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Marineland Rite-Size E Cartridge (Emperor 280 and 400) by Marineland

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Marineland Rite-Size E Cartridge (Emperor 280 and 400) Description

Marineland Bio-Wheel Emperor Power Filters cartridges are designed for optimal performance and incredible ease of use. Rite-Size E cartridges feature Marinelands Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon for excellent mechanical and chemical filtration.

  • Replacement filter cartridge for Emperor 280 and 400 filters
  • Pre-assembled and easy to replace
  • Provides mechanical and chemical filtration for crystal clear water

A pad of double-thick polyfiber mechanically filters out floating waste and debris before allowing water to pass and be chemically filtered through Marinelands Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon. Rite-Size cartridges feature a patented ribbed backing to maintain their shape, ensuring even distribution of activated carbon for maximum water-to-carbon contact.

For best results, change cartridge every 2-4 weeks.

Fits: All Marineland Emperor Power Filters (280 and 400).
Dimensions: 8.8"L x 6.0"W
Placement: Black plastic side faces front of filter, blue side faces back.

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Marineland Rite-Size E Cartridge (Emperor 280 and 400) Customer Reviews

Anthony, Kansas City KS on 2018/01/28
Carbon filters

Exactly as advertised!..Very affordable and shipped fast!

Larry, Sheboygan WI on 2016/11/28
Exactly as advertised!

Purchase was very ez on their website. Product exactly as advertised. Best price on Internet. Very fast service. Product arrived sooner than expected in perfect condition. Very Very happy with experience and will order these again from this shipper.

Kim, Portage IN on 2015/09/26
Marineland Rite Size E

Excellent price on these filters. Pet Mountain is a great resource for aquarium supplies! Highly recommended.

Dianne, Honolulu HA on 2014/09/21
Good purchase for our fish!

Living in Hawaii, I must add in postage but not this time. The boxes came over 8 boxes in two layers and it was fine.

T, Nashville TN on 2014/01/15
Great price

I have been buying this filter at the local pet store and it cost me 3 times as much there. I bought a year's worth.

Jay Roese, Macedon NY on 2013/12/03
Good fit, Im happy

Just as good as the original ones. Fits well and filters just fine.

Shirley, Friday Harbor WA on 2013/07/02
Easy to Use

I have a 175 gallon aquarium with 2 Emperor 400's on it. I use 4 cartridges a month and rinse them every two weeks. No problems with fish or water. I buy a year's supply at a time, when they go on sale, and it is no muss no fuss. I just slip them out and slip them back in when needed. Yes, I would highly recommend this product.

Pat, Danville CA on 2013/05/28
"Great Product!"

I use these in my son's small saltwater tank set up as live rock, sand and fish only. We have the Emperor 400. Same filtration for over 10 years on this tank and this works great. Good price on the filters. We do not change out filters as much as recommended but we are not keeping corals.

Amanda, Fort Stockton TX on 2013/04/18
Perfect for my fish tank

Exactly what I was looking for and a lot cheaper too. Will definitely be back to buy more when I need other items.

Dwayne, Bishop CA on 2013/03/09
Pricey but work well

What can you say about the filter media other than it's effective, and lasts pretty well. I have this media running in one emperor 400 in addition to 2 Rena XP3's on a 135 gal tank with a 17 inch common pleco. Takes about 4 weeks for the filter media to clog. That's pretty good considering the pleco is one MESSY fish. This media's price is high but it is the best price for these filters that I have found.

Tom, Tenafly NJ on 2013/01/01
Perfectly Fine

Shipment came quickly and was what I expected

Tom, Tenafly NJ on 2013/01/01
Perfectly Fine

Shipment came quickly and was what I expected.

Denise, Canton MO on 2012/11/20

Filters are great, and the emperor is the only filter I will use on both of my tanks. The larger intake port is the ticket to cleaner water. These filters trap everything!

Michael, Yucca Valley CA on 2012/10/17
Best filter

I buy this filter only from pet mountain. Lowest price. Buy in bulk and save big.

Patricia, Rome NY on 2012/08/08
Great product and service.

I loved the price for this product. It was set very low which allowed me to purchase 2 boxes for the price I would have paid for 1 box in stores. Shipping was fast and complete. Product was packaged appropriately and no damage was done. I was very pleased with this purchase.

Sarah, Wilmington NC on 2012/07/30
So easy!

I love these makes changing the filter media a breeze!

David, Arlington VA on 2012/03/20
Great Service and Price

I have ordered from Pet Mountain on several occasions and find their prices are great and the service/delivery time reasonable. I recommend them.

Lily, Brooklyn NY on 2011/11/27

does a good job trapping my two RES turtle's waste in my 55 gallon

John, Lakeville MN on 2011/05/03
Perfect every time

I have ordered this same product a few times from these folks in the past and once again a smooth transaction. The product works as described. Thank you.

Debbie, Atlanta GA on 2011/04/03
Best price

Product is exactly what I ordered and paid more for elsewhere.

J C, Dublin OH on 2011/03/23
Same as Pet Smart Less than 1/2 the cost!

http://www.PetMountain/show_product/11442-502910 The filters I've been buying at Pet Smart have more charcoal fines to wash off... at less than 1/2 the price too! I'm going to shop Pet Mountain from now on.... J C

Tim, Ironton OH on 2011/02/23
great filters

Great filters. Works real well in my 75 gallon tank. I have emperor 400 power filter. Great price, cheapest you will find anywhere.

Marcia Grimstead, Chesapeake VA on 2010/12/16
Super filter cartridges!

These emperor 400 filter cartridges are super! I reuse and rinse mine out quite a few time before I have to use a new one! The Emperor 400 filter works wonderful on my 54, 65 and 90 gallon aquariums! Highly recommend them!

David, Arlington VA on 2010/11/04

Great product, great service, great price!

Bert, Panama City FL on 2010/09/01
easy as it gets!

The Marineland Filter cartridge system is simply the easiest and simplest media system ever. I have been using it for years with great success.

Steve, Shingle Springs CA on 2010/08/25
Marineland 280 filter

I have this on a 20 gallon. It is a tight fit and has to be pushed all the way to one side to clear the light switch in the hood. I own 4 aquariums and have to say that this is a great filter. However it is a little noisy.

Pamela, Midlothian VA on 2010/08/17

We love these cartridges ---so easy to use, and Pet Mountain's price is great!

Richard, Seattle WA on 2010/06/16
great filter

Can't get a better filter or a better deal, period!

Glenna, Harrisonburg VA on 2010/06/04
Easy to use

I keep two aquariums - a 55 gallon at the elementary school where I work and a 45 gallon at my home. I have found these replacement cartridges to be very easy to use and the filter itself to be a very good filter. The aquariums are very clean and people always comment about how clean the one at school is.

Brunilda, Orlando FL on 2010/05/15
Easier than expected...

I have several tanks and purchased 2 Emperor 280 filters for my 65 gal tank. They work great and are easy to maintain.

Sharon, Auburndale FL on 2010/02/20
Great Filters

These are great filter cartridges and at a great price ThankYou

Laura, Tarpon Springs FL on 2007/08/05
Great Filter

This is a great filter. I have the 280 on a 55 gal tank and it has worked well

Ray, Jacksonville AR on 2007/07/01
Great Filters

The Marineland brand of filters are the best that you can buy. They last for several weeks and are a good money value.

Jon, Plano TX on 2007/05/31
Marineland filters

I've used Marineland filters for years...10 gallon, 25 gallon and my current 55 gallon tank. Almost completely whisper quiet. Love them.

Marguerite, West Grove PA on 2007/05/30
Great product

These filter pads are great. Very convenient, effective and easy to install. I recommend the Emperor filtration system.

Ken, San Antonio TX on 2007/05/30
A+ Product Highly Recommended

Emperors the best. I have used several different filters over the past 5 years and one of the best has to be the Emperor 280 and 400. The cartridges are so easy to clean and put back in and the media cartridges allows for ease of using what ever media you need to use from Peat to Carbon and to customize your filter to your needs.

Sam, Philadelphia PA on 2006/12/11
Excellent Filters

I have used Emperor 400 filters for over 5 years. One of the best ones that I have experienced!