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Natural Chemistry Reptile Spray Kills Mites on Reptiles by Natural Chemistry

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Natural Chemistry Reptile Spray Kills Mites on Reptiles Description

Natural Chemistry Reptile Relief kills mites on contact! This Product does not use poisons or other toxins to achieve results, so mites do not become resistant, Thus, the product never loses effectiveness.

  • Kills mites on reptiles
  • Apply directly on pet, no need to remove water or feed dispensers from habitat
  • Uses no poisons or other toxins and never loses effectiveness

Highly effective on fleas, ticks, lice and mites. Unconditionally guaranteed. Contains no pyrethrins or similar chemicals. EPA approved label requires NO HAZARD WARNINGS! Lowest possible toxicity ratings in all EPA categories. pH adjusted to minimize irritation.

Ingredients: Dioctyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate and Undecylenic Acid.

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Natural Chemistry Reptile Spray Kills Mites on Reptiles Customer Reviews

Debra, Eureka CA on 2013/08/13
Bird cages too!

I've spent more than twenty hours online researching healthy ways to get rid of scaly face and scaly leg on my four new English budgies. The birds had been caged outside and I'd had them a month when I discovered the nasty mites' handiwork. Nasty stuff, but I am proud I jumped on it, because many of the photos of scaly face and scaly leg I came across showed horrific neglect of the infected budgies. I know it feels creepy, expensive and time consuming when having to deal with parasites, but there was no excuse for ignoring obvious signs of infestation. This spray, while considered a reptile remedy, is FANTASTIC for cleaning cages, perches, toys, food and water cups (rinse cups well after spraying). I use it on my work table before and after each breeding cage is cleaned upon it (I won't breed them until they have been cleared of mites) and I also spray the wall around the cages. I feel certain that I am using good bio-security measures by treating their cages and surroundings. I use the spray in the waste basket BEFORE all used bedding is deposited, and then it's sprayed again for any "jumpers" and then the bag is quickly hustled out of my house. My spraying routine has become rote, taking just a few minutes per cage. My four birds have shown NO ill effects from the spray other than LESS scratching and more contentment as the mites are being killed. I have determined that this spray will always be a staple in my bird room. I just ordered three of the 8 oz spray bottles and next month I will order the gallon size. This product rocks! Oh and my research told me that Pet Mountain has the best price online. Thanks, PM! Please note that I had not seen any evidence online to suggest it was safe to spray ON the birds(reptiles def have tougher skin than birds), BUT no evidence that it was dangerous for birds, but I use "Zoo Med's Mite-Off!" sprayed directly onto the birds and the build up of the "scales" are receding at a rate far above what I had hoped for. I'd bought my first bottle of 4 oz Mite-Off at my local pet store for $8.00 to see if it worked. It did and now I just ordered FOUR bottles of the 8 oz Mite-Off! from Pet Mountain which is now on sale for $4.65 each. You do the math! Again,the best price on the web or in local stores!

G, Southern FL on 2010/10/20
Great stuff - no more mites!

Our ball python came to us with mites. We purchased this product from a local pet store (at almost twice the price!) and it got rid of the mites fast. We sprayed a small amount on a cotton glove and ran the glove over the snake's skin and returned her to the enclosure. The mites were gone within 3 days. Get rid of the substrate/mulch and spray this in the corners of the enclosure to be sure you got all of them.

Lon, Racine WI on 2010/05/06

I used this product one time and then again a week later and never saw a mite again. Now I have a larger snake collection so I am buying a whole gallon just in case.

Nakila, Columbia SC on 2010/04/29

This worked wonders on my ball python and bearded dragons mites! Killed them on the spot!

Roger, Northhollywood CA on 2010/03/18
Reptile spray

I love this product cause it cleans every thing in the enclosure of my 40 breeder tank and works good on the ceramic tiles as well inside.

Stacey, Princeton IN on 2007/09/26
I worked in a pet store for almost 20 years as a reptile manager. This is one of my favorite products!

This is an awesome remedy for killing mites. The good part is it is almost idiot proof. Even better than that it is safe for your reptiles. I have used about every mite treatment. This product is so easy. No stress to your animal. The instructions are easy to follow. Why couldn't they have come up with this 20 years ago?

Michael, Ft. Worth TX on 2007/02/20
"My Reptiles Love this product"!

Reptile Relief is one of the best products out there. When I sprayed it on my snakes it does not bother them. I see no after affects like stress or smell. I would recommend this product to everyone.