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Marineland Pump / Filtration Assembly Eclipse System 3, Hex 5, Hex 7, Corner 5, and Explorer Aquariums by by Marineland

  • $32.99
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SKU: M90299
UPC: 047431902992
MPN: PR3340

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Product Description

Marineland Replacement Part for Eclipse System Motor Pump / Filtration Assembly - Eclipse System 3 Gallon, Hex 5 Gallon Aquarium, Hex 7 Gallon Aquarium, Corner 5 Gallon Aquarium, and Eclipse Explorer Aquarium.

  • Replacement Part for Eclipse System Motor Pump / Filtration Assembly
  • Pump and filtration assembly only
  • Impeller, impeller mount, inlet tubing, and strainer are not included

NOTE: The impeller, impeller mount, inlet tubing, and strainer are NOT INCLUDED! Make sure you put the impeller and impeller mount into the new motor when it arrives so that the motor can pump water into the filter. Please use the quick links below to purchase these parts if necessary.

Customer Reviews

Lisa, El Paso TX on 2015/11/16
Exactly what I ordered

I ordered a pump and it was delivered promptly. I had a pleasant experience on the website and checkout. I would order again from

Shawn, Thomas OK on 2015/08/24
It was exactly what I ordered

Everything was great, easy to order and fast shipping. Will buy from again for my pet supplies. Thank you.

Yolanda , Aurora IL on 2015/03/05
Hex 5 fish tank pump

Thrilled to find the pump online after searching various pet stores. Works great!

Leah, La Crescenta CA on 2014/04/08
Save Your Old Pump until the new one comes!

Like others have said: Save your old one until the new one arrives, you will need your old parts. It is just the pump. You will need: - Impeller, and impeller cover. - Intake Tube and Tube screen cover. - Hangers for the Bio Wheel, don't have these the bio-wheel will not hang and turn and that part will be useless. If you don't have these anymore you will need to buy them separately. Thankfully, I saved my old pump and had these parts already. Installed everything and it's been working fairly well. I wouldn't say it's as strong as the old pump, it doesn't turn the bio-wheel as much, even though I have the water level all the way up to the fill line. But it's better having a pump than to be without it. That's like having an old fashion bowl all over again! If you can and you have the room, I'd probably would have just upgraded to a new tank, but this will do for the time being.

Rudy, Sonoma County CA on 2013/07/31
Excellent Fulfillment

Shipping and delivery was way beyond excellent - extremenly prompt - product has worked just as expected - easy to install & has been flawless. Only comment is that an instruction/suggestion be included to be sure to retain the ancilliary parts (filter pickup & especially the small clip-in attachments for the waterfall wheel)...very pleased with this order experience

John, Sonora CA on 2013/07/25
Great Price!

This was my first time shopping at this site. The price was very fair, and shipping was very fast. The product was packed just right, with no package and packing waste. Yes, I would shop here again.

Dennis, Corte Madera CA on 2013/07/20
Excellent product and service

Made by the original Marineland manufacturer. Requires two inserts and the impeller assembly from the original pump/filtration housing that are easy to transfer and fit. Very good price. Arrived within a few days.

Caroline, Raleigh NC on 2013/05/25
Reviews were so helpful!

I thought that I needed to buy replacement parts because my Corner 5 unit had stopped pulling up water. I could hear the motor running when I plugged it in, but nothing was getting up to the filter and biowheel. From these reviews I tried taking off the intake tube, then removing the part housing the impeller. After cleaning the impeller and it's surrounding parts, my system works great! The impeller is run by magnets, and if they get too gunked up it won't spin properly!

Lori, Sinking Spring PA on 2013/05/03
Good Price, but not complete

This pump is a great price and fit my Marineland 2 gallon tank perfectly. It also worked perfectly. BUT, be aware that it is incomplete and contains only the largest electrical part of the pump. If it can be detached from the pump, it isn't included. This wasn't a problem as I did not throw away my old pump. From my old pump I had to detach two small blue pieces that hold the bio-wheel, the stick thing with little grill which sucks in the water, and a fly wheel looking thing that was actually inside and not visible until I started taking things apart. Again, this was not a problem since I had my old pump, but if you are starting with nothing, you will not get everything you need.

Jan, Sylmar CA on 2012/10/19
Met my needs perfectly

I recently needed a new replacement motor for my aquarium from Marineland. I checked the Marineland site and couldn't find the part. Then I went to Pet Mountain and found the part at a great price. It was shipped even quicker than promised and fit my aquarium perfectly.

Dee, Carrollton TX on 2012/10/03
Great product & service

I was nervous about ordering the part online to replace the motor for my fish tank but it was perfect. Works perfectly and received it in a reasonable time. I will use this site again.

Brenda, Middlesex NC on 2012/02/01
Up and running again instantly

Exactly as expected. Thought we would have to buy whole new unit but replacement pump fits and works perfectly. Thanks for ease of ordering and quality product. Highly recommend!!

Tina, Spokane WA on 2012/01/25
I love this filter!

I love this filter system! It's easy to use, work with, and clean. And it doesn't take up much tank space, so it gives your fish more room. My original pump lasted me about 5 years, before it finally gave out for good. Remember to clean your pump of any gunk to keep it working and extend it's life. REMEMBER; to order the other parts or save them from your existing filter (ie. Impeller, etc).

Lisa, Manhattan Beach CA on 2011/11/14
Agree with Tracy from N.C.

Tracy just saved me close to $20 because I was ready to order a new replacement pump but I read her review and cleaned out the gunk as recommended and now it works just fine! Great advice!

Tracey, Asheville NC on 2011/03/23
maybe your motor is not broken

It turns out my original motor works great. In trying to install the new one, I learned that the reason the old one was not working was that I needed to take a cover off on the intake and clean the magnetic components. Now I have two working motors. Make sure you are taking the motor apart periodically to get the gunk out. Maybe you don't need a new one.

Andrea, Denver CO on 2010/09/05
Replacement pump lasted 2 months

My original pump lasted three years, but the replacement one I ordered has already quit working after just two months. I'll try one more time but if the next one I order doesn't last I'm scrapping the system.

Limeade97, Satsuma AL on 2010/09/02
great service

fast shipg and great product. awesome pricing

Kevin, Olympia WA on 2010/08/25
Great Product!!!

I bought the new pump for my corner 5 and it worked great. I saved the impeller, impeller mount, inlet tubing, and strainer from my old one. Shipped fast!!!

Frank, Petaluma CA on 2010/04/14
Pump / Filtration Assembly

Pump was the exact replacement for the broken one that I had.

Todd, Cerritos CA on 2010/01/23
Works like a charm!

Bought a new pump motor for my 3-gallon Eclipse tank because the old one had trouble starting again once it was plugged in again after being unplugged. I connected the other saved pieces from the top assembly to the new motor and it's now smoother and quieter than ever (and starts up again, too!). Thanks.

Jerry, Baton Rouge LA on 2010/01/04
just as you described

the pump was just as you described - u described in detail what was not included - and that was very helpful in that I knew what to expect and what to save - it arrived within 3 days - thanks

Donna Cadelinia, Honolulu HI on 2007/01/24
Great Aquarium!

We bought this aquarium seven years ago and it has been great. The motor gave out and the response for a new one has been quick.