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Marineland Rite-Size Z Cartridge (Eclipse Explorer, System 2 and 3, Corner 5, Hex 5 and 7) by Marineland

  • $12.99
  • Save $6SALE (47%)
SKU: M90250
UPC: 047431902503
MPN: PA013003
  • $78.99
  • Save $40SALE (50%)
SKU: M90250M
UPC: 682157079513
MPN: 90250M

Marineland Rite-Size Z Cartridge (Eclipse Explorer, System 2 and 3, Corner 5, Hex 5 and 7) Description

Marineland Eclipse Filtration Systems filter cartridges are designed for optimal performance and incredible ease of use. Rite-Size Z cartridges feature Marinelands Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon for excellent mechanical and chemical filtration.

  • Replacement filter cartridge for Eclipse System 2 and 3 and Hex 5 and 7
  • Pre-assembled and easy to replace
  • Provides mechanical and chemical filtration for crystal clear water

A pad of double-thick polyfiber mechanically filters out floating waste and debris before allowing water to pass and be chemically filtered through Marinelands Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon. Rite-Size cartridges feature a patented ribbed backing to maintain their shape, ensuring even distribution of activated carbon for maximum water-to-carbon contact.

For best results, change cartridge every 2-4 weeks.

Fits: Marineland Eclipse Explorer, System 2 and 3, Hex 5 and 7 and Corner 5.
Dimensions: 4.4"L x 2.8"W

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Marineland Rite-Size Z Cartridge (Eclipse Explorer, System 2 and 3, Corner 5, Hex 5 and 7) Customer Reviews

Elizabeth, Tucson AZ on 2014/09/02
A little different than expected.

I purchased a Marineland Eclipse Hex 5 for my Betta. I ordered the Marineland Z filters as the price was very good from this supplier. The ones that I received were not the same as I received with the aquarium, but were the correct product. I suspect that they may have been on older version. They fit and work great and as I stated above I couldn't have received a better price. I will shop this merchant again. Price was great and delivery faster than expected.

Theresa, Liverpool NY on 2014/05/29


Phillip, Dallas TX on 2014/04/08
I guess it works... LOL

Sorry for the confusing title but it is TRUE... If it did not work... I would know... but since water is clear, and fish are HAPPY... What else can I say... IT WORKS.. THANKS

Steve, Justice IL on 2013/01/23
Great Product and Delivery!

Price much less than local pet shop even with the shipping. I was able to buy a 3 pack for the price of one locally.

Mary, College Station TX on 2011/02/08
Great Price and Arrived Quickly

All the items I received were as expected. Arrived quickly and much cheaper than if I shopped locally. Thanks

Laura, Wilmington NC on 2011/01/05
Great Value

I love the Marineland system. Buying the filters in a 3-pack is a great value and as I have 2 Grow-a-Frogs (now 8 years old!) I have to change the filter frequently. Pet Mountain had by far the cheapest price and with free shipping they are the best!

Brian, Manchester NH on 2009/12/17
Great Price for Z-Filters

I've always bought these locally, but buying them in-bulk here saved me almost 20% even with the shipping!

Diane, Marina Del Rey CA on 2009/09/08
Great price

I looked around and this was the best price I could find for this item. I bought enough for the whole year. Thanks.

Sylvia, Miami FL on 2007/09/06
Fast and E"Z": Rinse and drop in!

I wish all filters were this easy, and also to view. I give these filters five stars! I have a Corner 5 that require these; so you lift the lid to the tank and you see the dirty filter. I have rinsed these filters and used them again, of course up to a month. All the other filter cartridges fall apart if you try to do this. The fishy water in the tank is crystal clear, thanks to this product.

Edith , Gretna LA on 2007/07/02
So Easy

These cartidges slid right in and keep the water crystal clear. Makes fish keeping easy. I use mine in a 5 gal. hex tank on my desk at work.

Wei, Newark CA on 2007/02/23
So Easy and Effective!

We have been using this filter cartridge for years. It's working with us so easily and very effective. Sometimes we noticed water still very clean but the filter already showed catching lot of "dirty" stuff. After rinsed the filter again and got off dirt, the filter caught more dirt. It's very easy job and tank keeps clean.

Janeen, Chula Vista CA on 2007/01/09

I used to have to clean my fish tank weekly, but these filters work so well that I barely change the water monthly. Excellent product!

Kelly, Pensacola FL on 2006/10/30
Easy to use!

These filter are super easy to use which helps since they need to be change quite often. Simply rinse and they are ready for use. When it comes time to change all that is needed is to lift out and throw away.