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Microbe Lift Special Blend by Microbe-Lift

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Microbe Lift Special Blend Description

Microbe-Lift Special Blend helps to break down decaying organic matter and cycle elements like nitrogen and sulfur to prevent them from building up in your aquarium. This formula will reduce water changes and cleaning maintenance with chemical free ingredients, by lowering ammonia levels and nitrates while removing odors, clarifying water and breaking down protein foam as well as residue on gravel, plants and rocks. As this Special Blend sustains your aquarium water, plant growth is naturally stimulated while light, water and nutrients are better absorbed into plants for freshwater and saltwater aquariums. This biological maintainer is suitable to use as an aquarium starter for biological cycling and boosting. Activated carbon and copper based products are compatible with this formula.

  • Helps to break down decaying organic matter and cycle elements
  • Reduces maintenance & lowers ammonia and nitrates from water
  • Breaks down protein foam and residue on gravel, plants and rocks
  • Odors will be eliminated and water clarification will be activated
  • Plant growth is naturally stimulated and presents better absorption

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Microbe Lift Special Blend Customer Reviews

Judy, Lima OH on 2011/12/06
Special Blend is one of the BEST products

Special Blend is another must have product. Microbe-Lift products work better than other bacterial products I have tried. It is worth paying just a bit more for superior products. Special Blend does indeed help keep water clear - and does indeed help clean gravel - reducing the need to vacuum (vacuuming can stir up back bacteria which can be harmful to your fish - especially your bottom feeders). One day, I had a "mystery" cloudiness to the water. All I did was add a dose of Special Blend. My husband noticed the clarity and asked if I did a water change. I always have a bottle in use and a back up bottle (especially during the winter months as I don't like to order liquid products during colder weather - they may freeze). I gave my son my back up bottle. He is sold now, too. I ordered a replacement bottle here at PetMountain.

Olga, Miami FL on 2011/10/26
This is one of my favorites

This product is GREAT. It smells unpleasant when you open it, but it works super fast and it delivers every time.

Chris, North Bend WA on 2010/12/15
Smelly but GOOD

This product is a bit smelly, but it tells you so in the directions that it is. Works great and with nite-out II it boosted my tanks bio filter real quick.