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Natures Miracle Oxy Formula Set-In Stain Destroyer by by Natures Miracle

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Product Description

Natures Miracle Oxy Formula Set-In Stain Destroyer is a fast-acting, super-oxygenated cleaning formula with the power of natural orange. It's guaranteed to permanently eliminate stains and odors on carpets, furniture, floors and more!

  • Penetrates, separates and lifts embedded stains and odors
  • Fresh orange scent
  • For use on carpets, floors, furniture, clothing and more

The lift action formula instantly activates to permanently remove the toughest stains and odors including pet urine, feces, vomit, blood, dirt, smoke, grease, and perspiration. Safe and effective, Orange-Oxy Power works to lift deep-set stains and completely eliminates unpleasant odors, leaving behind a clean, fresh orange scent.

Can be used on all water-safe surfaces. Test on a hidden area first to see if discoloration occurs. This non-acidic solution can be used multiple times on tough stains and odors. The pet stain and odor-fighting brand you can trust because it works!

Customer Reviews

John, Tollhouse CA on 2017/08/18
This is your go-to product for cleaning up all things cat!

We've used Nature's Miracle Oxy for years. It's a great product for cleaning up just about any mess a cat can make. Being nontoxic to cats, it has largely replaced that blue glass cleaner for most cleanup duties.

John, Tollhouse CA on 2015/08/14
Great Stuff!

This product also works as a cat safe cleaner, so you can also use it instead of Windex on items that your cats are exposed to. We've been using it for years and swear by it! Great for cleaning up anything that comes out of or off of a cat!

Linda, Colorado Springs CO on 2011/06/30
Prefer the original.

I've been using the original Nature's Miracle for over 20 years, but clients told me how well the Oxy formula removes stains. I was disappointed that it doesn't seem to remove the urine odor as well as the original formula does, and I really don't care for the orange fragrance. I'm going back to the original.

Kevin, Atlanta GA on 2010/12/02
A+ performance.

This is a wonderful product that delivers as stated. The orange scent is pleasant. I will tell you that as the product dries, the urine odor will come back to life, mixed with the orange scent. When totally dried, it is as if the accident never happened! I have ordered the product in the past, and will continue in the future. It really works!

Connie, Bell CA on 2010/09/23
OMG this really works!

I honestly recommend this product. It works better than I expected. The stains come off effortlessly (your arm will thank you) All you do is wipe the stain off! It leaves behind a nice citrus scent. Believe me I was ready to throw my rug out. Now I get to enjoy it longer. The price is very reasonable.

Lisa, Pittsburgh PA on 2008/09/12
Absolutely the Best Product

We have very light cream colored carpets (no kids) and an ill cat. Imagine the color of cat food regurgitated on white carpet - stain is almost immediate. We pick up the solid pieces, spray the NM Orange Oxy on it, brush it and it disappears almost instantly. We also use it in our carpet scrubber in place of the cleaner and it's absolutely amazing. I've not found a better product - works on all stains!

Robert, Southbury CT on 2008/07/03
Ink stain removal... Unbelievable!!!!!!

I bought this product at the local Pet Smart store due to the fact that we have 3 dogs and 2 cats who have problems from time to time. Two weeks ago our Yorkie chewed up a pen full of black ink. I tried all the online ink removal remedies to no avail. I also tried many household products, they wouldn't even loosen the ink. I had no hope that this product would be able to remove the well set in ink as nothing else had loosened it AT ALL! I couldn't believe my eyes when I sprayed the Orange Oxy on the ink stains and dabbed it with a dry paper towel. The ink was coming out of the rug and the rug colors were staying. The Orange Oxy removed the ink that I had given up on. I do not write reviews for ANY products but this product works far beyond what I had expected and as such deserved a review. If you have a stubborn stain that other products have failed on, this product is well worth the price. The ink on my rug was the permanent type, not a removable type. The results were truly amazing. I wish that I had taken photos. This sounds like an infomercial but trust me, it is all true and not embellished in any way.