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Marineland Rite-Size B Cartridge (Penguin 110B, 125B and 150B) by Marineland

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Marineland Rite-Size B Cartridge (Penguin 110B, 125B and 150B) Description

Marineland Bio-Wheel Penguin Power Filter Cartridges are designed to meet the absolute highest standards of water purification performance and operational ease. Rite-Size B carbon cartridges provide superior mechanical and chemical filtration for crystal clear, clean water.

  • Replacement filter cartridges for Penguin Power Filters
  • Preassembled cartridge slides easily into place
  • Provides mechanical and chemical water filtration

The cartridge mechanically filters water through a pad of double thick polyfiber. Debris and waste particles are trapped, and water is chemically filtered through Marinelands Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon.

For best results, change cartridge every 2-4 weeks.

Fits: Marineland Penguin 110B, 125B and 150B Power Filters.
Dimensions: 5.8"L x 4.4"W
Placement: Black plastic side faces front of filter, blue side faces back.

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Marineland Rite-Size B Cartridge (Penguin 110B, 125B and 150B) Customer Reviews

John, Palmyra VA on 2018/04/18
Marineland Filters

Great Item....Great Price.....Happy Customer.....Happy Fish....

Linda, Newark DE on 2014/07/22
Pet Mountain is the best place to buy my pet needs!

Pet Mountain's deliveries are fast and always reasonably priced!

Eleanor, Leesburg FL on 2014/04/01
Pet Mountain

I am more than satisfied with prompt service and the value in my purchase of Pet Mountain. I look forward to doing business with them.

Donne, Blue Springs MO on 2013/02/27
Awsome Price

I have only found one pet store that carries this style of filters and they are over 3 times the cost of the filters here. I always have one box extra on hand and the price is so cheap I have to keep my self from ordering too many!

Josh, Traverse City MI on 2012/12/27
Great website find

I purchased 2 packs of fish tank filters that my pet store sells for 19$ got them off site for 7.99 big/huge savings thanks guys, no knockoffs here!

Rob, Oak Lawn IL on 2012/09/23
Great cartridges, great price.

I have been purchasing these cartridges in the 6 pack form from Pet Mountain for about a year now. The cartridges perform well, can be rinsed and re-used a few times before replacing. Pet Mountain's price on these cartridges are about 1/3 of what that are locally (even with shipping!).

Paul, Verona NY on 2011/10/30
Good Filter Cartridges

Good filter cartridges at a great price from Pet Mountain.

Dumitru, Daytona Beach FL on 2011/06/24
B Rite Size Cartridge - (Fits Penguin 110B, 125B, 150B) by Marineland

My husband loved it!

Mark, Baton Rouge LA on 2010/09/04
Great filter

Filter works as promised: keeps water crystal clear for weeks in our aquarium. Highly recommend it.

Harvey, Milford CT on 2010/04/16
Excellent Service

I ordered these filter cartridges and received them without any problems. Excellent company to do business with.

S, Sterling VA on 2009/12/03
No surprises

A simple and straightforward order for filter cartridges. I have ordered from Pet Mountain and as previously the order was correct, neatly packaged and received sooner than expected. All I ask for in a simple order is simple service, to receive what was requested, expedient shipping and clear communication in the event of a problem. Pet Mountain has easily fulfilled my expectations and I will order from them in the future. S.