 2008/02/01
Excellent Filtration System

The Penguin Bio-Wheel 100 has done an excellent job in my 20 gallon tank. I replace the filter cartridge every 3 weeks and the water has been crystal clear and ammonia free. Excellent product for the price. I highly recommend this product!

Mrk, Honolulu HI on 2008/01/27
Best Hang off Filter

I have owner Biowheels from back when i was a child. I swear by them. The new cartridges don't seem to be made as well. The foam seams to deteriorate, but many people have suggested just stripping it off and creating your own filter bag. I still love this filter.

Steve, Ringwood NJ on 2008/01/21
350B Impeller Noise

The Penguin 350B was very quiet for four months, then the impeller started making noise. When it does, you have only weeks or days before it stops working completely. A very good fix is to go to your local hobby shop and rebuild the plastic shaft from copper tubing. It will take a bit of effort but is worth it in the long run.

Rocky, Charleston WV on 2008/01/06
Great filters!

The Penguin bio-wheel filter line is incredible. I have both the 200b and 350b filter on my 46 gallon tank to make sure that it's filter properly. These filters keep the tank sparkling clean and never fail or overflow. However, they are a bit loud until the bio-wheel starts to grow bacteria, then their pretty quiet. If you are looking for a quality bio-wheel filter at a decent price, MarineLand's Penguin filters are the way to go.

Chefrae, New York NY on 2007/09/24
Dependable and quiet

I have the 200B Penguin filter and it works like a charm. It's quiet and does an excellent job of keeping my fish tank crystal clear. You will need to introduce some ammonia into your fish tank to start the nitrogen cycle before the bio wheel will start working though.

Tim, Blacksburg VA on 2007/09/02
Little Filter that Could

Running a Penguin 100B in a 10 gallon aquatic turtle tank (2 baby Red Eared Sliders). Very quiet filter, and capable of holding its own against the tank's unusually messy inhabitants. Rated for 20 gal, its performance in a 10 gal with turtles leads me to believe that it has plenty capability to maintain a 20 gallon with a reasonable stock of fish. Media change is a breeze, but pads are pricy while the filter is first setting up.

Jon, Minneapolis MN on 2007/07/28
Great Filter

This filter works tremendously and I have had only a few minor problems with it here and there. Occasionally if your filter cartridge isn't seated properly the Bio-Wheel will stick in position. Usually it will only take an extra second or two to rearrange the filter to get the Bio-Wheel fully operational. The filter leaves your water looking clean and polished very quickly even when you stir things up a bit during a water change.I also found that my tank seemed to have cycled somewhat quicker with the Bio-Wheel compared to a few other tanks I have set up.

Susan, St. Louis MO on 2007/07/10
Good water flow!

I have the 200B model, as an upgrade from the old penguin bio-wheel. I was very impressed by the water flow, at least 3x more than I was used to getting. I also like the dual intake.. you can't see it in the picture here, but it has a second intake on the tube about halfway up.

John, Odenton MD on 2007/06/24
Fast, furious, and clean!

Great filter. Replaced a new whisper 30 with this filter and the water is 10x clearer after just a couple of days. Also the ability to double the filters is great for increasing the bio-filter. Over-filter for crystal clear water or if you are overloading with fish. I'm using the 350b for a 29g

Crystal, Brighton CO on 2007/05/20
Excellent Filter

I have the penguin 350 on my 55 gallon tank and it works miracles. When I used to clean the tank the water was just plain nasty, now when I do it the water I remove is just about clean. I would recommend the penguin filters to anyone.

Ramon , Fort Lauderdale FL on 2007/03/27
Great Filter

I have used the Penguin 350B in my freshwater tank and it does wonders. Keeps my tank spotless all the time. Also maintenance is a breeze.I would recomend this filter to anyone wanting a great filter!

Adam, Providence RI on 2007/03/22
Penguin BIO wheel filter

This is a heavy duty filter that provides my fish with all the valuable ingredients of survival.

Dan, Las Cruces NM on 2007/01/22

We had a tetra power filter prior to our purchase of the Bio wheel, there is a significant difference between the two. We are able to prolong water changes and we notice the fish are not as irritated by the water when using our Bio wheel.

Adam, Chico CA on 2006/12/19
Perfect for a Small Aquarium

This item is compact, quiet, inexpensive and absolutely worth it. A great buy indeed. It works excellent with my 10 gallon tank and is great because it is external.