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Microbe-Lift Pond Sludge Away by Microbe-Lift

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Microbe-Lift Pond Sludge Away Description

Microbe-Lift Sludge-Away naturally speeds up the elimination of slow degrading organic sludge and muck from ponds, especially which contain rock or gravel. This organic and microbial-based method prevents toxic gasses from deriving off of hard-to-reach accumulated organic matter, protecting your fish, plants as well as marine life while clarifying your water at the same time.

  • Speeds up the elimination of organic sludge & muck
  • 100% active, organic & microbial-based ingredients
  • Protects your fish and pond from arising toxic gasses
  • This quickly disperses & is safe for the environment
  • 1 gallon of water treats a 500 gal pond for 5 weeks

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Microbe-Lift Pond Sludge Away Customer Reviews

Rocky, Bonham TX on 2016/09/13
Sludge is going away

I order this product to help dissolve the bottom sludge on my second week and looking good. I ordered more because i saw results in 2 days. My plan to use once a week for 7 weeks. My third purchase. I really like these people. I am 1000 miles away and i usually have my items in 4-5 days (EXCELLENT). All has been as expected with my product I ordered. With excellent service the way a business should be ran. Keep up the great service.

Cecelia, Chardon OH on 2015/06/28
New Microbe-Lift is fantastic, cleaned my pond in 4 days

I love the new Microbe-Lift, it cleaned our pond in 4 days when nothing else was working. The pond was a dirty green-brown (we had so much rainwater, I think that's what did it, and I might have overfed my koi who are huge..), we added 4 new fish, and it could have been a number of things we did that turned our pond so sludgy. I never tried Microbe-Lift, as it is new..but trust Pet Mountain's products so I gave it a shot, and it worked, cleared pond in four days. We were very happy, and you only need to add 2 oz.a week for maintenance. It lasts 2 years unopened, so I am buying 3 before everyone else sees how well it works, and buys it up. Thanks Pet Mountain, love your prices and products.

Jim, Vancouver WA on 2014/09/16
Cleared up the water within a few days

I have been a fan of their standard microbe-lift PL so decided to try the Sludge-Away as I have a fair amount of sludge collecting in the stream and bottom of the pond. Applied the recommended dosage and within 2 days the water was clearer than it's ever been. I have a 2000 Gallon pond with a microbe media filter and a second 13W UV/filter setup. It was just not fully clearing the "green" water. This definitely helped. Still will have to wait and see if it reduces the actual bottom sludge but it definitely forced the small floating debris to clump and fall to the bottom. My only issue is the initial application used up most of the 32oz bottle so repeated maintenance applications will require a 2nd bottle.

Leah, Readyville TN on 2010/10/07
Great for mats

I used to have mats that rose to the surface in the heat of the day and sank in the evening, but this stuff ended that problem quickly.

Don, Sweetwater TN on 2010/09/04
Great item

I have use quite a few products to try to control sludge and they all worked but could never vacuum it all out with the way my pond is. This stuff works well on getting rid of most of it, not all, but does a real good job so try it..