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Natural Chemistry Healthy Habitat Cleaner and Deodorizer by by Natural Chemistry

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Product Description

Natural Chemistry Healthy Habitat is specifically formulated to effectively eliminate odors and soiling caused by organic animal and food waste using only safe, natural enzymes and no harsh chemicals.

  • Easy to use, safe and powerful
  • All natural and hypo-allergenic enzyme technology eliminates odors
  • Cage cleaner and deodorizer for reptiles and small pets

Safe for use on all strong animal/reptile odor sources and stains. That means it's great for reptiles, hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, birds, rabbits, and more. It can even be used when your pet is in its habitat! It's safe for use in any pet home, or on any glass or other surfaces within the habitat, including heat rocks, gravel, artificial plants, etc.

Our patented technology uses trillions of natural enzymes and co-enzymes to break down undesirable organic materials safely and effectively...resulting in a healthier pet environment. Natural Chemistry’s products are inspired by processes that occur in the natural world.

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Customer Reviews

Arnold, Milwaukee WI on 2017/01/12
Safe and effective

Have been using product for quite a few years now. Effective in keeping the smell down in my 90 gal turtle tank. Good to know its also safe to use.

Michele, Griswold CT on 2016/05/17

After reading positive reviews, I bought this product to clean the film off the glass in my turtle's tank. Glass cleaner had not worked, and involved the second step of removing any trace of the glass cleaner to make it safe for the turtle. I thought this product might be a faster, safer, and effective solution to my problem. This product smelled good, however, it did NOT succeed in removing the film, despite 2 applications, and letting it sit before wiping. Very disappointed.

Conny, Cadiz KY on 2016/04/02
Love that stuff

I buy the Healthy Habitat Cleaner to clean my 6 Birdcages. This spray cleans super, is safe to use around my birds and smells great. (Thank you "petmountain" for having a great price on this product)

Kyla, Charleston SC on 2016/03/17
Very securely packaged and works

I was absolutely impressed with how securely the spray bottle arrived! No cracks or leaks! Most importantly this product really works, especially with deodorizing; total godsend for my tanks and I was happy I could use it on towels and blankets my guinea pig has caused to have a smell no matter how many times I wash them!

Kara, Salem NH on 2015/05/13
Excellent for Bearded Dragons

Excellent product! We use it for our bearded dragon enclosures and it works great. Smells good and cleans well and it isn't harmful to them. This was a great price and shipping was fast and was well packaged in case if leaks, which there were not any. Will definitely buy again!

Dee, Abilene TX on 2015/02/05
Most useful product

I needed something to use in my 75 gallon Beardie terrarium that wouldn't harm them, this product is perfect. It cleans, deodorizes and is perfectly harmless to the dragons and crickets that are their food.

Lauren, Kenilworth NJ on 2014/10/27
Love this product!!

I bought this cleaner for the first time, about a year ago to use in my reptile enclosure. I only bought the spray bottle to see how it would work, well I went thru that bottle in no time!! What a great cleaner... Not only does it clean well, including plexi glass, but I can use it around my reptiles without worrying if they will get sick. That in itself is the best thing!! So I went and ordered the gallon so I know I have enough!! Can't say enough how much I LOVE this cleaner!!! Me and my iguanas thank you!!!

Stephanie, Sierra Vista AZ on 2014/04/05
Amazing product!!

After looking for a safe, lizard friendly cleaner, I came across this one, and boy am I glad!! This product does wonders! It works exactly as it's supposed to work. I originally bought it just for my beardie's cage, but have discovered that it works very well on dog and cat messes as well. Definitely a good buy!

Melissa, Moreno Valley CA on 2014/03/14
Excellent product

I got a crested gecko recently and I was happy to find this product on I wanted a cleaner for my gecko's cage that was safe and didn't have a really strong, harsh smell. I used this to clean the terrarium and some accessories and it works great. Made the glass look awesome as well. I will be sticking with this product for cleaning her cage! I got the gallon size for a great price!

Emily, Strasburg PA on 2013/09/03
I love this product!!

Absolutely great product! I honestly love it! I use it to clean my hatchling Red Eared Sliders aquarium. Disinfects and is safe for turtles. I definitely recommend it.

Angie, Sharon PA on 2010/12/21

I am so pleased with this product! Its a cleaner i will buy for now on for my reptiles enclosures! It is simple to use along with no worries of it harming them because it's all natural. The smell is wonderful, you wouldn't think its natural to smell this good!

Shelby, Council Bluffs IA on 2010/12/17
Don't ship in freezing weather.

Ordered this product with some other items, shipment was messed up and the box with this 1 item in it was not delivered for 2 days after the 1st box. When I opened the box the bottle was frozen solid and when it finally thawed out it leaked badly. Besides that 1 problem this product works great!

Christy, Salem MO on 2010/10/13
Awesome product, a must have item!

This is the best "all purpose" cleaner and sanitation product". I have Ball Pythons, and use this DAILY. This is a must have product for me. For all purpose safe cleaning around my reptiles and their habitat.

Liz, Rome NY on 2010/09/07
Easy to use!

This stuff made it so much easier to clean my turtle tank. I have a large tank so it is hard to get everything out of it and clean it. with this stuff i don't have to worry about getting all the cleaning products out.

Nakila, Columbia SC on 2010/04/29

This stuff even got the water scum off the inside of my crested geckos tank. Cleaned the white urates off his branches and helped get dried on bearded dragon poo of my slate tiles! I love it!

Mark, Dallas PA on 2008/05/13
Safe and Effective!

I use this on my scorpion & reptile tanks. This is a great sanitizer/cleaner. I give Healthy Habitat an A++ on this item.

Patty, Greensboro NC on 2007/10/24

I got a free bottle at a reptile show in Raleigh, NC. I love it. I recently converted a saltwater tank to a reptile tank. I rinsed out the tank, sprayed the Healthy Habitat and wiped it out with paper towels. It took off calcium deposits on the glass, algae stains, and the messy salt creep. I even used it on the aquarium stand. No elbow grease required. It was so simple.Healthy Habitat is not only safe for your pets, but there were no fumes to make me sick. I am sold. I just ordered a gallon.

Valerie, Elmira MI on 2007/04/20
Great Product!!

Safe and effective on dirty cages and toys. Not to worry if it is accidentely sprayed on your pet, this organic cleaner will not harm them at all!! Highly recommended.