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Nature's Miracle High Sided Litter Pan by by Natures Miracle

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SKU: PNP82035
UPC: 026851820352
MODEL: P-82035

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Product Description

Nature's Miracle High Sided Litter Pan allows for easy pet use and even easier cleaning. This litter box is perfectly suited for a multi-cat household and features a durable design for no spills.

  • High sided design helps eliminate spillage
  • Easy to use, great for multi-cat households
  • Durable plastic construction

Capacity: 2.3 lbs
Dimensions: 22.8"L x 17.8"W x 11"H
Lip height: 5"

Note: Dimensions are for outer rim; sides are tapered and base is slightly smaller.

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Nancy, Alexandria VA on 08-29-2015
Nice Litter Box

This is a very nice litter box - just the right size for all cats. The plastic is nice too as it is thick. Both of my cats use this litter box. The sides are high enough that so that there are no leaks and cleaning out the litter box is very easy.

Donna, Williamsburg VA on 06-18-2015
What My Cats Were Meowing For

I had mistakenly used large plastic bins for litter boxes to minimize mess on floor. They didn't work. This litter box, however, is easily accessible for them and almost all of the litter stays inside. I have three cats so I also needed a small mat for tracked litter. This is a reasonably priced litter box for anyone with cats who may not like being "inside" a covered container.PetMountain's packing is great, shipping is fast, and price is right!

Rosemary, Clermont FL on 03-31-2015
A fine solution

I love the height of the three sides. Front is too low as I am always sweeping litter they kick out of it. Wish it also came in other colors. Clear would even be better than the black imnsho. I bought four of them and since there's nothing better I would buy another, just wished for an updated design.

Tami, West Carrollton OH on 01-24-2015
Like that 3 of the sides are high and have handles.

Like that 3 of the sides are high and have handles. The front of the litter pan is low. It's too low and my cats kick the litter out the front of the litter pan now.

Lisette, Little Rock AR on 01-05-2015
Just perfect!

We have 3 cats and I needed a second litter box. Great price for a quality product.

Judy, Charlotte NC on 01-23-2014
High sided cat litter box

GREAT!! My friend saw mine and could not find at any store. No problem, I ordered with Petmountain and the box was delivered within 7 days, at a great price. She is very pleased and so am I.

Richard, Lafayette CA on 01-15-2014
Just the litter pan we needed.

The Nature's Miracle High Side Litter Pan was just what we needed. Other litter pans that have lower sides did not prevent our cat from going outside the box and making a mess on the floor. This pan with its high sides and protruding lip at the entry prevents that.

Debra, Springfield MA on 01-14-2014
Was what I needed

I bought two of the high side cat litter boxes because one of my four cats was a serious litter spreader and always managed to poop on the edge of the low box I had. Well not anymore. The litter stays in the box and so does the poop. I would highly recommend this product.

Marilyn, Zalma MO on 11-10-2013
BEST to use for litter training puppies and small dogs

I LOVE this pan! The high sides, easy access entry, and product material make this the best choice for our rescue when we have a litter of small pups, orphans or a small breed litter with mom in a giant crate. We use unscented regular cat litter with the pups and they grow up preferring to potty outside instead of on the carpet. It is logical thinking: use clay and keep it clean. You may be surprised to learn that the pups prefer the litter and box to do their duty, tinkle or feces, in the box. With large litters you must clean more often daily, but the linens in the pen are cleaner. I do NOT like using newspapers because it Encourages puppies to tear it up and they end up having feces and pee in their mouth and all over them by playing with the shredded paper. This is our favorite design and pan. Marilyn Nevile, Director Bollinger County Stray Project, MO

Marilyn, Burlington NC on 10-30-2013
Perfect for me

I have a little female who prefers to pee standing up. She made a mess of the cat boxes, of course, and the clumped pee tended to stick to the side of the cat box and break up when I tried to clean it out. So the litter got disgusting and had to be completely replaced much more often than I wanted (or could afford) These high-sided open ones, with their non-stick finish, have essentially solved the problem. THANKS!!