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Natures Miracle Advanced Stain & Odor Remover by by Natures Miracle

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Product Description

Nature's Miracle Advanced Stain and Odor Remover contains an advanced oxygen infused, bio-enzymatic formula that deeply penetrates to eliminate all traces of pet urine, feces and vomit, discouraging the growth of bacteria and germs. The unique Pet Block System removes pet pheromones to prevent re-soiling.

  • Severe stain and odor remover
  • Eliminates the toughest pet stains and odors
  • Removes pet pheromones to prevent re-soiling
  • Fast drying
  • 1.33 Gallon includes AccuShot Power Sprayer

Faster drying to minimize tracking during dog stain removal. For use on carpets, floors, furniture, clothing and more. Guaranteed to permanently eliminate stains and odors. Follow all directions on container for best results.

Tips for Best Results:

  • Always test surfaces to be treated for color fastness by applying to a hidden area and wiping with a cloth. If color is removed from the test area, do not use Nature’s Miracle Advanced Formula Stain and Odor Remover on this surface.
  • Always use Nature’s Miracle Advanced Formula Stain and Odor Remover at full strength for best results.
  • Use Nature’s Miracle Advanced Formula Stain and Odor Remover before any other product as cleansers and detergents may chemically “set” the stain.
  • Nature’s Miracle Advanced Formula Stain and Odor Remover is not recommended for use on silks, leather, or suede.

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Myron, Waunakee WI on 08-19-2015
Great Pet Odor Eliminator

The Natures Miracle Nature's Miracle Advanced Stain & Odor Remover works great to eliminate pet odors and is reasonably priced with fast free delivery.

Kim, Hawthorn Woods IL on 08-04-2015
Nature's Miracle

Prices were excellent and so was the service. Products were exactly what I was looking for. Highly recommend.

Annabelle, Glen Burnie MD on 06-16-2015
Great product for great price!

Best stain and soil remover ever. Also, anticipated leakage and packaged the gallon very very well!

Beverly, Calabasas CA on 01-17-2015
Best cleaner

New puppy on the way - only product I have ever used. Does the trick.

Kathryn, Juno Beach FL on 01-05-2015
Best stuff ever for getting stubborn pet smells out!

Nature's Miracle is hands-down the best product I've found for "erasing" pet boo-boo's! It not only consistently removes difficult pet stains (vomit, poo, and pee) from my rugs and furniture, but eliminates the stubborn smell... and not just by covering it up with over-powering scent, but by actually utilizing natural and safe enzymes to break down and remove the cause of the smell! It may seem expensive, but it saves money in the long run, and Pet Mountain has the best prices around!

Sunny, Victoria TX on 01-04-2015
Works great, I order every year!

Nature's Miracle Advanced Stain and Odor Remover works great, and I am pleased with the performance. I order about every year or so. I am glad you are still in business. Thank you!

B64, Ravenna OH on 07-29-2014
Great for the money!

Great product and of course love Pet Mountain's competitive prices!

Nikki, Fallon NV on 07-13-2014
I'll let the dogs live :)

Nature's Miracle has been the best cleaner by far for cleaning those occasional messes off our beige carpet. It removes odor and there's no soap residue to collect dirt. It even removes those bright yellow bile stains that result when my 11 year old gets a bad tummy from sampling something he shouldn't on our desert forays.

Nancy, Phoenix AZ on 05-17-2014
A Must Have for Dog Owners!

We wouldn't be without this product and have used it for years - Works great for pet stains and odors! Pet Mountain service and shipping is excellent!

Jean, Fruitland Park FL on 05-01-2014
Best Cleaner Ever

I have used two gallons of this in the seven months I have had my Bichon puppy in housebreaking training. Even after they know where to go they still choose a place often; a stubborn breed. Great on our tile and the laminate floor as well as carpets. When the Bichon learned to lift his leg a month ago everything became a great place to show off his new talent so now it's not just floors but walls and upholstered furniture skirts! Now with the adoption of a mixed terrier friend for him who has had no household training we really need our Miracle cleaner. This case of four cost me less than the two gallons I bought in pet stores, a great buy!

Linda, Wichita KS on 03-13-2014
Great product!

Just a small amount of this product eliminates all stains and odors from pet urine on carpet. I couldn't survive without this product, and I've tried many others. Thanks.

D, Austin TX on 01-14-2014
Everything fine

Received product in excellent shape; was very well packaged. Hopefully, it will work as claimed. Thanks

Lyle, Washougal WA on 11-22-2013
Great product!

Have been using this product for years. Very helpful when dealing with house training of puppies (I currently have two St. Bernard youngsters:-) or older pets who have "accidents". No one wants a home that smells like animal urine. This product helps to prevent that.

Stephanie Selmer, Dutton VA on 11-04-2013
Effective Cleaning Product

I've bought this numerous times over the years to eliminate the odor of cat urine. Also, effective in freshening up laundry such as gardening clothes on hot humid days. And works with eliminating general "doggie" smell on dog beds and blankets.

Deborah, Chesapeake VA on 06-22-2013
Returning customer on this product

It's not 100%, but I'd say the next best thing since trying so many other products.

Carol , Buffalo Grove IL on 09-19-2012

With 4 large breed dogs, I would not be without this product. It does not leave a sticky film, and does exactly what it says it does.

Marlene, Jacksonville FL on 09-04-2012
Excellent product

I tried this for my new rescue that had a couple of accidents on carpet that is not being replaced. It removed the urine, stains, odor, & she did not return to the one area she had used twice. I expected that result and am very satisfied. However, I also tested it on stains from my last dog, who due to cancer had started having accidents. These became impossible to remove, resulting in new flooring being on hold presently. The Advanced Formula removed old, set-in urine and diarrhea stains that nothing else could remove. Even when extracting immediately with a steam cleaner, then using enzyme products, stains appeared and could not be removed. Try this before anything else, or after, even though the recommendation states other products may permanently stain. It worked for me, and with a vomit stain as well.

Luz, Kingston IL on 03-18-2011
Excellent Product

First bought this product at Petsmart and although expensive it does work. My husband suggested that I find another source where it wasn't so expensive or could buy quantity. Pet Mountain is just what I was looking for.

Larry, Columbia SC on 09-18-2010
Works better than expected!

Nature's Miracle greatly exceeded our expectations as it totally removed the stain and odor right before our eyes under UV Light. Thanks for a great product that works better than expected, a rare occurrence today!

Susan, Tomah WI on 09-18-2010
Works on heavy urine odors, for real!

I am not kidding you this stuff real works and I have tried almost all the odor removers out there except Urine Off. The product works and when you find one that works you want to tell everyone who has animals like yourself to save them money time and embarrassment due to animal odors in their home like myself. I just thought people out there like myself would like to know the truth, I wish I would of read someones blog like this before I spent a small fortune on other products that were a waste.

Melanie, Hubbard IA on 05-17-2010
Totally Awsome!!!!

I have used Natures Miracle on furniture stains from vomit to urine on my furniture and beds, I think this is the best stuff i have found, unfortunately i was not able to find it anymore untill now.

Carl, Chatham NJ on 03-31-2010
Best Stain Remover

This product really works and has not damaged the material that was stained. It is the best stain remover I have used.