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Marineland Penguin Power Filter Cartridge Rite-Size C by Marineland

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UPC: 047431013308
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SKU: M01330M
UPC: 682157079452
MPN: 01330M

Marineland Penguin Power Filter Cartridge Rite-Size C Description

Marineland Bio-Wheel Penguin Power Filter Cartridges provide premium activated carbon for efficient mechanical and chemical filtration, keeping your water crystal clear and clean. Rite-Size C cartridges are easy to replace and designed for maximum water contact.

  • Mechanical and chemical filtration for crystal clear water
  • For Penguin Bio-Wheel Power Filters
  • Premium activated carbon cartridge

Inside the filter cartridge, a patented ribbed backing ensures the even distribution of activated carbon to deliver maximum water-to-carbon contact. There is no "tea bag" effect and no water bypass as with loose or bagged methods. Contains Marineland Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon.

For best results, change cartridge every 2-4 weeks.

Fits: Marineland Penguin Pro 275 and 375 Power Filters.
Rite Size C Filter Cartridge Dimensions: 6.5"L x 5.8"W. Filter Cartridge Placement: Black plastic side faces the front of the filter, blue side faces back.

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Marineland Penguin Power Filter Cartridge Rite-Size C Customer Reviews

Karen, Perkasie PA on 2016/11/20
Aquarium Filters

The product is exactly what we required, arrived on time, and at a reduced cost. Will be buying them from Pet Mountain again.

Kathy, Zion IL on 2016/08/30
My fish love them.

The fish tank is clear and clean with these cartridges. I will buy them again when I start running out.

Kim, Spring TX on 2016/03/11
Crystal clear water

These filter cartridges work very well. The best prices and customer service are found here at Pet Mountain. High quality, name brand products that I use, for about 30% off as compared to my local pet place. That makes me happy! Fast shipping is the icing on the cake. :-)

Shane, Roscoe IL on 2016/01/24
Great bargain price

This is a great price for the filters. I used to purchase them at a pet store, now I'm saving over 50% buying them here. Thank you.

Bill, Lighthouse Point FL on 2015/11/15
The best

Great filters! The only thing better is Pet Mountain's great prices and outstanding customer service. After many repeat orders they are always the absolute best!

Christy, West Hills CA on 2015/11/14

I needed both B's and C's. I am so happy you had the C's because I just paid $17 for the same number of B's at a competitor website... So happy I found you.

Terri, Moneta VA on 2015/10/03
Great product and price

You can't beat the price of these filters from Pet Mountain. They are also hard to find in some pet stores. Thanks!

Laura, Glenburn ME on 2015/09/09
Marineland Size C Filter Cartridge

These are great filter cartridges. They are very consistent as to quality and amount of the activated charcoal (better than Cascade filters). I have a very large 10-year+ old goldfish in a 30-gal tank that's a little too small (can't get a larger one right now), so I use two filters (Marineland and Cascade + one smaller filter with nitrate-removing cubes), and I use these filters in both, as I can use one of these as a supplement filter in the Cascade filter box. I rinse them in between filter changes, but I still go through them fairly quickly, even with regular water changes, so being able to buy in bulk saved me a lot of money!

Tracy, Pueblo West CO on 2015/06/29

Great deal for the money. Fish are happy...

Steve, Whitestone NY on 2015/04/16
Great prices, fast shipping

The price for these filter cartridges is fantastic, and shipping was quite fast. Will use Pet Mountain again for sure.

Js, Chicago Area IL on 2015/03/12
Good Deal

This is a great deal. Buy in bulk and save, you will need them, so why not buy in bulk?

Johnnie, Hillsboro IL on 2014/12/03
Great Filters and Very Fast Shipping...

Filters are great and a good low price. My order was shipped to me very fast. Couldn't ask for better service. I will buy supplies from Pet Mountain again.

Zina, Kirkland WA on 2014/03/20
Good Product

Product is very good for my fish tank. Does an excellent job of keeping the water filtered. The discounted price helps me a lot being as the tank must be cleaned once a month. My fish are healthy and the water clarity is good.

Ricky, Jackson TN on 2014/03/04
Great price

Packaged in retail boxes exactly as seen in stores, except for the price. Will buy again.

Perry, Galion OH on 2014/01/04
Exactly what I ordered

Product arrived in a very timely manner and was just as I ordered. I will definitely order from this site again.

Norm, Pocono Mts. PA on 2013/11/19
great cartridge

I've used these cartridges for a long time and they do a great job. Pet mountains price can't be beat

Harry, Sandown NH on 2013/09/03
Good but could be better

I have been using Penguin filters with biowheel for several years and they do keep my tanks clean. The filter cartridges are convenient and easy to use. One caveat, though. The amount of activated carbon they contain seems minuscule leaving me wondering if it has any real impact over the life of the cartridge. The product could be improved by inserting more carbon for filtration.

Ezra, Bridgeport CT on 2013/07/02
Very satisfied

I ordered filter cartridges for my penguin filter because the price was less than half what my local store charged. Even with shipping it was a great bargain. My order arrived within a week. The packaging was secure and everything was in order. Thanks, Pet Mountain!

Samuel, Lexington NC on 2013/06/04
Great price

Great item! Much much cheaper than local pet stores. You get a great savings, with a great item...

Dan, San Antonio TX on 2013/05/24
Effective performance and great price

These are pretty affordable compared to "pet stores". When it comes to ease of use nothing out there beats these type of filters. Most canisters are much more labor intensive to replace filter media and clean. I've used these for many years and have never been disappointed. Depending on how your tank is stocked 2 - 4 week life. Don't rinse out and reuse, replace them.

Marie, Lyndhurst OH on 2013/03/28
Great Price

This place is great. Great prices and free delivery with minimum order. I won't ever have to leave home to keep my fish tank clean.

Susan, Oklahoma City OK on 2013/01/31
Great Product

These filters are terrific. I couldn't believe the cost savings offered by Pet Mountain...stock up now!

Amber, Cincinnati OH on 2012/07/20
The best brand in filters.

This website has the best prices I have ever found for Marineland filters. Marineland filters work great. I have never had a problem with them. I even use them when medicating the fish. I just cut the top of the fuzzy part and throw out the carbon, so that the tank stays clean while the fish are sick.

Zzakarya, Clinton Township MI on 2012/06/27

We aquarium enthusiasts, know how much money will, and can, be spent each month. Especially when it comes to filter cartridges. Pet stores charge obscene amounts of money for filter cartridges, and even this brand. They do not sell them in even number packs, which is very annoying, and very costly. For the price of 1 RITE SIZE; size C; at a pet store, you can buy 6 packs at PetMountain for only a few dollars more. It's completely worth it. 6-12 weeks worth (depending how often you change). They are just as good as the name brands, if not better. Another great thing about RITE SIZE is they are not only compatible with Penguin brand pumps, they are compatible with just about any pump. Believe me! Check the pet stores for the RITE SIZE cartridge you need. Measure your existing cartridge if need be, then go to PetMountain and save a LOT of money! NO JOKE! -Zzakarya, dedicated PetMountain customer

Adonna, Walland TN on 2012/06/15
Love it

I am so glad that you carry ths product and what a great price. Minimum shipping cost is too high and a real turn off.

Randy, Jackson WI on 2011/06/01
Rite Size Cartridge

Great price and great shipping!

Louise, Des Plaines IL on 2011/06/01
Filters are fabulous

I ordered 36 filters since the price was a great deal and they don't require special storage. My aquariums look dazzling with frequently changed filters--about once every 6 weeks.

Maurice, Jamaica NY on 2011/05/16
Easy to use.

This is the best price i got, after checking at the pet store. PetMountain has the best prices. keep it up.

The King, Aquariumland OH on 2011/02/15
Does the job.

Great filter for great price.

Alex, Reseda CA on 2010/11/09
Fast Shipping!

Item arrived really fast. Ive used these filters for a while now and they do the job.

Richard, Seattle WA on 2010/07/28

The best possible way of getting the aquarium to filter out garbage but keep the levels as close to as normal without constantly changing pH or other additives!

Arne, Levittown NY on 2010/05/26

Product is OK. However, longevity has been abbreviated by design change. How about doubling 6 package to 12 and reducing cost once again?

Dorothy, Jenison MI on 2010/05/04
Filter Cartridges

I have shopped online for years for a lot of pet products and Pet Mountain is by far the best, cheapest, fast service. Never a problem with orders. These cartridges are great. Easy to use.

Michael, San Juan Capistrano CA on 2010/04/25
The Best and The easiest filters to use.

I have been using these for many many years! I am so happy with this filter system and they do not disappoint me ever!

Larry, Elkhart IN on 2009/11/07
Great Prices

Since I found Pet Mountain I buy all my filter media from them. Their prices save me about 50% over what my local pet stores charge.

Ray, Jacksonville AR on 2007/07/01
Marineland Brand Filters

With any Marineland brand filter you can be just assured that it meets the highest of quality standards. Ive been using them for over 5 years now.

Thomas, South Hadley MA on 2007/04/23
Quick and easy

I like using the Marineland filter cartridge for my filter. Just pull it out and throw out in the trash. No more that 5 minuets and you are done with fuss or muss!